Design Notes

March 26, 2013

DarkBlood StormKing Class

Summon Storms to Destroy Your Enemies!

Command the skies as you hurl lightning and roar thunder! The StormKing Class releases THIS Friday in Falguard! You can purchase it once you have Rank 10 ThunderForge Reputation or for 2,000 Adventure Coins from the Class shop in your game menu! Watch the Design Notes later this week for Cysero's skill breakdown!


Summon the Storm as a StormKing!

Spring Seasonal Shop: ThunderBolt Striker Set!

Spring has sprung, so it's time for the Winter Seasonal Shop to head North for the year! This Friday, talk to Twilly to purchase a Storm Token and unlock the Spring Seasonal Shop! The Storm Token costs 1,000 Adventure Coins to unlock a shop full of 0 Adventure Coin items!

Fight the battle electric!

Inside the Spring Seasonal Shop, you'll find:

  • ThunderBolt Striker Armor (animated)
  • ThunderHorn Helm
  • Lightning Slasher Dagger
  • Dual Lightning Slashers
  • Electric Storm Cape! (animated)

Warp Necromancer Viral Backpack Item!

We are always trying new things in AQWorlds, and next week (hopefully!), we want to release the Warp Necromancer Viral Backpack item! The Warp Necromancer shop will be in-game for a few weeks so people can purchase the Warp Necromancer Cape. When the cape is equipped, YOU will get a bonus to battles, and anyone who clicks on the cape will open a shop containing the rest of the set!

The Warp Necromancer Shop will contain:

  • Warp Necromancer Cape (AC price to be determined)
  • Warp Necromancer Armor (0 ACs)
  • Warp Necromancer Helm (0 ACs)
  • Warp Necromancer weapons (0 ACs)

As long as YOU have the cape, you'll be able to access the shop at any time. But once the Warp Necromancer LTS leaves the game, the only way to get ahold of this gear will be to find someone with the cape equipped, then purchase your own cape, armor, helm, and weapon! It will be really interesting to see how far this item spreads throughout the game!

News to Know!

  • An Evil Undead Limited Time Shop launches next Monday! ("Evil Dead" is one of Artix's favorite movies!)
  • The King Fisher character page badge had to be removed because it was breaking on the character page. New accounts had the badge as soon as they made their accounts, and with how the badge is set up, there was no pretty way to fix it. It will return in the Book of Lore soon!
  • Lucky Day event AND Dage's Birthday Shop leave on Monday, April 1st!
  • Galanoth's Birthday shop in /lair WILL get an updated version of the classic Dragon Blade AND a Legion version, but it may not be tomorrow. Dage worked himself half-undead to finish the StormKing Class before leaving for vacation today. Wish him a good time!
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