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January 31, 2014

Celebrate Yokai's New Year

Battle Through Akiba's Jingshen Forest

During its New Year celebration Yokai's guardian spirits appear in Akiba, bringing with them a ton of seasonal gear and new adventures for Lore's heroes to explore. This year, the ancestral spirit Senlin-Ma has come to Akiba. An ancient being that takes the form of a horselike Kirin, Senlin-Ma has a ton of new quests which will send you into a brand new, unexplored part of Akiba: Jingshen Forest.

Friendlier than he looks.

If you've never heard of Jingshen Forest, that's because it's usually kept hidden - only Yokai's forest spirits are able to see or enter it. But now, those nature spirits have become tainted somehow and Senlin-Ma, needing the help of a hero to find the source of the corruption and eradicate it, has opened the forest to any who can prove they are worthy.

Come Back on Tuesday for High Level Content

Tonight's Yokai New Year release freatures medium-level content that should be easy for most players to complete. Most of our releases are like this because we want all of our players, even the new ones, to be able to enjoy our weekly content. But we also know that this can be frustrating for higher-level players who are tired of being able to one-shot all of the new monsters.

Cuddly, isn't he?

So on Tuesday, we're going to release an expansion to this story. If you are level 50 or higher, you'll be able to unlock some new quests, along with a new part of the map populated with high level monsters! This seemed like the best way to give our high level players more to do while still remaining accessible to the newer ones.

Yokai New Year Gear

Of course, along with Yokai New Year comes a slew of exciting new gear, including sets by Nulgath and Dage! These, along with some returning seasonal items, will be available in game from Senlin-Ma and Panlong.

Wanna fight? Wanna party?

  • Kirin Avatar armor, helm, cape & sai
  • Year of the Horse kirin-themed parade set
  • Nulgath's Dynasty Warrior armor, helm, cape & sword
  • Nulgath's Legendary Horse battlepet
  • Chibi Kirin pet
  • and more!

Happy Birthday, Roroth!

If Yokai New Year wasn't enough reason to celebrate, prepare to /cheer, because the party never stops in Lore! Log in this weekend to see all of Roroth's birthday gear in the Game Menu! 

Birthday gear available until February 8th!

All-Server Bonus Weekend!

Then head into battle, take on a challenge boss (or 3), and complete quests throughout the game to get more EXP, Rep, Class Points, and Gld because all weekend long, we've got an all-server, all-boost bonus going on! Get 15% more from all your battles and quests on Legend servers and 10% more on all other servers!

And don't forget!

  • Get all the info on our new Daily Login Rewards!
  • Find the Yokai Sunlord and Lady set in the Wheels of Doom, Destiny, and their merge shops!
  • Legends can get their two FREE Treasure Chest keys from Twilly this weekend!
  • ALL players get their free spin on the Wheel of Doom or Destiny this weekend!
  • Don't forget to login this Sunday for our special Superbowl gear!
  • And remember to play through the mid-week expansion on Tuesday!
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