Design Notes

April 18, 2013

What Lies Beneath?

Dirt, Rocks And Other Items Of Interest

Tomorrow you, me and Warlic will be heading straight down! 

Something has begun to destabilize the magical lines of fore that flow over the face of Lore, helping magi control the elemental forces of magic and Warlic suspects the cause might lie at the center of Lore itself!

Here's a sneak peek of some of what you can expect to see in the stand alone adventure called The Center Of Lore!

  • An AC Rare Shop!
  • An Unlockable Adventure Shop with Member and non-member items!
  • Dirt!
  • The delivery of several letters!
  • My failing to understand your very obvious requests!
  • More than a few hidden Minecraft jokes!
  • Almost no Jules Verne references!
  • Monsters!
  • At least one skeletal dragon arm!
  • A comfortable crushed velvet chaise lounge!
  • Levers!
  • Rocks!

If you manage to find all of that stuff, I'll be pretty impressed but I guarentee that it's all there! The fun will start at with Warlic in the Magic Shoppe in Battleon and carry you to all over the face of LORE! 

Well... 1 place on the face of Lore. Then back to Battleon. BUT THEN you get to go UNDER the face of Lore! 

See ya then! 


July 19, 2011

Telsa Coil Replicator!?

Warlic's crazy Arcttack music code!

This Friday, ArcAttack will be shocking audiences for the first time inside a video game. Replicating the effect of how their Frankenstien style telsa coils shoot lighting to produce the music was a bit of a challenge though! So Warlic wrote code in Actionscript 3.0 that listens to the song and triggers the in-game version of the Tesla Coils to shoot lightning on time with the music. It is sooo cool! Way to go Warlic! We just emailed our prototype to the band.

Tesla Coils for ArcAttack Event

Voice Acting

Also, in this upcoming special musical event, Kimberly (from One-Eyed Doll) will return as the voice of Necromantress Sally, ArcAttack will be themselves... and Vordred will be voice acted by *transmission lost* which should be interesting! Make sure you are caught up on all the quests in the DoomWood Storyline before the event so you get ALL of the achievements and quest-completes! It all starts Friday at sundown.

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