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November 08, 2013

The Twins Saga - Part 3

Chaos Twins Xing & Xang Return Tonight!

The long-awaited second half of the 2nd Lord(s) of Chaos saga begins tonight! Go back to the Mirror Realm and team up with Mirror Drakath and Gravelyn the Good to restore balance to both realms, and stop the Twins from unleashing their chaos beast onto Lore!

Did you miss them? They missed you!

You'll travel to Brightfall, then battle through the terrifying RedDeath Swamp to help Mirror Drakath find a way to get Good Xang and Evil Xang back to their original realms. On the way, collect Mirror Realm Tokens to trade in for awesome new gear in the Mirror Merge Shop!

Change from good to evil as a Duality Mage!

Don't forget! Luck of the Draw contest ends Monday!

We'll keep logging your spins on the Wheel of Doom and the Wheel of Destiny until 11:59 PM server time on November 11, 2013. So you've got until then to get your name in the hat for one of our exclusive prizes, including:

The Fallen Warlord set by Dage the Evil!

After the event has ended, we the grand prize winner and put ALL of the winners' prizes directly into their inventories!

Shops Leaving and Items Arriving!

  • This month's Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness prizes from the Wheel of Doom have started appearing in inventories!

Currently the only mount armor available to purchase in AQW!

  • Blade of Doomination from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny leaves tonight, but TWO new weapons will begin dropping from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny!
  • Watch THIS POST to know when to sell your Investment Trinket!
  • Nulgath Dragonfiend Rider shop leaves Monday, November 11th.
  • 5th Birthday Rares shop, quests to farm for Dragon Shinobi, and Ultra BrutalCorn battle leave Monday, November 18th
  • Dage's Dragon Katanas leave the Carnival of Fortune merge shops in /wheel on Friday, November 15th!
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