Design Notes

August 11, 2015

Coming This Friday: Trapped in Time!

Race through Space and Time to Stop the Queen of Monsters!

Take the battle against the Queen of Monsters into new dimensions! Travel into the past to help an assassin with a dark secret steal the Star Core before the Queen of Monsters can get it… or our future will cease to exist!

Release Design Contest Winners: Final, Cassiun, and Clairis

This is the first of our player-designed releases, and was created by the winning trio of Final, Cassiun, and Clairis! The background art featured in the release was based on a design by AQW players Cruse and Nici; Cruse also created the design for the Prime monster, as well!

Final told us: "I learned of AQW through an ad on the Adventure Quest original game site. My account was created mere days after the Beta had ended, sadly. Since the day I began playing, AQW has stuck to me. The weekly releases always keep me coming back, and I never fail to love every one. Another reason I have played so long is the great community I dedicated this releases to "Stars." It is a collection of multiple guilds all together, hosted on" 

Clairis writes: "I was first introduced to AQW in 2008, by my brother, Narej. I excitedly made my first account and have played nearly everyday since then. The constant new releases, and my awesome guild, Solar Flare, keep me very interested in the game."

He guards the Star Core... and will not give it up easily!

They are taking you on an adventure through space and time, and when you're finished, you'll unlock farming quests for some of the best gear in the entire release!

Also coming this week:

  • The quest for the Necrotic Sword of Doom - yes, it will finally be here!
  • Panjat Pinang Returns!
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