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August 14, 2013

A Toast to MechQuest!

StarCaptains will receive 1,250 NovaGems on Friday

Cheers, MechQuest StarCaptains! Allow me to give you a toast for saving the entire Universe!

MechQuest Toast

…oh wait, what? Not that kind of toast, you say? You say free NovaGems would be better than burnt bread? OKAY!

On Friday evening, join Maegwyn, Korin, Artix, and the MechQuest Team as they give a toast to the players, artists, animators, writers and programmers and community staff of MechQuest. You can symbolically raise your glass of your preferred space-age beverage at any time on Friday and /cheer with a post on our Forums, Facebook, or Twitter.

Starcaptain Coffee

It will be a great time to share your old war stories and favorite moments. The first round is on Artix. All players of MechQuest who logged in the past month will receive 250 NovaGems on their character. To thank all of you StarCaptains who made this game possible, we are giving you an additional 1,000 NovaGems. (That is 1,250 NovaGems total being added to Star Captains this Friday.) Just be careful not to have too much of the fusion juice -- we do not want any unruly mecha PvP matches to break out!

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