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July 15, 2011

Tomix LQS Details

Clearing Up Some Confusion

People seem to be a little confused about tomorrow's LQS so here is all the info you should need, plus some new pictures.

WHEN: Tomorrow (Saturday, July 16th) at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Here's a handy-dandy online time zone converter to make logging in at just the right moment a little easier!

WHAT: A Limited Quantity Shop is a shop that has a fixed number of items. If an items has a Quanitity of 500, once 500 people buy it... that's it. There are no more. If you see somthing you like, be sure to arrive when the shop opens for your best chance to get one of the limited rare items.


  • SteamGear Armor - 900 AC - 7,000 qty
  • SteamGear Helm - 300 AC - 7,000 qty
  • SteamGear Bow - 200 AC - 3,500 qty
  • SteamGear Moglin Member pet - 25,000 gold -7,000 qty
  • Gilded Coffin Cape - 150 AC - 7,000 qty
  • Dire Daggers -300 AC - 3,500 qty
  • Soul Harvester Armor - 700 AC - 9,000 qty
  • Soul Harvester Hood - 300 AC - 9,000 qty 
  • Soul Harvester Spear - 200 AC - 9,000 qty
  • Ultima Thermos non-Member sword -25,000 gold -  30,000 qty
  • Ultima Frigia sword -250 AC - 3,000 qty
  • Ultima Aquus sword -250 AC - 3,000 qty
  • Ultima Geoda battleaxe - 250 AC - 3,000 qty
  • Ultima Electrix spear -250 AC - 3,000 qty

Below are pictures of: Tomix's SteamGear set (minus the daggers), Dage's Soul Harvester full set and the five elemental Ultima Elemental Weapons (inclusing the non-member Ultima Thermos sword).

Tomix's SteamGear set (minus the daggers)...

Dage's Soul Harvester full set...

and the five Ultima Elemental Weapons (including the non-member Ultima Thermos sword).

Later Today 

Prepare yourselves for theboss fight against Noxus and some of the best story driven cutscenes that we;ve had in AQW history, PLUS all new items in the war merge shop, all new war drops and a member-only EXTREME NOXUS BATTLE with special member-only drops!

Next Friday: The ArcAttack Musical Event!

Don't forget to come back next week for our next in-game musical event

Our special musical guest, ArcAttack will be here to help us make our way toward the end of the DoomWood Saga. There will be an event rare item shop, voice-acted cutscenes and, of course, the coursing science-driven music of ArcAttack!

Click HERE to read more about the event and see some live ArcAttack videos!

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