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August 27, 2010

The Cloister Release is Live!

And the next Lord of Chaos is revealed! …kinda!

I *could* tell you all about the Next Lord of Chaos. But… nawww… it’ll be much more fun seeing it for yourself! And a lot more fun keeping such a massive secret to myself! Wahhaha! >:D

Who's that Chaos Lord
Who’s That Chaos Lord?

Oh… that’s just mean. Okay, here’s a hint: You know Rayst, right? The creepy red-eyed mage at the Tower of Magic? Yeah, him. Go talk with Rayst and ask him Where You Should Go. He has sensed something amiss in the Tower’s Observatory and of course he wants YOU for the job. Maybe something interesting will happen up there…  

Rayst wants to talk with youRayst knows Where You Should Go!

The Cloister

After investigating the flux of magic in the Observatory (or, um, whatever it turns out to be), continue your journey to the sacred Mother Tree of Arcangrove: The Cloister. Once a safe haven to the Druids, The Cloister is now overrun with nutty little Acornents, Karasu, and the dreaded Wendigo. 

Ewa the Treekeeper needs your help restoring the balance to the Mother Tree in one of Lore’s most beautifully intricate maps. Srsly, this map is huge. Druids must have teamed up with J6 a long time ago to forge this awesome magical place. You’re probably ganna get lost. I know I did. And I have the cheat-sheet in front of me.

The Cloister
Anyway! I know you are really going to enjoy this new place. The AQW Team really put a lot of work into this release. The music Warlic made for this zone fits perfectly in… almost as if it were magic… Hmmm, coincidence? Not a chance. When you hear these tunes, you too will realize that it was fate (and maybe some caffeine) that brought these two together.   

Along your travels, you may find some pretty unique items, including:

  • Bladed Cypress Tendril
  • Wendigo Armor
  • Cypress Blade
  • Diamonds of Time Staff
  • Claws of the Weald
  • Wendigo Morph (helm)

Are there more to be found? Mayhaps. You are just going to have to play through the release to find out =D

Target Sale Ends This Saturday!

Wanna save 15% on your AdventureQuest Worlds Upgrade? Hurry up and head on over to the closet Target Store to get you AQW Membership for only $19.95 $16.96! This awesome sale ends Saturday, August 28th (that’s tomorrow!) and no one knows if—or when—another sale like this will ever respawn! This Target deal is going Perma-RARE!! ^___^

We really hope you guys have fun playing through our release. DragonCon is next week so the entire Team is busily preparing things for crazy awesome 3-Hour Panel! If you happen to be in Atlanta, Georgia at 1pm on Saturday, September 4th, head on over to The Sheraton Hotel – The Savannah Room and come meet all of us! For more details, follow this magical hyperlink

Battle On!  

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