AdventureQuest Worlds (AQWorlds) is full of interesting stories to read, adventures to experience, and goal driven quests to complete. New events, quests, monsters, NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and items are continually being added to the game. The quests and events help to test the player's mental abilities. AQWorlds is also a great place for kids to practice and improve their reading skills, because all of the NPCs talk to you, and every quest you go on involves reading text to make decisions about how the player continues the quest. The written material in AQWorlds contains no foul language and is suitable for all ages, and is written to be generally understood by players of all ages.

AQWorlds provides an environment that may improve personal skills, including analytical thinking, multitasking and problem-solving. Watch your child's interpersonal communication skills improve as they engage in safe chat amongst other players (we have a strict 'bad word' chat filter). AQWorlds also includes elements that require players to calculate percentages and use other mathematical skills to better play the game.

Here are the best methods you can follow to make sure your child's account is secure:

  1. No sharing - Please make sure your child never shares their account with anyone! They should also never give out their password to anyone for any reason. 95% of all account 'hackings' are not true hackings. They occur because a player has given their password out to a 'friend,' who then takes advantage of that information. Players do this because the 'friend' has promised them in-game items or gold or AdventureCoins. We do not allow players to share, trade, sell or give away accounts.

    Please Click here to visit our help page that describes how an account can be hacked/compromised. Giving out a password is the number one way, there are other ways, but they are much more rare but should still be taken into account.

    We have a warning EVERY time a player logs in to our game that states: "Staff will never ask you for your password. If someone asks you for your password, report them for Griefing. NEVER give out your password, no matter what."

  2. Maintain password security - Please make sure your child uses a password that is a minimum of eight characters long, that is alpha numeric, and case sensitive. Also make sure they use a different password for each site they visit and do not use the same password they use for the email address on their account, if they are using their own email and not a parent email. They should also not use the 'save' functions on their username and password on a public computer, only on their home computer. It is best to not play on public computers. However, if they play on a public computer, such as a school or a library, please make sure they know to log out of the game completely when they are done and close all the browsers on the computer that they were using, as well. This will prevent others from logging into their account.

  3. Confirm your email - Confirming the email on their account is another step they can take to help keep their account as secure as possible. If they confirm their email, their email cannot be changed without their (or your) explicit authorization. If their email is changed, they have to click a link in the confirmation email they will receive that authorizes the change to occur. If they do not click that link, your email will not be changed and they should change their password in case it has been compromised. Click here to go to our help page on how to confirm your email.

  4. Avoid scam sites - It is VERY IMPORTANT that your child DOES NOT trust any other sites except real Artix Entertainment sites. If they are confused if a site is an Artix Entertainment site, or someone gives them a link to a site you think is a scamming site, please email us to report that site via our Copyright Violations webform. This email webform is only for reporting sites, not for any other issue.

  5. Optionally linking to Facebook - Linking your child’s AQWorlds account to their Facebook account is optional, but does bring extra benefits. By connecting through Facebook, your child:

    • Keeps their AQW account information private, and more secure

    • Can log into their AQWorlds account with one click

    • Has one less password to remember (as they will use their Facebook information to log in)

    • Proves that they are 13 years old or older, which unlocks the ability to use the chat-enabled servers

AQWorlds will never post to your child’s Facebook page without their permission. If you would like more information about our Facebook Connect Privacy Policy, you will find it in our Terms and Conditions.

If you have not already done so, please have your child read the Rules. Our first priority is to create a safe and friendly environment for our players. All players can play responsibly by reading and abiding by the rules.

Parents, if you are still concerned about your child's safety, make sure that your child plays on the 'canned chat' Moglin servers, such as Twilly and Zorbak. You can also email us and request that we turn off the chat feature on your child's account so they can only use canned chat.

If another player is harassing your child, please do the two following things:

  1. type /ignore player name to ignore the player
  2. type /report player name to report the player

This can also be done by using the drop-down menu.

  1. Click the person in-game
  2. Click on the player's character portrait
  3. Click on the options and select Report.

What are Membership Packages?

AdventureQuest Worlds has Membership Packages to play as a Legend/Member. While you can play the game for free, you definitely get more if you upgrade and become a Legend/Member. We do not have any re-occuring charges. You must choose to upgrade each time you want a membership package. When a package expires, it does not automatically renew you. Please visit the Memberships Help Page for more information and a list of the Membership packages offered.

What are AdventureCoins?

We also offer a special in-game currency called AdventureCoins. AdventureCoins allow you to purchase special items only available if you have AdventureCoins. Items purchased with AdventureCoins can be stored in your character's bank for free and forever, no matter how many items you collect throughout your adventures. Please visit the AdventureCoins Help Page for more information and a list of the AdventureCoins packages offered.

Lost Password

You can recover your account password by using the Lost Password page if you have forgotten your password.
If the Lost Password page says it has sent you an email, but you don't receive it after a few minutes, check your spam or junk mail inbox.

Account Hacked

If the Lost Password page says 'Account Not Found', please visit the Account Recovery page for more help.

If you have a paid account, you can visit the Automated Recovery Page.

Be aware, we never receive your financial information. This information is only received by the company that processes your payments, such as PayPal, UltimatePay, ClickAndBuy, etc. So your financial information is not compromised if your player account is compromised.

Here at Artix Entertainment LLC, we are committed to protecting the privacy of ALL of our players' personal information.

We respect the privacy rights of our players and recognize the importance of protecting the information that we are given.

Please make sure that you never use personal information such as physical addresses or phone numbers on the message boards. This ensures your safety and privacy.

Please visit our Privacy Policy, which details how we collect, store and utilize the information we are entrusted by you. Also please visit and review our Terms & Conditions.

Anyone who attempts to gather another player's personal information is in breach of Rule 6 in our Rules of Conduct and will be punished accordingly.

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