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November 02, 2010

The Last Day!

You Only Have A Few Hours Left!

Today is the very last day you will EVER be able to become a 2nd Upholder by supporting the game buy upgrading to a member!

You have heard us going on and on about this for weeks now but maybe you were in outter mongolia and didn't have any internet until today or maybe you just found out about AQ Worlds so here it is one more time!

If you are a member by tonight at 11:59 PM EST (server time) you earn the right to call yourself a 2nd Upholder which grants you a special 2nd Upholder Achievement Badge on your Character Page so the whole world knows that you decided to help keep AQW going strong by supporting it with your membership, AND you get the very awesome rare item.. the Onyx Star Sword.

This will be the ONLY time that the Onyx Star Sword is given out and it ONLY goes to 2nd Upholders.

For those of you who have chosen to support AQW with your memberships, we really hope you find that being a member is worth a lot more than you paid. Thank you for supporting us, thanks for playing and thanks for sharing the game's 2nd birthday with us!

Birthday Event Closes Today!

Today is also the last day to take part in the AQW 2nd Birthday Event hosted by Paul and Storm, featuring Jonathan Coulton! That means today is the last day to play through the Mirror Realm adventure and grab all of the super-swoop rare items from the event!

The AQW Founders will also recieve their free non-member Onyx Platinum Dragon pets will be delivered with the 2nd Upholder full color badges and Onyx Star Swords tomorrow.

Once again, we want to say thanks to the Founders for having faith in us and faith that AQW would become a great game way back in the day. We hope that we have lived up to your expectations when you decided to get into AQW on the ground floor before anyone else.

If you happened to discover AQW after the ball was already rolling then don't miss your chance to become a Founder in the NEW web MMORPG that we are developing: SuperheroQuest! Coming SOON!

Sooner than we would like. Eeep!

Incubus Is Nearly HERE!

You guys have ripped through the current war, and as I write this the war is hovering at around 93% complete. By this evening you will be able to face down Vampire Lord Incubus! Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll is waiting for you in the war camp urging you forward with One-Eyed Doll's newest Single "You're a Vampire"!

You can also catch One-Eyed Doll's spcial AQW version of their music video for "You're a Vampire" by clicking the One-Eyed Doll button in Battleon! If you haven't yet, you really need to check it out.

Your fellow AQW adventurer, Xyo did am amazing job editing AQW in-game art into the real video. We're really excited that One-Eyed Doll decided to let AQ Worlds be the stage for the world premiere of their video.

You might be saying "Cysero, it's so cool to see a real music video right in the game. HOW DID YOU DO IT?!"

The answer is an easy one: I didn't. Zhoom, llussion and our new coder Yorumi did all that. I'm just as impressed as you are.

Pumpkin Princesses and Princes!

The Pumpkin Carving contest is done and we are in the process of marrowing down the winner or winners from all of the great entries that we got! The Grand Prize winner or winners each get 5000 AdventureCoins! I have also made a special pumpkin themed sword for the winner or winners which I have named "For the Gourd". This will be one of the rarest items in the entire game!

I always love having contests like this. It's really great to see how creative you guys can be with something as simple as a veggie.

If you've ever had one of your suggestions make it into one of Artix Entertainment's games and watched it come to live right on the screen then you know how we feel when we see ideas from the games we make come to life in the real world through your creativity! You guys are really amazing!

The winner or winners will be announced, and the sword will be hand delivered this Friday! If you're in game when I'm delivering the swords I'll goto you and say gratz personally.

Chaos Lord Fight: MEMBERS ONLY

This Friday is also the Arcangrove Finale member only preview! It's been a long and fun zone and I'm pretty sorry to see it come to a close. This zone has become my favorite in the entire game with it's beautiful areas, fantastic original music, impressive magic-themed items, interesting NPCs, and extremely fun-to-write plotline. Minimal and I have cooked up a new boss mechanic for Chaos Lord Ledgermayne which will require you to pay attention during the fight. I'm not going to say anything else about it but you members get to figure it out before anyone else. Have fun!

Stratos, Beleen and I have been combing the suggestion threads and we will be updating the Player Suggestion shop in Yulgar's Inn this weeked as well!

Forum Question

A lot of you have already tied your AE game accounts to the Battleon Master Account System but even more of you haven't yet. What little bonus would it take to get you to start a Master Account and attach your accounts to it? A free inventory space? An achievement both in AQW and on your Master Account? A handful of free ACs?

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