Design Notes

May 02, 2016

Enter the Paradox Portals this Friday

Artix's Throne of Darkness Saga Continues with Xeven's Story!

Travel through time and space in the latest chapter of Artix’s Throne of Darkness Saga as we chase Xeven, the Time-Traveling Assassin, through our past, future, and altered present (?!) before we take on the ultimate annihilator: Vorefax the Devourer!

Don't miss this week's other events

MAN, we have a lot happening this week! Don't miss any of the gear, events, or new features!

  • The April Upgrade Bonus gear (the VoidCaster set shown above) leaves at THIS FRIDAY at 6 PM EST!
  • The May Upgrade Bonus gear (the Tempus Mori set) arrives!
  • May the 4th be with you on Wednesday as we release the May 4th shop!
  • Cinco de Mayo gear returns on Thursday, May 5th!
  • Mother's Day gear arrives Friday, May 6th!
  • The team is preparing for next week's Friday the 13th event - keep an eye on my Twitter for previews!

The Buy Back Shop is LIVE!

If you missed the excitement last week... GOOD NEWS! The Buy Back Shop is LIVE for everyone! Get ALL the details in the Design Notes post here.

Buy Back Shop Details

What: A way for AQWorlds heroes to buy back AC items they owned in the past, but sold or deleted

Who: ALL players


Where: The AQWorlds account manager web site

Why: This is something tens of thousands of players have asked for since the game began... and now we can DO it!

How to Buy your AC items back

  1. Log in to your Account Manager
  2. Go to the "Buyback Shop" tab on the left-hand Menu
  3. Scroll through your items to see which ones you'd like to buy back
  4. When you find one, hit the "Buy" button!
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