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July 21, 2011


Getting to know ArcAttack's Tech Guy!

We are enjoying showcasing a new member of Arc Attack each day this week! It's an excellent introduction to tomorrow's MASSIVE Musical Event featuring ArcAttack in DoomWood. These are your compatriots in the fight against Vordred; they may be working for him under duress, but they're not going to go down without (Arc) attacking back!

Today's chapter focuses on Sam, the Wizard of the Wires, the Sultan of the Sound Board, and the Pharoah of High Frequencies! He is ArcAttack's Tech Guy (it's an industry term!) and he's the one that gets the coils to cooperate!

Now, Sam is not your ordinary Mad Scientist. He came to Necro U hoping to become a Necromancer. But when he attended his first Grateful Undead concert, he was blown away (literally, all the way across the auditorium!) by the supersonic waves blasting from the group's speakers! That got him interested in the power of sound, and when he coupled that with his keen interest in Quantuum Necrotics, he knew the path his career would take.

Fast forward four years and you'll find him deep in the dungeons of CastleMania, performing sonic sonar experiments on bats and appalling auditory tests on ghouls, skeltons, and lichs. (He rejected slime-based subjects as they have no ears.)

Epic Member-Only Event Items!

Yesterday we gave you a preview of some of the awesome AC items going rare with this event. But today we want to show off the Member-only items that will be released! Mennace has been hard at work all week Flashing these fantastic objets de guerre (thanks, Google Translate!) aka "weapons," if we're not being fancy.

So, how 'bout a peek?

Pictured above are the:

  • Techno Mage Armor (Color custom!)
  • Techno Hood
  • Dual Resistors
  • Electric Arc
  • Circuitbreaker Blade
  • Static Staff
  • But more will be released!

Join us tomorrow at sundown for the launching of AQWorlds' most SHOCKING musical event yet! Watch Vordred as he attempts to become supercharged and work with the members of Arc Attack to save themselves and the WORLD!

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