Design Notes

August 27, 2013

Wheel of Fixes

As the Wheel Turns... It Squishes Bugs!

The Wheel of Doom has spun for many heroes since last Friday, hurling prizes, gold, and XP boosts. But it also released some bugs into the game, and we've been fixing them non-stop since last Friday... and will continue until the Wheel of Doom becomes the Wheel of Destiny!

Wheel of Doomination

One of the bugs we are fixing tonight at midnight tonight is the Alchemy Potion refund. We removed these drops from 3 of the 4 quests during the server shutdown on Saturday, but some of the drops got overlooked in one of the quests. 

Bugs get squished.

Squashed so far:

  • You can keep more than one Stack of Doom Tickets in an inventory slot!
    The stack cannot be sold, but since it's an AC item, you can store it in your bank for free. 
  • Ticket Counter display glitch
    No one lost tickets, the counter up in the right hand corner of the screen was off. 

Notes to remember:

  • The Doom Draught potions and XP Boosts drop 100% of the time. 
  • The Wheel will and on the Potion icon if you did not get a 3rd item, but you will ALWAYS get an XP Boost and a Doom Draught.
  • If you do not see your XP Boosts and Doom Draughts in your inventory, log out and back in. They have not disappeared, they're just not displaying properly.

Alchemy Potions of Doom Refund

If you received any potions (except for the Doom Strength Draught) after 2 AM Saturday, you will receive a Doom Ticket for each of them.

  • Life Potion
  • Vigor Potion
  • Heart Potion
  • Soul Potion
  • Resolve Potion
  • Essence Potion
  • Malice Potion
  • Barrier Potion
  • Protection Potion
  • Shield Potion
  • Guard Potion

Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness!

We've got a LOT of people who want to donate rares to the Wheel of Doom. You guys are CRAZY-generous! To do that, please send an email to [email protected] with your account name and the list of item/s you'd like to donate. 

Treasure awaits in the Wheel of Doom!

We will be contacting the prospective donaters before removing any items, so be sure to send the email from an address you check regularly. 

If you received an Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness drop, please follow the instructions in the item description for how to contact us! We need to know your account name and the rare item you want. 

Update to the Doom Preview Shop

We hear there are some items dropping from the Wheel that are NOT in the preview shop. We'll get those added tomorrow so EVERYONE knows exactly what drops.

On the 1st Wednesday of each month, we'll give out the rare gear requested by the Ultimate Item winners and do Design Notes about the item donaters!

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