Design Notes

June 07, 2010

We tested it, no lies!

Release is live with 68% of the content inaccessible!

Wow, friday's release was a trainwreck of unreachable madness! I have no idea what to say except that we really did test everything, and it *was* working. Most available staff helped all week long to test J6's zone and everything was running really well. There were a few speedbumps on Friday which pushed the release back 'till late but when we put the servers back up we were sure everything was working. Minor problem though, players couldn't reach the release! So we goofed, and by the time everything was out it was too late, the only people left awake were Beleen and I, and we no code good. We were able to reach Llussion late friday and he fixed the problem preventing people from joining saloon but when he left again it was too late for us to tell him Zephyrus was also un-joinable.
So all of that is behind us, its a new week, new problems to create! Hopefully we've fixed everything and you'll be able to enjoy the release and actually finish part 1.

Apparently the only thing preventing people from getting to the map was a letter was lower-case when it should have been upper-case. Things like this make me really glad I'm an artist. Imagine having a map not work because of one misplaced blade of grass...

This week: junkyards and rings!

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