Design Notes

April 14, 2014

Tower of Doom Dungeon Crawl

Can you fight your way to the top?

Monster Hunter Zoshi has found the mother lode - a giant tower filled with every kind of monster imaginable! This Friday, battle your way to the top - and the bottom! - of this colossal column to prove to the world that you are a champion monster hunter!

Doomie, doomie, doomie!

When you enter the tower, you'll be able to climb your way to the top - or tunnel far into the ground to the bottom - for a pair of ultra-disgusting, high-level boss fights. As you fight your way toward them, you'll encountertons of different monster types, and even old bosses from your past.

Hunt for the Eternity Blade

Players level 30 and up will also be able to accept a quest for the fabled Eternity Blade. Anyone who manages to obtain this very special sword will be entered into a really awesome contest - we'll be posting the details about this later!

  • Design notes about the Wolfhound Warrior tiered special package* will be coming tomorrow!
  • We'll also be talking about the new Special Package Pass!

* Earlier DNs said this was a Class, but that was an error. It is an armor set with 3 variants.

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