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September 28, 2015

Mogloween Returns This Friday!

October Begins with a Return to MystCroft!

Candy, costumes, & craziness are in season this Mogloween! Replay everyone's favorite spooky holiday from years ago & get 2015 Seasonal Rare items. Then, SQUASH the Gatekeeper’s quests and take down the Necronaut in the new Mystcroft challenge area!

It is a dark and stormy night, fog creeps through the trees and into the houses of Battleon. When you step outside, a beacon pulses in the darkness. As you walk towards it, ghostly moans grow louder. When you enter a clearing you KNOW wasn't there before, you see a portal that takes you to... MystCroft, realm of spookily-delicious Mogloween adventures!

The Cauldron Sisters are SO GLAD to see you!

Meet the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble, and help them play their tricks to save Mogloween... and all the delicious treats that come with it!

So, after SIX years worth of Mogloween events, we released... we've done a LOT! (Zoom in to see HOW much!) That's why llast year we created the Mogloween Event Guide in the Lorepedia!

October Begins with a Return to MystCroft!

This year, in addition to all our previous seasonal events returning, a strange visitor from another world has arrived - the Necronaut! Talk to its servant, The GateKeeper, to discover what exactly this creature wants... and what we need to do to make sure it does not attack US!

Take on the Necronaut and the UltraNecronaut this week, plus find regular and Doom versions of its armor in the Limited Time Shop! The bosses will drop seasonal house items like the Sad Pumpkins, Tryx the Evil Cauldron, and more!

Mark your calendars: October of OMG-AWESOME!

This is not the only new holiday event happening this month! Not by a LONG shot!

  • Thursday, October 1: 7th Upholder begins 
  • Friday, October 2: Mogloween Hub Town returns, Mirror Realm Rares leave
  • Friday, October 9: BattleCon returns for the 7th AQWorlds birthday event!
  • Friday, October 16: Artix Entertainment 13th anniversary event in AQWorlds
  • Friday, October 23: New Brightoak Grove release - Battle for Rivensylth
  • Friday, October 30: NEW holiday event begins!
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