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March 31, 2012

Limited Quantity Shop is Live

Mount up, Hero! It's ZARD-riding time!

Battle your way to /battleon RIGHT NOW for the first Limited Quantity Shop of 2012! Khuddar has epically awesome armors and items this time around, including the Zard Rider and Dragon Rider Armors, as well as the Dragon on your Back Cape! Quantities are limited, so get your gear while it's still here!

First things first: Zard Riders /dance2 conga line. Go!

And if you haven't been with us for a Limited Quantity Shop before, here's what's happening:
We have opened up a Limited Quantity Shop in Battleon. The items listed below will all be in the shop with the stated prices and quantities.

Tame a dragon... or ride one!

Once that item is sold out, it is never coming back. Ever. If you see something you like, then you're going to want to make sure you're awake and have the gold or ACs on hand to buy your chosen equips!

Here's a handy online time zone converter to make logging in at just the right moment a little easier!


  • Zard Rider - 1,000 ACs - 9,000 quantity
  • Dragon Rider - 1,000 ACs - 9,000 quantity
  • WyrmTamer - 800 ACs - 7,500 quantity
  • Toxica Armor - 725 ACs - 6,000 quantity
  • Solrac Legacy - 38,500 member gold - 10,000 quantity

Get ready to /spar while riding a dragon. Epic!


  • Zard Rider Hat - 85 ACs - 9,000 quantity
  • Toxic Horns - 85 ACs - 6,000 quantity
  • WyrmTamer Hood - 75 ACs - 7,500 quantity
  • WyrmTamer Helm - 75 ACs - 7,500 quantity
  • Legacy Locks - 16,500 member gold - 10,000 quantity
  • Shorn Legacy Hair - 16,500 member gold - 10,000 quantity

MUCH better than a monkey on your back!


  • Toxica Scythe - 200 ACs - 5,000 quantity
  • SolarEdge Armblades - 35,000 member gold - 10,000 quantity
  • Toxic Smasher - 35,000 free gold - 20,000 quantity

Members can utilize cyborg power in Solrac's Legacy armor!


  • Dragon-back Cape - 500 ACs - 8,000 quantity
  • Sol-Wrap Cape - 10,000 free gold - 12,000 quantity

Toxica Armor, Horns, and Smasher!

And once you're done browsing Khuddar's shop, make sure to /join poisonforest to play the latest release!

As we said on, this weekend you'll see that Good and Evil aren't always what they seem to be! The question is: what are YOU willing to sacrifice to save a life? Lions and poisons and burning, oh my! Members of the Alliance rally and two NPCs decide to battle side by side for the rest of their lives!

Play through the storyline to get your very own invitation to attend the in-game wedding of Rolith and Alina on AQW's fourth birthday on October 12, 2012!

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