Design Notes

May 28, 2016

Ziri's Magical Rares Shop

Rain down a Flying Golden Pig Bacon Hailstorm upon your enemies!

A few years back, we released an "animated item" shop full of really cool gear with an added kick! If you have one of the animated items equipped, every so often, a super-crazy animation would fill up your screen. We have shadowbursts, comet storms, whirlwinds, and more... and you can find them in your Game Menu shop. But with Ziri's release coming out, we saw this as an opportunity to add in a few NEW animations:

  • Golden Flying Pig Bacon Hailstorm
  • Grumpy Rainbow Cat Smash
  • 1 Million Gold Storm
  • Undead Horde Flood

Though the gear in Ziri's Magical Rares Shop will leave, the animations may be used in the future. There are a also a number of animated items you can get right NOW from the Animated Item shop in your game menu!

How animated items work:

  • Animations ONLY appear to you (to reduce lag for other players)
  • Every time you use auto-attack or any skill, there is a chance for the animation to go off
  • Some items will also have a boost (rep, XP, class points, gold) or racial bonus attached (undead, dragons, human, orc, chaos)

New Animations-in-Action Screenshots

Grumpy Rainbow Cat

One Million Gold Shower


Undead Horde Flood

Golden Flying Pig Bacon Hailstorm

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