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January 13, 2015

Guest Author Zack Storch

Meet AQWorlds' Own King of the Nerds!

If you weren't with us back in 2014, you missed out on our first in-game meeting with AQWorlds' Zack Storch, during his appearance on season 2 of the hit TBS reality TV show, "King of the Nerds"! He is a really amazing guy, so we dubbed him AQW's "King of the Nerds" and gave everyone a chance to get his armor.

Zack Storch and his cast of characters in AQW

He's had many adventures since then, including finishing his first novel, "Za'nar: Impossibility." After reading an advance copy last year, Artix, the AQW team, and I knew we needed to make an in-game event based on the adventures of the characters.

The Author - Who IS Zack Storch?

Zack Storch is MANY things - author, AE fan, true nerd- but also:

  • 22 years old
  • Has been playing AE games since 2004 (before there were even classes in AQ classic, and buying an item sent you to another webpage...)
  • A contestant on King of the Nerds season 2, where he brought Twilly along for the adventure to help me as his loyal and literal pocket healer 
  • Is an amateur game developer as a hobby
  • Is working on his third novel and publishing this as his first
  • Can be found on Twitter  and on Facebook and his novel website

The Novel - Za'Nar: Impossibility

After working with Zack for the last few months, one this is very clear - he is FULL of ideas, and a very clear vision for the Za'narian story universe. It's filled with magic, mayhem, and magi the likes of which AQWorlds has never seen before! I am still trying to decide which of his characters is my favorite, but you'll be introduced to them all this Friday!

Or you can meet them NOW - "Za'nar: Impossibility" is available on Amazon (for the Kindle), Barnes and Noble (for the Nook), and on Kobo! Read on to find out a bit about the novel!

Three million years ago, the planetary system of Za’nar’s connection to the Magic-providing Void Plane was failing. To prevent the disappearance of Za'nar, a Magical Link between it and Earth was created. The Link shares much back and forth between the two systems, including their connection to the Void Plane. 

Now, one year after the War and the establishment of a parliamentary monarchy in Za'nar, Earth is in trouble. Sael Ageis, accomplished Magi of Za'nar, meets earthlings Klyde Vance and Fae, and together they find themselves drawn into a three million year old Magical conflict, unlocking secrets about the human race.

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