Design Notes

May 10, 2021

Server Update Release Notes


What's Happening?

This past few weeks, we have been working on fixing many old and hidden bugs in the current AQW game server code.  (Not the new AQW:Mobile server)

Along the way, we have been using a special "ServerTest" server to test the changes every few days.  Many of you have been playing on this server to find new bugs.

A big Thank You goes to: Joseph_Fire,  thechaostitanic, and Gorion. They reported an important bug, and provided detailed information and also verified that the problem was only on the test server.

I also want to thank our new staff member Yetsu for providing testing support for every change we worked on during the development phase.


Brief List of Changes: May 10, 2020

  • Selling items when you are at the max gold cap, will refund zero gold, but the item will be removed from your inventory. Fixes house item selling bug.
  • In PVP zones, it is no longer allowed to Get items from your Bank.  You can store items, but can not swap or pull items from Bank.
  • Better warning messages when guild, party, and friend actions fail.
  • Buying items that are higher than your character level are blocked.
  • Item drops from monsters will now have enhancement level equal to your char level, unless the item is higher than your char level. It will not be enhanced.
  • If you try to go to a player house that does not exist, and you already own a home, you will get an warning message, instead of going to the buyhouse map.
  • Removed an old hidden process that would often lag the entire system every 15 minutes.
  • Faster server reboot time.
  • Many other behind-the-scenes performance and bug fixes.


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November 17, 2015

Looking for new Moderators!


Our in-game moderators and testers are amazing... and more, they're volunteers! They do not get paid for the many hours they spend each week helping keep the game safe and fun for everyone. Because they're volunteers, real-life has to come first; that means that occasionally, we lose some team members to outside responsibilities...but we ALSO get to bring on MORE new team members!

And that's why we're here today.


So you want to be a mod? Read Cysero's FAQ first.


Interested in Joining the Mod Team?

Sora here, for those who don't know me I'm Head of the Moderators for AQW/HS.  I am looking for new mods for AQWorlds, and now is your chance to apply! One thing I have to stress - you MUST be over 18+.  If you are under 18, if you don't include your age, or if you start with "I'm not 18 yet, but..." the application will not be considered. 

Unlike last time where I was only looking for bilingual mods, anyone is happy to apply, assuming you meet the criteria. 

We are ONLY looking for moderators, not testers this time.

We will need the following in an email:

 1. Your real name, age, country of residence.

2. AQW Game account name and email

3. Artix Entertainment Master Account name and email (AE Portal Site link)

4. Forum account name and email (not required to have one)

5. Languages you speak

6. Any experience you have that you think makes you a good candidate and why you should be considered for the position.

Please send your COMPLETE application to [email protected].  If the application is not complete, we won't consider it.  And please, one application per person (Do NOT spam the inbox).  I will read all the applications. If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to everyone.

You have until Sunday Nov 29th, 11:59pm to apply. 

Remember patience is a key aspect to being a moderator.  This will take some time so do not keep emailing asking if I've read your application.

Good luck and Battle on!

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September 03, 2015

Shiver Me Throwback

A look at the TLaPDs of Yesteryears

September 19th 2009, the day landlubbers of Lore become Heroes of the Seven Seas! Enter the 1st Talk Like a Pirate Day. With a grand Pirate vs. Ninja War and an unforgettable Quibble loot chest, this tradition of pirate talking and swashbuckling was cemented in AQW!

AQW's first TLaPD!

TLaPD Origins

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD, September 19) is a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, U.S., who proclaimed September 19 each year as the day when everyone in the world should talk like a pirate. Somehow around 2002, thanks to Dave Barry (a syndicated columnist) their made up holiday became a national phenomenon. Personally I blame AQW for its international success, but that’s just me.

Novel of Naval Commanders

AQW has a history of releasing incredible Naval Commanders to commentate TLaPD since '09. For months leading up to September 19th our forums are abuzz with guesses and suggestions of what this year's design may be. There’s an extensive set of Commanders below, but still a million possibilities for the future!

Blazing Naval Commander
Brilliant Naval Commander
Bubblegum Scallywag
Chaos Naval Commander
ChronoLord Naval Commander
Doom Naval Commander
Doom Rotting Naval Commander
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Galactic Naval Commander
Icy Naval Commander
Legion Naval Commander
Naval Commander (Armor)
Naval Commander (Class) (Legend)
Paragon Naval Commander
Platinum Naval Commander
Rotting Naval Commander
Undead Legion Naval Commander
Void Naval Commander

Thanks be to the AQW Wiki for making this list possible!

So many Commanders, yet no crew!

Ye Old Pirate Prep

If yar just can't wait till the 19th to embrace a parrot on your shoulder, look no further than last year's Deep Terror TLaPD event in /join Piratewar! Naval Commanders clash in a seabattle against the Pirates... and they aren’t content to keep the battle above water! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from an Aquamancer below.The rare shop may be gone, but beat the boss or any Naval Commander monster for doubloon worthy drops!

While cutlass slashing may boil ye landlubber blood, check out AQW's Pirate Rules 101 to complete the seafaring transformation:

Everything Okay there Quibble?

Scourge of the Fiery Seas

I know it be called Throwback Thursday, but there be a major storm a brewin’ on Lore’s horizon! I hear whispers on the wind of a new threat to AQW’s TLaPD festivities. Seems an old harebringer has escaped Davy Jones locker, ready to wreak havoc with a weapon that feeds on the destructive forces of mana itself! Heros get ready to hunt the mysterious, the nefarious...BLAZEBEARD!

Wherever Blazebeard strikes, Heroes will be Ready!

Welcome Back Throwbacks

Always fantastic to get another Throwback Thursday up! I've been so swamped with designing Brightoak Grove that AQW’s rich history took an undeserved backseat. Tomorrow I’m off to Dragon*Con in Atlanta so instead of recommending another throwback, tweet me @ACWOAE with anything you'd like to see from D*Con!

Artix Panel and a Brutalcorn sighting on the same day? Only at Dragon*Con!

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June 05, 2014

Lorepedia Lives!

And it needs YOUR help!

Sora here,

Not that long ago I took over the Lorepedia page for AQW.  My team and I are in the works to bring some major updates to it.  Some have already started, as in the new Staff Pages, but we need a lot more help for you guys.

Maya Wants You!

What is Lorepedia?

For everyone who might not know, Lorepedia is a giant encyclopedia dedictated to all things involving AQWorlds.  Right now it lists Classes, Staff, Enhancements, a list of Badges, etc, anything a new or even seasoned player might need information on.  Sadly a lot of it now is out of date.

Areas that are currently being worked on;

  • Updating the classes list
  • Making a Chaos Storyline walk thru guide
  • Staff pages for ALL our games

Mobius Walk-thru

How you can help!

We want your ideas - Lorepedia is your guide to the game! What better way then to find out how to make it better then by asking the players?  Tweet ideas to AQWLorepedia, the official twitter account for Lorepedia.  Also the forum has an entire section for ideas.  Have an awesome picture of you and friends taking down a Chaos Lord? Post it and it could be used in the Storyline Guide.  Have an idea for a section that doesn't exist, or is there a current section that you feel needs more love? (Classes...yes I know...) tweet and post your thoughts.

I can't wait to see your ideas and please follow AQWLorepedia for updates!

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February 13, 2014

Head over Hooves in Love

Udderly Obsessed with Beleen

Valentine’s Day, huh? Even beasts need someone to love.

Bluddron the Betrayer beast in AQWorlds MMO

Click to see the full-sized awesomeness...of my love.

Everyone says they love Beleen… and oh yes… oh yes... I can see why.

BELEEN… you SHALL BE MINE this Valentine's Day...

whether you like it or not!



August 16, 2013

Panjat Pinang is Here

Happy Independence Day to our Indonesian players!

In celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day, we've added a Panjat Pinang event! Panjat Pinang is an Indonesian tradition in which celebrants try to climb a very tall, very slippery pole to try to reach the goodies stuck to the top. Since the pole is so slippery, this is usually a group effort! So get some friends and take down our Panjat Pinang pole or a chance at some of its awesome loot!

Don't fall! You're almost there!

Beating this thing down can get you an Indonesian blade in 3 different designs, both single- and dual-wield!

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August 02, 2013

ArchFiend Class

The ArchFiend is waiting... are you up to the challenge?

Nulgath has returned to Lore, and he's giving his loyal followers the chance to become an Archfiend like him!

How to Become an ArchFiend

Talk to Nulgath in Battleon tonight to purchase the completely color-custom ArchFiend Class for 2,000 Adventure Coins! He'll also sell you enhanced verisons of his color-custom helm and wings. The ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath +5 do extra damage against humans and elementals, and give you a little extra rep boost all the time.

Legends should talk to Nulgath in Battleon to begin the "Feed the Fiend" quest, which will reward Fiend Tokens. Collect 30 Fiend Tokens and merge them to create the 0 AC ArchFiend Class!

Archfiend battle gameShow your loyalty to Nulgath!

Archfiend Class Skills Breakdown

Archfiends are diabolical beings from the Abyss that leave a trail of devastation in their wake. They tear through multiple enemies at a time with life-draining curses and sweeping attacks. They're at their strongest when they're fighting with a team, empowering their loyal minions to make them hit harder and stronger.

Archfiends also get a little squishy when they're at full strength, so they are most effective when they can use one of those loyal minions as a meat shield.


2 second cooldown

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.


18 mana, 7 second cooldown

The Mark of Death curses your opponent to take damage over time until they give in to your awesome power! Damage increases with each stack, stacks up to 6 times. 18 Mana, lasts 12 seconds, 7 second cooldown.

Damages your enemy over time. Use this skill every time it cools down - it adds a nice boost to your damage, and the effect will stack up to 6 times causing additional damage each time you apply it.


28 mana, 14 second cooldown

Lash out at all opponents near by striking them with the force of the Abyss. Deals Moderate damage to all targets within melee range.

A nice chunk of extra damage when you're fighting multiple creatures. Note that this will aggro enemies that you're not currently fighting if you're standing next to them.


5 mana, 6 second cooldown

Your frenzied state has a chance to empower you and/or any of your allies with an increased chance to critically strike by 30% for 10 seconds.

This skill causes everyone in your party to enter a frenzied state for 6 seconds. During this state, there's a chance that a buff will proc, and if it does you'll get an extra 30% chance to crit for 10 seconds. Costs minimal mana, so there's no reason not to keep reapplying this each time it cools down.


40 mana, 60 second cooldown

Binds you and up to four enemies to the abyss. Dealing massive damage to your targets and increasing all damage they take by 75% for 15 seconds. You take 25% increased damage for the duration.

Enemies under Abyssal Contract will take extra damage from any source, so it's perfect for when you're with a group fighting a tough enemy together. But keep in mind that it has a wider range than Fiendish Strike, so if you're on a map with multiple monsters, you may end up pulling some from across the room.



Your critical strikes deal 20% more damage



Increased critical strike chance by 12%


Rank 10 passive

Gives a 25% chance to perform a fatal blow to your enemy if they are near death.


Overall a very powerful damage/utility class, as long as you realize that you're not as tough and tanky as, say, a warrior would be. With their awesome crit and damage boosts, having an Archfiend in your group makes everyone more effective.

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July 26, 2013

Dage's Saga Finale Part 1

Battle through the Plane of Judgment to Dage's Palace!

Fight your way through the Plane of Judgment and battle Rhadymanthys, Aeacus and Minos to prove your strength! This installment ends the first half of the Scorned Saga, but it will continue in 2014. Until then, keep battling creatures from the underworld to convince Dage that you're worthy to enter his palace!

This battle's heating up!

Awesome new rare item shops from Nulgath and Dage!

Nulgath is back, and he's got a fiendishly-orange new set for you! Available through the Game Menu in BattleOn, his new Rares shop includes:

  • ArchFiend of Nulgath Armor 
  • ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath (Cape)
  • Toxic Stare of Nulgath (Helm)
  • Horned DeathGaze of Nulgath (Helm)
  • Dual Toxic Bloodletters of Nulgath (Cape)
  • Toxic Bloodletter of Nulgath Katana
  • Bloodblade of Nulgath
  • Facebreaker of Nulgath (Mace)
  • SoulSkewer of Nulgath (Staff)
  • JaggedReaper of Nulgath (Polearm)
  • SightBlinder Axe of Nulgath
  • Acid Orb of Nulgath Pet 
  • Fiend Orb of Nulgath Pet (Legend-only)

ArchFiend Gear... if you prove yourself worthy!

And members of Dage's Undead Legion will love his gorgeous new dark archer gear! Talk to Dage in Battleon to pick up these rares:

  • Underworld Archer Armor
  • Bow of Judgement
  • Poisoned Darts Quiver Cape
  • Poisoned Darts Hip-Quiver Cape
  • Deathstare Helm
  • Otherworldly Deathstare Helm
  • One-Eyed Archer Drow Helm
  • Eagle-Eye Archer Drow Helm

For more info (and more pics!), read Alina's full post here on all the rare gear

Dark, Undeadly, Destructive!

New Pets, New Gear, New Shops!

  • We've got some new Moglin pets for July! Inspired by the newly released Wolverine and Smurfs movies, you can let Weapon M or Moglette accompany you on your travels through Lore. Or pick up the new royal Moglin baby, Prince Georgie of Lore!

  • There's also a new MechQuest shop celebrating our favorite sci-fi game's finale! Defend Lore and all other worlds with the deadly Shadowscythe Mecha suit!

  • Don't forget to check out Solrac's Featured Artist shop before it leaves! Now accessible from the Shops page of the game menu.

    Here's a rundown of Solrac's mountain of sweet gear!

Don't forget the new Guild release!

AQWorlds Legends can help us test Guild Cities! Check out Alina's Design Notes post for more information on all of the new Guild Cities functionalities.

Fantasy Game Guild CityUpgrade your account to help us break the game!


Aaaaand here's the new GameStop Combo Breaker set!

When you upgrade to test those new Guild Cities, buy your card from GameStop and you'll get this exclusive Combo Breaker set! Available only from July 25 through August 11, 2013. How do you get this set once you've used your card, you ask? Check out the Combo Breaker Breakdown for full instructions! 

C-c-c-combo Breaker!

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July 18, 2013

Letter from the Dragon Priestess

Beware the Whispers, Hero!

I am so glad our paths crossed! You do not know me, though you may think you remember who I am. We have never met, but I know you well. I know ALL of you well! And that is why I have traveled so far. I did not think to leave my grove, but when the letter came from Falconreach, I knew I had to travel FAST.

You never know when the whispers will come. The knowledge you need is inside you. The whispers of your past are only heard NOW.

Whispers are floating through the air. Chaos - or something claiming to BE Chaos - has begun talking directly to the Heroes of Lore. 

Bells are ringing over Swordhaven. Bells no one can hear. Ringing ringing... ringing in the change to come. 

They began in Swordhaven, but heroes across Lore have begun hearing them. They spread rumors of Chaos, of fear, of failure.

Dreams and blades and chicken eggs. Soon you will know how they feel.

Lady Celestia has always watched over Lore's heroes.

This has never happened before, and it is NOT a good sign. The stronger the Champion of Chaos grows, the more danger we are all in. I MUST see King Alteon before it is too late!

If you can hear this you have been targeted by Chaos. Your destiny is known.

Though I know the royal family is busy preparing for the coming ceremony, they WILL need to listen to me. The danger is only growing greater, and I fear that no dragon magic - or Dragon's magic - will be enough to save us unless we begin preparing NOW! 

Chaos is like a cat. When you understand why you will be one step closer to conquering me.

You have done so much, and it is only because you have that we have a chance to triumph. We depend on you, Hero. Whatever you do...

I will leave you with one final thought... for now. Beware the doomsayers and nightmare children. Prophecies are only dangerous when they come true.

DO NOT listen to the whispers! 

(It's been too long since I wrote a story Design Notes! Thanks for all the excellent feedback on this one, guys! Glad you enjoyed it. - Alina)


January 14, 2013

Gone Missing

For Your Eyes Only

Hero, As you well know, several heroes from around Lore have been reported as missing. I've had my dark illusionists disguise themselves and take the places of Artix, Cysero, Alina, Zhoom, Ai No Miko, Warlic and a number of other heroes to avoid any panic. Most recently King Alteon has gone missing. Something must be done. 

I don't expect the replacements to fool people for very long. Posters like this one have begun to pop up all over the land. 

I have recently discovered who is responsible for the abductions. I command you, in the name of the Great Truce, to meet me at my fortress this Friday. I have devised a plan to rescue our friends and I will need able bodied soldiers to put this plan into action. 

Echos Of The Past

Do you recognize the message above? Then you were probably playing back in October of 2009 when we first ran this adventure for AQW's first birthday. This week we continue Lionfang's Legacy with the re-release of the Assault on Onslaught Tower. There will be no war this time, but there will be a larger, expanded tower map, new quests, Member Only side quests, new music and of course new items!

Blackhorn Tomb

Have you ventured into Blackhorn Tomb to face the Bonefeeder yet?

The first part of the Lionfang's Legacy storyline was released last week with a number of new quests, 2 new cutscenes, an AC shop, an unlockable item shop several new monster drops! 

If you want to understand more about Maxamilian Lionfang, then Blackhorn is the place to start! 

Some History

Some people were confused about how last week's story design notes fit into the history of the game. I will explain all of this in this week's release but I might as well clear it up now. 

After Drakath revealed himself to the world and destroyed my father, King Alteon and I sent agents out into the world to look into the threat that Chaos posed and any possible solutions or weaknesses. 

General Lionfang found something interesting in Darkblood rumors and made his way to Thunderforge where the Darkblood live in the city of Falguard. His first act in the area was to "cleanse" an ancient tower of the necromancer who was living there. Much of the crumbling structure was destroyed in the battle between the undead and Lionfang's loyal soldiers. Finding the location a valuable strategic asset, he converted the remains of the necromancer's tower into Lion's Keep, building it far stronger than it was before. 

Lionfang's report to his King stated that the Necromancer had gone rogue and was killing loyal soldiers of Good only to reanimate them as servants of Evil, thus breaking the Great Truce. Reports of Lionfang's actions against my Evil followers had grown in number so I commanded my scryers to show me the past.

The truth of the matter is that General Lionfang simply attacked the necromancer who was using Shadowfall sanctioned body parts to perform his experiments. This means that it was LIONFANG who actually broke the Great Truce, boldly striking first against the side of Evil.

If only we had known General Lionfang's true feelings earlier, we might have been able to stop him from building his powerful base of soldiers and zealot followers which he now calls his Golden Onslaught. He has even changed the name of the tower from Lion's Keep to Onslaught Tower, flaunting his military might. 

The man made a dangerous enemy when he decided to break the Great Truce and attack my follower. LONG UNLIVE THE SHADOWSCYTHE! 

Season Of The Witch Hunter

This Wednesday, the Season of the Witch Hunter begins and the rare GrimmStalker armor will be sold for a short time. 

It's being sold in celebration of the release of the new Hansel and Gretel movie for all of you classic dark fairy tale fans out there. 


The SUATMR Contest is in full swing! 

Want to win one of the rare items on THIS LIST? 

Here is what you do:

  1. Buy a February Rares Raffle Ticket from Cleric Joy's Shop (or Warlic's Shop) in Battleon.
  2. Increase your chances by buying a Membership (every day left increases your chances by 1)!
  3. Increase your chances again by completing AEXtras offers (every one completed since Jan 1 increases your chances by 1 again)!
  4. Have a valid E-Mail attached to your AQW Account. We notify winners by mail. If you don't check your mail, you lose. No exceptions. 

Good luck, hero. 


January 03, 2013

The Chaos Rift has Opened

AmberHeart Tower Falls to Chaos!

WatchTower Log - Day 2 of the attack

As I write, the screams of my men rise up from the training grounds below. If I close my eyes, I can see them falling to their knees, heads in their hands. When they look up... through the smoke and anarchy, I can see they are not the boys I trained to guard our world. 

Tentacles wrap their forearms, fusing their hands to hilts. Eyes - always watching, looking everywhere - appear like cancers, like pustules all over their bodies. And the laughter...

The sound of their laughter sears my soul. I weep for what they were... and what has become of my mission. I broke away from the battle against my lieutenant and ran up to the records room. As I write this, the wound in my side grows hotter. I will not last much longer.

I hope you read this, Warlic, my friend. Remember our school days, when I told you I was smarter than you? Lie 1. And later, when we crossed Lore battling each other and ourselves, you claimed I would never best you in combat. Lie 2. But this, now... you said you would always come when I needed you.

Yet you aren't here. I never thought that would be Lie 3. Please, hurry! Every Blade of Order will have been Chaorrupted by now. I am too strong to give in to Death, and I can't bear the thought of serving our most hated enemy. 

I go now, back downstairs, back to the training ground. To the killing ground. I will fight them all - my men, my friends - because they do not deserve this fate. And neither do I. When you get here - if you do - nothing will be left for you except this wreck of a once-proud watchtower.

Please, light the beacon! Summon aid and warn the world. Amberheart has fallen. Chaos is coming!

Vormund Vigil-Keeper
Commander of Amberheart Tower

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January 17, 2012

Etherstorm Air Realm

Bert Boomtower mumbles:

Well, hello Heroes! I haven't seen you since, since that DoomWood fiasco! I hope you've been well, I sure do! But I never did think to myself that this here Etherstorm Wastes had a... a beyond! No sirree, I didn't! But it DOES!

An' it turns out that ol' Bert's been asked to raise a sign to point all you Heroes to it, yes he has! I mean me. I have. I'm ol' Bert. Bert Boomtower! *grumble* But  wouldn't ya guess it that I can't as do m'job because o' that ol' wall o' FOG! Who knew fog was SOLID?! A body cain't work but their honest labor gets in'errupted.

So, I'ma gon' wait here in this Air Realm with that fidgety, nervous-lookin' Air Dravix fellow, an' the wind all a-blowin' MIGHTY hard! Why don'cha go talk to him, eh? He looks like he could use a mite o' your Heroing, Hero. Seems somethin's on his mind. What would make a great, pow'ful Priest like it git worried? Could be the DragonSlayer you're travelin' with, mebbe?

Dravix and DragonSlayer, an uneasy peace.

Nah, ol' Galanoth, he's a straight upright ol' stick. Good wood, he is. Ever'one knows THAT. But you, you go an' talk to him, Hero. 's your job, an a body's gotta do what they gotta DO, y'know? For me, I'll just sit tight with this sign a-pointin' the way to the Ruins of Tiba- Tibat- eh, som'thin' or other. Some strange tongue, it do be!

Alina continues:

Thanks for the warning, Bert! The Heroes will get right on that... this Friday! Good luck with your sign-posting!

Shadows Over Akiba!

IN Akiba, to be precise! MEMBERS should be on the lookout tomorrow night for the next member-only mid-week expansion! This time you'll be journeying to the mystical land of Akiba, home to royalty, shrines, and Yokai!

In the Land of Yokai, shadows dance in the light of carved-stone lamps.

Those ghastly ghosts of legend roam the lands, and you'll need to deal with them as you help a shadow-y figure deal with, what else? The shadows! Let your light shine as you helpl this poor stranger; if you don't, he'll remain forever a shadow of himself!

With awesomely-shaded rewards that'll lighten your mood and weigh down your backpack, this is one mid-week release members won't want to miss! And speaking of Akiba...

Year of the Dragon - Chinese New Year!

Celebrate! Celebrate! /Dance to the music of the drums and the flutes as the dragons dance through the streets, it's Chinese New Year! (Or will be on Monday!) You'll need to quest through Akiba to help PanLong, the legendary lake dragon. He's risen from his watery home to welcome in the near year as the old one flows into the past.

PanLong, the Legendary Lake Dragon

But we can't wait that long to begin the festivities, so we're kicking off our celebration THIS Friday with rewards that'll have you roaring louder than DRAGONS! And speaking of dragons... you'll get access to rewards (like 4 colors of the armor below, dragon morph heads and dragon helms!)that will have you flying high or terrorizing towns! (Depending on your alignment, of course!)

Year of the Dragon 2012!

Friday the 13th, the bad luck continues!

If you were around last week, you might have seen that most of us caught the Lab Plague at some point. GOOD NEWS: people are slowly but surely recovering! BAD NEWS: Some of us had our LUK stats nerfed last week. Faith, Wrayth, and I are all dealing with either bandages, braces, or both this week after mishaps while in action put us all in traction!

Here's to a speedy recovery! (From where I sit, I can see a black cat, a ladder, and an unbroken mirror. Not tempting Fate much at all, nope.)


January 03, 2012

A Smoking Scroll Arrives

EtherStorm Wastes Under Attack!

Charred flecks of yellowed parchment flake off as you hold the scroll in your hands. The courier has disappeared, but a sulfurous aroma lingers in the still air outside your dwelling. Sighing, you shake your head as you crack open the scroll. It reads:


Time is short. You MUST journey to EtherStorm Wastes! My Master fears that you are the only one who can save us - and the world. Without your assistance, the great Desoloth - who even now directs his mighty powers at our home - will annihilate our land, causing the elements which make it up to consume us entirely!

And once he has subdued our home, he will move on to yours. Then... all of Lore! His power over the elements is massive; there is no knowing the strength he possesses. I fear for my Master. He is left shaken after the death of Zellare, the Prime Fire Dragon, but knows he must burn brightly as he calls to you, and to our as-yet-unknown new Prime Fire Dragon.

Time is short, and the fires burn hotter and higher as I write.

Please, make haste to EtherStorm Wastes! You are greatly needed!

May the Flame of Courage burn ever bright within you, I am your servant,

Acolyte to the High Priest of Fire

EtherStorm Wastes Begins Friday!

Things are going to heat up FAST! If you're a member, be sure to /join dragonplane to see Desoloth's escape from the DragonPlane. For everyone else, you'll be able to pick up the story fresh this week.

When the elements rebel at the command of a rogue Great Dragon, the Priests who worship the Elemental Dragons in the Elemental Wastes will need you to save them... and Lore! Two of your favorite classic AE NPCs will appear in this zone to lend their wisdom and aid, as well!


November 02, 2011

Letter to Bloodtusk Front

Status Report Required Immediately!

General Tibias,

I expected a report on your progress in the Bloodtusk Matter yesterday, and do not have it yet. This displeases me. When I sent you, in league with Commander Cynari from the Swordhaven Army, I specifically stated regular reports were required.

My scouts in your camp report that your efforts to subdue the Horcs and Trolls have failed. They are re-arming themselves as we speak! Are you aware of the strength the Horcs are able to draw on from that mountain Ore of theirs? Do you understand the power the living Arashtite Ore lends Troll magic?

And speaking of... have you been able to recover the missing Ore? The Accord of the Dark Sun is meaningless if the Trolls and Horcs do not have access to it! With that, they could turn on us; if we do not get it back before them, they certainly WILL. And, from all the reports I've gotten in this last day - and none of them from YOU - that is exactly what is about to happen.

Do not forget, Tibias. We KNOW that Chaos is in Bloodtusk Ravine. We have seen the signs, heard the whispers. It is so obvious that in these very inner halls I hear news of Chaotic goings-on in the Ravine. Even now, I am sure, the taint of Chaorruption has thoroughly soaked into the Horc and Troll communities.

It is up to YOU to settle the feud between them so that we may RIP OUT the core of Chaos that festers there.

Do not fail me. Or else.


August 10, 2011


Bertran is going to kill me.

Hello, I've taken over for the day. I am actually at the underground lab, siting in Artix's chair at the head of the table. His laptop has a really, really big keyboard that is extremely big and hard for me to type on. (Excuse my typos!) It's really amazing here, and everyone's so nice. Since I own this place now, I've decided that AE is now going to become a shrine to Broadway musicals, Disney movies, and the novel Les Miserables that is overrun with Mochi*. just wait. This will happen someday.

I made a T-shirt specially for this visit**. It says "Cysero, Can I be a mod?" ...unfortunately, Cysero isn't here today. So we took a picture and sent him a text message***. I've run out of funny things to say now. It's weird, because I've been dreaming of this day forever.... (Please excuse my starry eyes!) I promise that I'll someday work here. You WILL see me again****.

* Which is preferable to what is currently happening with the Ponies.
* Far less expensive than making an animatronic Dragon.
** He sent back a text message. "No."
*** Not if we see you first! (Just kidding. So... um... what exactly did you do with Artix?)

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