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September 04, 2015

Battle to save Brightoak this Weekend

The New Queen of Monsters Saga Begins this Weekend!

The World Tree sits at the center of Brightoak Grove, but after Nevana, newly-sworn Genera, introduces corruption into the forest, threatening the World Tree itself - the shields guarding it have begun to falter. Answer the call of the Ravinos, Druid Elders before the Queen of Monsters’ corruption spreads to its heart!

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Brightoak Grove Hub Town

If you're just joining us, you may never have battled through one of our hub towns. We release these at the start of a new storyline. These towns are the center points of new sagas. They have NPCs (non-playable characters) you can talk to and do quests for, learn details from, and get a feel for what's about to happen!

This week, /join Brightoak and talk to Ravinos! He and his fellow Grove residents need you to help them recover the Celestial Horn of Balance. Later this month, we'll continue the Brightoak Saga storyline with more updates from ACW0, one of our volunteer writers, with the "Hunt for RivenSylth" - but this week, you should complete quests for:

  • Ravinos Brightglade
  • Aven Greywhorl
  • Lapis Willowmist (she's the middle fairy)
  • Flix Spiderwhisp
  • Zephyr Wildwood

to increase your Brightoak reputation!

Slay the beasts of Brightoak Grove to complete quests and earn gold to get gear from the shops in the area. You'll find the following:

  • Reputation Shop: Talk to Ravinos and complete rep quests. Earn the trust of the NPCs in the area to increase your reputation and purchase more and better gear! This shop will be updated throughout the storyline.
  • House Shop: Talk to Zephyr to get some naturally-awesome decor for your in-game house!
  • Pet Shop: If you want a battle companion that knows its way around the woods, find Flix Spiderwhisp!
  • Gear Shop: Lapis Willowmist make LOOK like a lightweight, but she's got fairy magic, and that lets her create and store more gear than you'd ever think to find in a fairy's backpack!

Special Bonus Boss Drop Release

PS: As a special surprise BONUS release, we've added the Skull Pauldrons of Vordred cape drop to the boss monster when you /join epicvordred! It's a 1% drop, so good luck! (If you bought the DoomWood Card Game expansion pack, we also added it to your badge shop. EXTRA BONUS!!!!)

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