Design Notes

February 17, 2012

POWER week: Tradeskills+

Something's Fishy in this Release!

Grab your tacklebox and /equip your wading boots, because Fishing has come to AQWorlds! With 30 ranks to cast, catch and explode through, you'll find yourself rising from Fishmonger to Squid Kid all the way to the level 30 King Fisher in no time!

You'll have to fight to reel in the best catch!

With rewards ranging from the Mystic Fishstick Staff to the Runed Master Angler armor, if you have the skills to wrangle your fishing rod well, you'll be swimming in fantastically finned gear! (And you can bet none of the rewards will be carp-y! Ok... all except the Fish Armor.) AND you'll get 80 free ACs worth of Fishing Dynamite, so you can make your OWN Fish Rain!

Cannibalism?! You (Loch Ness) MONSTER!

Once you reach Rank 30 in your new trade and earn the title of King Fisher, you'll find a shiny badge in your Book of Lore! (Character page badge coming NEXT week, and that's no fish story!) And if you can catch a mysteriously DUM-fish, you'll unlock the Derp Moosefish Achievement! (But we're not telling you HOW to get THAT one.)

Fishy Rewards to Collect in Your Cooler:

  • Rune Master Angler Armor
  • Mystic Fishstick
  • Mysterious Fish and Flopping Fish Pet (member-only)
  • Fish Suit, Fishin' Rod
  • Shrimp Axe, Boot Mace (to the FACE!)
  • And much more!

And happenin' house items to show of your skills:

  • Magical Aquarium (Will display your "rank up" fish!)
  • Fishing Pole Collection
  • Fishing Dynamite!
  • Even more to store!

We're hoping to reel you in hook, line and sinker with this first tradeskill, because it's the first of a series we want to introduce throughout 2012!

Dance to the Carnaval Music!

Carnaval is here, so get your rear in gear and /dance the night away! Samba's in Battleon with a bounty of beautifully, birhgtly-plumed armors, helms, capes, a pet and weapons to equip!


And for those of you who feel like getting into the "bloco das piranhas" spirit, get your role-reversal armor by joining the /love map!

/Dance your way to great-looking gear:

  • Vai-Vai Carnaval Armor and Headdress!
  • Plumage of Pain 12!
  • Capoiera Capybara Member-only BATTLE PET!
  • Jungle, Ivory and Carnaval Headdresses 12!
  • Alegre Carnaval Armor 12!
  • Carnaval of Love Armor 12!
  • Pink Carnaval Feather Cape 12!
  • With so much more!

2 new emotes added for Members!

HEY MEMBERS! We've got a small but emote-ional bonus for you today: the /useweapon brings back the classic /use emote that we removed so long ago, and /danceweapon will let you /dance your way through the battlefield!

AQ3D Pre-Registration Delayed!

As we noted here at (the AQ3D Design Notes page), the name pre-registration for ANYONE who has ever supported Artix Entertainment's games.* Pre-Reg moved to NEXT week! Keep up to date and find out all the latest news on our first foray into the third dimension in gaming at Artix's AQ3D Design Notes!

*HeroMart items do not count, sorry! We can only track game/secondary currency upgrades in relation to your game account.

Member Bonuses for AC Packages!

Hey AC-buying MEMBERS! If you've bought either the 2,000; 5,000; or 12,000 AC packages since January 1st, you have unlocked the following member-only BONUS items:

  • 2k AC package: the Battle Wyvern BATTLE PET!
  • 5k AC package: color custom Dreadnought Armor!
  • 12k AC package: Mindbreaker Class!

Dreadnought Color Custom Armor (5k AC package)
and Mindbreaker Class (12k AC package)!

For any more questions on this SUPER-awesome new package deal, check out Cysero's Design Notes post! And remember:

You can get all of this EPIC gear from the badge shops in the AE section of your Book of Lore!

Mia J. Park Music for You!

And Artix wants you to remember to be sure to support Mia J Park, up-and-coming indie vocalist, the guest star of this Valentine's Day's "Love's Eternal Curse" event! (Hint: She was the voice of the mer'angel and sang the songs!)

She was getting a lot of requests from you guys for her song "One Way Ticket" that she wrote specially for our event, so she put a free link to it on her website! Why not wander your way through the interweb to check it out? While you're there, why not listen to all the rest of her awesome music!

Coming Soon!

  • SkyGuard Saga - Invade the SkyPirate Base!
  • Desoloth Confrontation - War in Etherstorm!
  • Return of the Xan Saga and the rise of the Battle PoisonMistress!
  • Lucky Week!
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