Design Notes

December 11, 2015

Quibble Coinbiter's Frostval Rares are here!

Grab the Coolest Gear of the Year This Weekend!

Past, present, and future Frostval items freeze the insides of Quibble Coinbiter's pack... and YOUR inventory! AQWorlds' very own time-traveling sales moglin is in Battleon NOW with gear from across space AND time! But he won't be there long, so you'll want to dig through his chest of never-before-seen-slightly-used items and rares while you can!

The shop includes:

  • Frozen Royalty Armor set
  • Ice Rogue and Evergreen Rogue armor and helms
  • The Ice Giant Armor set
  • The Crystorm Troll Armor set
  • the Snifflewaggle and Ice Giant pets
  • PLUS the Bright Paragon Pet

Introducing the Bright Paragon Pet

Find the Bright Paragon Pet in Quibble's shop tonight! This blindingly-brilliant pet comes with 3 quests - 1 for ALL players with 2 weapon rewards, and 2 quests exclusively for Undead Legion members! The Legion quests reward a ton of Legion Tokens and thanks to fellow AQW player sudz16's suggestion, will soon drop a Legion Token Pile house item, too!

This is the first update to Quibble's 2015 Frostval Shop - check back next week, when he'll have even MORE gear to chill and thrill you with!


November 14, 2013

Gear up for Chaos

Quibble Coinbiter Returns Friday!

If you've seen Quibble appear before, you know he brings incredible gear themed after the next Chaos Lord Saga... and since we only have ONE left, that means his gear will be Chaos-themed! 

Will  you join in the Chaos... or destroy it?!

Coming in tomorrow's Quibble shop:

  • Chaos Reaper armor set
  • Shadowscythe Inquisitor armor set
  • Chaos Miasma sword, daggers, and polearm
  • Chaos Mage, Warrior, Rogue, and Healer armors
  • Lunar Sandknight armor set (mirror Celestial Sandknight)
  • Giant Warrior (mirror Dwarf Warrior)

Even the Shadowscythe are prepared to face Chaos!

Dates to Remember!

  • Midnight tonight: the rest of the Luck of the Draw winners receive their prizes!
    (Tuesday's release put us a bit behind schedule, but they'll all come tonight!)
  • J6's Birthday shop leaves on Monday, November 18th
  • Dage's Dragon Katanas leave the Carnival of Fortune merge shops in /wheel on Friday, November 15th
  • 5th Birthday Rares shop, any items in BattleCon tagged "rare," quests to farm for Dragon Shinobi, and Ultra BrutalCorn battle leave Monday, November 18th
    (You will still be able to buy the AC version of the Dragon Shinobi Class from Ragnar in Battleon) 
  • ALL of our Mogloween content leaves Monday, November 18th!

December 17, 2012

Kezeroth's Icy Apocalypse

We will NOT let Our World End on 12-21-12!

Sharpen your blades and bring your friends - we're going to break a prophecy! Log in this Friday at sundown. because we will ALL need to join together if we're going to defeat the Beast Quetzal! Kezeroth is still free to play his deadly game... and time is running out before he uses Quetzal's the power to claim his prize: the destruction of Lore itself! 

Make sure you've reached the bottom of FrostDeep dungeon first, otherwise you won't be able to start this Friday's release. 

Defeat Kezeroth + Quetzal to save the world! 

There will be all-new quests from Yorumi in /snowyvale for the Chronomancer, ChronoCorruptor, and TimeKiller classes! Members will also get a quest exclusively for them!

Limited Quantity Shop: Saturday at 2PM!

Save the world from Kezeroth and the Beast Quetzal to unlock the Broken Prophecy Limited Quantity Shop! We're not going to let the world end, and that means we'll still be here for the end of 2012... and you'll be able to log in at 2PM server time for the shop! 

Apocalyptic Warlord 

Don't miss Solrac's Apocalyptic Warriors (Warlord, Deathbringer, Infector, Miser) or J6's Post-apocalyptic Survival Bunker House! More art previews tomorrow!

And if you haven't been with us for a Limited Quantity Shop before, here's what's happening:
When we open up a Limited Quantity Shop in Battleon, the items listed will  be in the shop with the stated prices and quantities. (Coming Wednesday!)

Once that item is sold out, it is never coming back. Ever. If you see something you like, then you're going to want to make sure you're awake and have the gold or ACs on hand to buy your chosen equips!

Here's a handy online time zone converter to make logging in at just the right moment a little easier!

12 Days of Holi-Daily Quests!

Log in Friday and every day after until January 1st, complete all 12 Holi-Daily Quests, and you'll unlock a New Year's shop with two all-new armors! Each day, you'll get 1 more merge item (the quest will reward either member or non-member merge items) until you have all 12 and can create your new gear!

The member-only version of the armor will be color-custom! The merge items AND reward armors will be 0ACs so you can store them for free... forever!

Beleen's Birthday/Quibble Shops NEW Update!

Get your gear before it's gone! Quibble Coinbiter's holiday gear will leave in early January. Beleen's birthday shop will move to her NPC in Frostvale so that you have a little while longer to stock up on your favorite festively-pink gear!


December 07, 2012

Frostval Quibble Returns

Your Enemies will Fear this Epicly Icy Gear!

Quibble Coinbiter has arrived in Battleon with a bag full of wintery gear! This traveling sales moglin’s chest is filled with never-before-seen-slightly-used icy items inspired by Frostval! Don't miss the Glacial Destroyer and Glacial Summoner sets!

Glacial Destroyer Wings and Glacial Destroyer Halo

Glacial Destroyer and Glacial Winged Helm

Glacial Destroyer Pike, Staff of Glacial Destruction, Glacial Great Sword

Time for a Double Chaos Battle!

/Join TheSpan and crash into the Chaos Beast battle! Tidal waves of power bring Kathool straight to you! Victory underwater propels you into the heart of Space and Time to confront Iadoa, the Chronomancer Chaos Lord! Though his goal was to teach you how to fulfill your destiny, he is now the greatest threat to Lore!*

Chaos Beast Kathool

* Trivia: like The Master in Doctor Who, Iadoa's name is an acronym. It means "I Am the Destroyer of All"... but in The Span, he is trying to HELP you! Why the misleading name? Mysterious!**
Sounds like there's a backstory there, and it might just involve Doctor When!


August 13, 2012

The Dragon of Time

Return to The Span this Friday to learn more!

Very long ago but not so far away, Galanoth slew the Dragon of Time. Very little is known of this creature except that it is vital to your existence... and Lore's. Why did Galanoth slay it and what does its death mean for you? Battle through the TimeVoid across the back of the Vaxt Ahas, the Un-Ending, to find out this Friday!

J6's To-Do List: "Space Snake." Check!

But first, check out Dage the Evil's concept sketch for the Dragon's still art:

Battle-scarred and wise, the Dragon of Time would have taught you much.

Dragon of Time? Wait... what?!

Those of you who have battled with us for a few years may remember the Design Notes post from 2009 where Sepulchure teases you with not-quite-enough information about this timeless being:

The Prologue's Prologue
When Galanoth's blade struck true, he slew the Eternal Dragon of time and destroyed everything... creating the void. A vast empty wasteland of nothingness. Reality was literally, uncreated. They say mortals could not comprehend what happened next. I beg to differ.

I think if you looked inside that slain Eternal Dragon you would find an shattered Hour Glass where his heart should be. The Hour Glass would be bleeding out the sands of time on the floor... but before the last drop of sand fell, ending everything.

Someone (or more likely... someTHING) must have noticed that there was not one hourglass in that Dragon's chest... but three!

Quibble Coinbiter Returns to Battleon Friday!

Quibble has traveled many light-years and alternate-timelines to bring you this gear straight from your past, present, and future! You can see a partial list of what he'll be stocking in this Design Notes post! We'll have more previews of the rest of Quibble's inventory later this week.

Technomancer and Dravir Armors from DragonFable!

But if the above picture isn't enough, and we're sure it isn't, here's a list of what else to look forward to:

  • Tonbo-Giri polearm from AdventureQuest
  • The Baconing Mace from DragonFable
  • Antique Frying Pan from MechQuest
  • And more!

Dark Caster Class Release Planned for Friday!

Cysero and Yorumi have designed the skills for the incredibly offensive, single-target Dark Caster Class... and now Dage is working on its art. We WANT to release the Class this Friday. Barring unforeseen obstructions to that, we will.

Remember, you must have the ORIGINAL Dark Caster Armor to unlock the path you'll take to get to the Dark Caster Class. Dage's evil mind is feverishly working on the details of just what price you'll have to pay to get it! We'll announce more details once they're finalized.

The Lorelympics Shop Leaves Now!

Originally, we announced that the Lorelympics shop would be up for a week. In the spirit of fostering healthy competition, and because so many of you asked nicely, we left the shop up until the end of the Olympics. That was yesterday, and so down it comes today.

I hope you got all the gear you were after, because we're not sure when the shop will return! (Possibly in two years.)

Yorumi's Quest to Crush Bugs Continues!

The lag has been better recently - but BETTER isn't GOOD ENOUGH! Yorumi has a list of things to try which should hopefully help reduce lag... or show us what else might! He also fixed one very colorful chat bug over the weekend and another earlier today.

With your help in reporting the botters and cheaters who break the game, we will continue working hard to make AQWorlds the best game it can be! We are very, very lucky to have so many players who want to make the game safe and secure for ALL players. For that, we thank you.

Cyser-notes Tomorrow!

You might have noticed that you haven't heard much from Cysero recently. While the rest of the team and I have been hard at work creating your weekly releases, Cysero has been pushing on some MUCH needed updates to the game. These should hopefully improve your in-game experience.* He'll have more details about his projects tomorrow!

* But are not gameplay functionality. Guilds is still in progress, as are new tradeskills.

PS: More news about the war and rewards tomorrow!


August 08, 2012

Quibble Coming Soon!

Quibble returns NEXT Friday with new gear

Past, present, and future gear collide in Quibble Coinbiter's backpack! AQWorlds' very own time-traveling sales moglin arrives in Battleon next Friday, August 17th, but he won't be there long, so you'll want to dig through his chest of never-before-seen-slightly-used items and rares while you can!

Dravir Armor, helm, and wings with Technomancer Armor! - Dragonfable

Most of his items will cost AdventureCoins, but as the past few shops have, we will include gear for both members and non-members, as well! All of the equips are modeled on art from our current Chaos zone, The Span. Each of Quibble's newest items were inspired by gear from the original AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest!

Kathool Adept and Chickencow Lord Armors! - DragonFable

Not exactly sure who Quibble Coinbiter is, or how he gets all that gear? Neither are we! But here's what he said last time I asked:

How do I get never-before-seen used items? Well, that's a trade secret. But just between us, I have a deal with a time travel fairy who brings me these things… even though they have not been built yet! They might show up later in the game or might be Rares that are never seen again!

Ubear Armor and Loco Costume - AdventureQuest

Inaddition to all of the armors pictured here, you can ALSO expect Quibble's shop to hold next Friday:

  • Twig and Fwish Pet
  • Gween Pet
  • Chief Duncan's Space Cat Pet
  • Sil Katar Daggers
  • Ice Katana
  • Color Custom Galacta Gun
  • Guilt and Innocence Scythes
  • And more!

Color-Custom Galactimech and Loki Mech Armors! - MechQuest

What happened the to The Sword of the Legion's shop?

The Sword of the Legion should have unlocked The Stranger's shop. Due to a miscommunication, that shop in the /evilwardage map is open to all players. To fix that error, Dage will create a special shop in Shadowfall just for those loyal Legion soldiers who kept their blades close by!

Chaos gets Beastly in SkyGuard!

That Master... something about him just ain't right. His growing paranoia - and a bit of help from a friend in the last release - make it easy for you to infiltrate his hidden bunker. Once inside, you'll need to find out just WHAT he's planning, but beware!

He hasn't given up his goal to embrace Chaos! Keep an eye on him, give him a hand, and maybe you'll find out just what his plans are! /Hone your blade and your wits, because the Master is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma locked inside a steampunk-prison!

Dage vs Nulgath War Update!

The Nation continues to crush the Legion, but Dage's undead soldiers are just DYING to even up the war meter! The Worshiper Visage of Revontheus and the Key of Revontheus will be added for Nulgath's followers. Dage's warriors will see a new armor and helm coming! Expect those later this week.

We will announce which Legion/Nation items will go rare as soon as Dage is back in the Lab. ALL of the AC items will go rare, but we need to determine which Legion Token/Diamond items will also go rare.*

Battle On, brave heroes! Victory is yours to take!

* Dage has been out of the Lab, sick for most of the week. Once he's battled that bug and back in the Lab, we'll add that new gear!

Dage vs Nulgath Print at HeroMart!

Head to NOW to get your limited edition, hand-signed Dage vs Nulgath print! This illustration of Dage’s all-out invasion to control the Underworld pulls you straight into the battlefield… and our 11x17 limited-quantity print makes the BEST war-loot!

Dage vs Nulgath Deluxe Print

Both Dage the Evil and Nulgath will sign 500 prints, and once they are sold out, they’ll be real-life rares! Frame your print and then log into AQWorlds to help your favorite Evil Commander send his rival down in flames!

Each print comes with the following in-game items:

Dage The Evil's Rewards:

  • Proto-Paragon Armor
  • Proto-Paragon Helm
  • Soul Kris Blade

Nulgath's Rewards:

  • Dreadfiend of Nulgath Armor
  • Dreadfiend Face of Nulgath Helm
  • Dreadfiend Blade of Nulgath

NOTE: We are still waiting to receive the signed prints back from Nulgath, so there will be a small delay on shipping ONLY signed orders.

Coming the August in AQWorlds!

  • Return to The Span to see WHY Galanoth had to slay the Dragon of Time!
  • Journey to Shadowfall to aid Empress Gravelyn! The time for inaction is past!
  • Uncover the TRUE nature of Lore's Clerics! What IS the secret of the Sisterhood of Dishpan Hands?
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