Design Notes

August 19, 2020

Welcome Bugs ArchKnights

The Bugs AKs are here!

Everyone join me in wishing a hearty welcome to the inaugural Bugs ArchKnights!  The first selections are finally finalized and we have them happily chasing all those yummy bug reports being sent in!

The Class of August 2020 is:

  • Sinon
  • Lord Ddraig!AK
  • fuyuhiro
  • Toph Beifong
  • Memez N Dreamz
  • UwUlat
  • M3i
  • RisingOwl!AK
  • DFK
  • meepinspace!AK
  • Eonaleth!AK
  • Ryle!AK
  • Sasuke_M!AK
  • Arceon

I personally want to thank everyone who sent in an application!  There was a total of 591 applications to go through in just 2 days!  You guys really went all in!

If you did not get a mail in this round, don't lose hope!   There were so many awesome, amazing, incredible applicants that it was painful to limit myself to just 14.  But we only have so many trainers, so we have to bring new people on in small groups.
With the amount of applications received, I will almost certainly be doing another round of mails from this pool.  If/When I do, I will be giving a shout out on a DNs and my twitter!  

*Hint - follow me!

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