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April 17, 2014

Lost Knight's Eternity Blade

Tower of Doom: the Lost Knight's Tale

It is known as the Tower of Doom.

It grew from the ground over the course of a hundred years, a dark, twisting  spire of rancid flesh that reached 50 stories into the sky. At first it was merely a curiously which cast a shadow over the land (and a widening blanket of morbid odors). But soon it was apparent that the Tower was poisoning the land around it. Brave axe-wielders were sent to dismantle the Tower, but for every gash they rendered upon its surface, another layer of fetid matter grew to heal it.

An opening was discovered in the Tower at ground level, and it was decided that it may need to be destroyed from the inside out. Many warriors and mages entered, and found the bowels of the Tower to contain vast collections of the world's most terrible beasts. The Tower defended itself by raising its own army within it, and rarely did an adventurer escape with their life.

At last there arrived the legendary knight Sir Tendeth, whose expoits included defeating three dracoliches at once and saving one of King Alteon's daughters from a band of cannibalistic highwaymen. He was the most admired fighter in the realm at the time, and if anyone could make their way to the top of the Tower and find its source of power, it was Sir Tendeth.

He carried with him the fabled Eternity Blade, an ancient sword said to be forged using the metal from the heart of a falling star. With this blade, Sir Tendeth chopped, sliced, and gashed his way to the top of the Tower of Doom, with his Moglin squire Ingvald following close behind. But at the top of the Tower, Sir Tendeth discovered a terrifying creature that called itself Creel. The honorable knight fought bravely, but succumbed to Creel's attacks, and the Eternity Blade was lost in the bowels of the Tower.

Only Ingvald made it out alive, a shuddering, blubbering mess. All he could say at first was, "The Tower is Creel, and Creel is the Tower!".

The Tower of Doom extends 50 stories up, and 50 stories below the ground. Somewhere within, the Eternity Blade waits to be found. And the at the top of the Tower, Creel awaits his... or her... or its next victim.

All Adventurers of Lore must enter the Tower of Doom and take on this challenge, before the evil spreads further and can no longer be held in check. Find the Eternity Blade, destroy Creel, or do both, and go down in history like Sir Tendeth! (Just be sure to stay alive!)

Conquer the 100 Levels of the Tower of Doom!

As the sun sets tonight, unsheathe your blades and speak to Zoshi the Monster-Hunter in the /towerofdoom. Prepare yourselves, because once you enter the beast, you'll find:

  • 50 levels of increasingly-difficult monsters and minibosses as you climb towards:
  • The Dread boss, Creel the All-Knowing
  • 50 MORE levels of increasingly-difficult monsters and minibosses as you descend towards:
  • Slugbutter the All-Consuming
  • Unlock the Quest for the Eternity Blade* at level 30 and slay bosses until you recover it
  • Slay monsters and bosses to gather resources to craft your rewards
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