Design Notes

July 05, 2013

Legion Soul Cleaver Class

Join the Undead Legion and Unlock Ultimate Power!

Dage the Evil formed the Undead Legion centuries ago, but tonight loyal members of the Legion will have the ability to move up in the ranks... as a Legion Soul Cleaver!

The Legion Soul Cleaver fights best on the brink of death, where you can channel your magical abilities to shred your opponents... starting with their soul. The class mixes both physical and magical attacks, the better to help you rip the soul from your victim!

Soul Cleavers gain mana from all hits landed in combat, especially on crits.  The amount depends on damage relative to your own HP total. The lower your health the more you will get.

How to get your own Legion Soul Cleaver Class

1. Become a member of the Undead Legion. For more information on how to do that, read Beleen's Design Notes here. If you're already a member of the Undead Legion, you can:

2. Buy the Class for 2000 Adventure Coins from Ragnar in Battleon or from the Class Shop in your game menu.

3. Buy the Class for 2000 Legion Tokens from Dage's Merge Shop in Shadowfall or the Underworld.

I'm a member of the Legion. How do I get Legion Tokens?

Talk to Dage in Shadowfall or in the Underworld.* Once you've completed the "Fail to the King" quest, you'll have access to many quests that will reward Legion Tokens. Dage also occasionally sells items which will have special quests attached that give you higher-than-normal amounts of Legion Tokens as a reward.

The latest farming quest items are the High Legion Champion and the Exalted Legion Champion armors! When you buy either of those from Dage in Battleon or the Underworld, you unlock quests which has a chance to give you anywhere from 5 to 50 Legion Tokens at once!

* He's only ever in one place at one time, but moves WAY faster than you can see, so he always arrives before you do.

Legion Soul Cleaver Skills

Soul Cleavers gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits.  The amount depends on damage relative to your own HP total. The lower your health the more you will get.

Soul Rend:
15 MP, 5sec Cooldown
Deals damage based on the difference between your current and maximum HP.

Soul Leech:
40 MP, 17sec Cooldown
Drain life directly from your target's soul. Weakens them lowering their damage and returning health to you for the same amount. 

Soul Snare:
30 MP, 35sec Cooldown
Trap your opponents soul from afar stunning them for 4 seconds. Soul Snare cannot be dodged. 

Blood Price:
0 MP, 45sec Cooldown
Sacrifice your very life force to increase all damage dealt by 75% and your chance to hit for 12 seconds. For the Legion! 

No Pain No Gain: 
1st Passive
All damage taken increased by 10%.
Note: the lower your HP, the MORE DAMAGE you do! 

Might of the Legion:
2nd Passive
You deal 10% more damage with all attacks.

For the Legion!:
Rank 10 Passive
Every soldier for the legion put's his life on the line. If Dage so chooses he can sacrifice you to strengthen his forces. Chance on auto attack.

FREE Gift Non-Member Pet for Undead Legion Members!

Talk to Dage the Evil in the Underworld to get Sir Liest, an undead legion moglin! This 0 AC, non-member pet is Dage's way to reward his loyal Legion followers.**

** You MUST have completed the "Fail to the King" quest in order to bring the Sir Liest pet with you as you travel!

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