Design Notes

June 07, 2013

Friday, Friday!

Ganna get down in Battleon!

Happy Friday! Today is very exciting for me; not only will we get to travel to the mysterious Isle of Fotia tonight, I also got to spend the day with the SUATMR contest winner, Spongebuddy!

Beleen and Spongebuddy in online game AQW

Spongebuddy is my biggest fan! Spongie has like ZOMG every pink item ever made in AQW, and I got to spend the day with Spongebuddy in glorious PINK attire!

Pink on with Spongebuddy's Friends in online free to play game!

Me and Sponebuddy got to hang out in his house (along with a lot of his friends) and then traveled to a bunch of different locations to answer all kinds of questions Spongebuddy had. Spongebuddy and Beleen in online game armor Spartan Warrior

Spongebuddy now knows ALL my Real Life Secrets! =D Including my shoe size, bwahaha! And Spongebuddy also picked the Spartan Warrior Armor as his in-game SUATMR contest award! Looks great on yah!

And omgomgOMG it’s also Release Day! There’s so much coming tonight I’ve got to get back to work!

Spongebuddy wants me to get back to work instead of play!

More Design Notes coming soon! Stay tuned my loves!


April 09, 2013


The March SUATMR Winner is ROUGEMASTER5464!

The first Tuesday of every month we draw a winner for the SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RARES contest. All you have to do is own a Rares Raffle Ticket for that month from Cleric Joy in Battleon. It costs nothing and bank storage is free. 

If you want to increase your chances, you get one more entry for every day of Membership you have left on your account on the day of the drawing (example: buy 1 year Membership, get 365 more chances), and you get one extra entry for every AExtra that you complete in that month on top of the FREE AdventureCoins that you earn. 

The winner gets to hang out with one Mod or Dev of their chooising for a while and get to take one rare item donated from the staff, which we may not replace. The list of prizes and Mods/Devs can be found on the CONTEST PAGE. 

Yesterday, ROUGEMASTER5464 became the most recent winner of the contest.

He's been playing AQW since 2011 but was a DF DragonLord before that and has been an AQW Member for quite a while. He selected the original Dark Caster armor as his prize and even though he was in considerable pain (had some dental work done that earlier that day) we had a lot of fun hanging out. 

I answered a few of his questions, forced Faith and Syra from HeromMart to both PERSONALLY check on the status of his Artists of Artix Sketchbook order status, then we PvP'd a little and he got to see just exactly how amazingly cheap my personal Cysero class really is. 

There are a LOT of people who enter this contest every month but ANYONE could win. Will you win next month?

And just because there hasn't been enough links in this post, here's one of the Cysero Magic Bacon Ride shirt coming tomorrow to HeroMart and here's one of me laughing, as I so often do, at myself

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