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April 30, 2014

Friday: Quest for the Cure

Darkness Falls as Undead Dragons Rise

As more and more dragons fall to this mysterious illness, a new horror is rising! Any dragons slain by the disease return to unlife…as zombies! Work with Artix and Galanoth to find a cure for those affected by the zombie plague, then partner with Warlic to hunt down the disease’s source, because what he’s learned spells destruction for the purity of elemental dragon magic… EVERYWHERE!

Here there be zombies!

Artix, Galanoth, and Warlic, OH MY!

Dragons are dying in Etherstorm... and the ones who haven't been returned to the DragonPlane for purification are rising again as zombies! 

Dragon Physiology 101: Zombie Edition

That's not the worst of it - others have disappeared completely! But in the chaos caused by the infections and quarantines, no one has noticed. This is a very VERY bad thing! But before you can investigate THAT, you're going to have to travel around Lore with Artix, Galanoth, and Warlic to seek out the cause of the plague... and if Warlic is right, we are ALL going to be DOOMED!

Just remember, Heroes, when plague zombies rise in Etherstorm this Friday, just remember...

More LQS Previews are Here!

The first-ever Limited Quantity Sets arrive in AQWorlds this Friday night... and earlier today we released previews of more LQS gear! Read the Design Notes to see all the prices, timetables, and quantities!

Glacier and Lavastorm Lord armors

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