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June 11, 2010

Cysero's Wedding Weekend!!!!!!

Starts when you login,. ends when the servers crash

First.... I would like to tell you that Beleen actually cried during the TESTING of the wedding event. Also, the battle between Zhoom, Warlic and myself over who gets to be Cysero's best man and stand with him at the alter has spiraled out of control! As you can imagine, the team is so incredibly excited about our friend's wedding -- your friend too! Morale is at an all time high! Cysero the Mad WeaponSmith and Nursey the Dwarfhold Gem are getting married -- for real! Of course... But before the ceremony can begin, Cysero needs your help on the most important QUEST of his life....

Cysero wedding invite

I am so happy for you bot...woah... WEDDING RARES!?
Following the wedding ceremony is the reception, full of cake, embarrassing dance moves, and, most importantly, gifts! Cysero and Nursey want to share their presents with their favorite guests (pssst... that is you), so here is your only chance at getting your hands on some very... um.. unique... “Cysero-approved” Wedding Event Rare Items!

Cysero wedding rares
So no one can see you cry...


J6's Weapon shop in Hyperium

J6 has installed 2 new missions inside the HAL Room in the Hyperium… if you can get past his impervious security system… and figure out how to access the VR Room… and figure out where Hyperium is in the first place. If you are successful on your bounty-hunter-in-training quests, you can gain access to J6’s secret weaponry.

Hyperium j6 weapons
We have no idea what or where this is... or how to get it.

We have also received reports that the Vulture Men aboard the Zephyrus are dropping some items. If you are lucky enough, you can now equip their Hooklaws, Vulture Wings, and Vulture Hood!

New Pet of the month: World Cup style!
The newest pet of the month has arrived in Aria’s Pet Shop! Head on over to Battleon Town and get your very own AQWorld Cup Ball. Best thing about this pet… you’ll never have to feed it or clean up after him. Have a ball!

Wedding On!
Looking for gift ideas?

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