Design Notes

April 23, 2014

More Goodies in the Tower of Doom

Want to glow in the dark?

On Friday, you collected Monster Trophies in the Tower of Doom to trade for Zoshi's gorgeous Marrowfiend sets. But those sets were based around the look and feel of the top half of the tower. What about all of the people who liked the dark caves of the lower half, filled with glowing stones and fungus?

I got your glowing stones and fungus right here.

To fill this dark void, we've added these two new sets. The Bioluminous gear, worn by the gentleman on the right, can all be purchased from the Monster Hunter merge shop for Monster Trophies, and is available to all players. For those who prefer a fancier look, the glowier (and Legend-only) Bioluminous Amarita set, shown on the right, is available as drops from the bosses in the lower half of the tower.

In the Monster Hunter merge shop:

  • Bioluminous Armor
  • Bioluminous Cloak
  • Bioluminous Hood
  • Bioluminous Mask

Dropping from the bosses:

  • Bioluminous Amarita Armor - drops from Slugbutter
  • Bioluminous Amarita Cloak - drops from Dread Avatar
  • Bioluminous Amarita Hood - drops from Dread Fang
  • Bioluminous Amarita Blades - drops from Dread Warrior
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