Design Notes

October 27, 2017

New Website Offers in Testing

Helping the Community Grow

Over the last month, you may have seen new additions to the website (like the RSS notification banner)... but maybe you haven't. We working with a team offsite* and looking at some new ways to help our community of heroes grow.

When that team tries new things, we test them out first, showing them to half of the visitors to the site, to see what they think and whether they like it or not. If it works well, we'll be showing the offers to everyone. 

We're planning to try a lot of new things - both to welcome new heroes to the game and to make playing AQWorlds better for all of you who've been with us for so long. Some special deals may only be available if you've been with us for a couple years, or if you're in a certain country (like how we have rewards for players in Brasil who use BoaCompra to upgrade)

Our community is very large, and made up of so many different types of people, with different play styles. We want to offer rewards and improve the game for all of those groups.

Wheel of Fortune

If you've seen the Wheel of Fortune website offer, lucky you! (If you have a friend who saw it and shared the code, also lucky you!) If you spin the wheel, you'll get a code you can use one time per account for a pretty sweet freebie.

Note: Captain Rhubarb just fixed an issue where the bonus ACs were not being rewarded when you redeemed the code. If you were affected, you will see those on your account now.

* This team does not work on the game itself, just the website. They are focused on improving how you (and other new visitors) experience the site. 

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