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August 23, 2011

WOAH! 3 Packages!?

Presents for Secret Underground Lab

You may be surprised to find out that for game developers, most of us are pretty physically fit. Well, that all ends today. Today we recieved three boxes that will fuel our game development with a dangerously high level of sugary goodness! So, I thought I would post pictures for you of the three boxes that suddenly arrived in the mail today, here, at the secret underground lab. (Just, um, ignore that window in the back of the first picture, ok?)

Package #1 from Eonaleth (California)

Mmmmmmm! Pocky and green tea are my favorites. Someone knows how to keep me at my desk working. Eonaleth also wrote a wonderful letter. Thank you so much!!

Package from Eonaleth

Package #2 from Genisis64 (Japan)

Our good friend from Japan has been helping with the relief efforts AND gathering some of the most unique Kit Kat bars to send us. Included in his package was Cheese Kit Kats, Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kats, Citrus and Japanese Chili Kit Kats (CRAZY!) We tried them all. ... shockingly, they are awesome tasting! For Cysero, he sent special kabuki tabbi socks (Yup, C is wearing them right now) and an extremely beautiful, heartfelt letter. Thank you so much, Genisis64!!

Package from Japan!

Package #3 URKOR MINI QUEE! (From Voltaire)

Well.. Package #3 was actually a GIANT shrink wrapped pallete of boxes containing the highly anticipated, and terrifying Urkor Malravenus (A chibi version of Deady's true form.) After all the crazy things we ate this morning we tried eating one of these too. I would not recommend it. *Still trying to get taste out of mouth* But you WILL be able to get one of these scary little fellas on HeroMart later today. He comes with a code that unlocks two undead battle pets (usable with Necromancer) from Planet Necronus (Voltaire's creation featured in the comic books). The package also came with a letter... erm... wait... this is an invoice. *Yells into the other room* Cysero, um, I think this letter is for you!

Urkor Malravanous Quee!

BIG WEEK for DragonFable and MechQuest

This week is DragonFable's epic conclusion! 5 years in the making... Sepulchure, Drakath,  the Elemental Orbs, the baby Dragons, the Myserterious Necromancer... it all boils down to this weekend. Do not miss being a part of history! Meanwhile, MechQuest is completely streamlining the entire game and they are going to need your help.  

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