Design Notes

December 27, 2013

The Devastation of Frostfang

Did you think you were done?

The war is over, and the allies of Frostvale have beaten back Dage's army of icy monsters. But has good really prevailed? Even as the good heroes of Lore fought to save Frostval, they were really helping Dage realize his ultimate goal, and unleash...

That's one big dragon.

Unfortunatly, Frostfang is pretty much slaughtering everyone indiscriminately, so regardless of which side you fought on during last week's war, you'll need to take this big guy out. /join darkwinter and talk to Yorumi or Issik to get started!

And reach level 60 while you do it!

Yep, it's that time again! We've raised the level cap to 60, allowing you to be even stronger and battle even deadlier monsters! If you need help leveling up, visit Yulgar's Daily Quest Board. New level 55+ enhancements will also be coming later tonight.

Quibble, War Shop, & Countdown to the New Year!

As promised, since the war has ended, some of the items that did not make it into the merge shop will be purchaseable for ACs from the new Darkwinter War Shop. So if you didn't get that awesome sword you wanted so bad... now's your chance!Complete your set!

Quibble Coinbiter also has some new items to offer, including:

  • Bleakwind Rogue armor
  • Bleakwind Hood
  • Bleakwind Locks
  • Interfector Blade
  • Black Mage Hat

And we'll be starting up the New Year Evolution Shop! One new item will be released each day until January 1, 2014, at which point you'll have a chance to get...

Evolved Dark Fiend!

Other goodies include:

  • Evolved Barbaric Blade
  • Evolved Legendary Magma Sword
  • Evolved Phoenix Blade
  • Frost Kingslayer sword
  • Frigid Staff Of The North
  • North Star mace
  • Grievous Affliction sword
  • Cataclysmic Staff
  • Staff of Tribulation

December 27, 2012

Winter Wrap-Up!

The Year Ends But The Fun Continues!

Even though the new years starts early next week, tomorrow is when we are releasing our seasonal New Year's Event, complete with countdown clock and festive New Year Globe!

Alina has whipped up an expansion to the event where you have to help a pair of shunned creatures of the night find a new home and save the world from eternal darkness. As usual, our artists have outdone themselves making rewards that will blow your mind and leave you a drooling heap, flopping mindlessly into the near year like a pudding rolling down the stairs!

We have also just made a small adjustment to the Battlefield map. You can now replay the Quetzal Quests (or Questzals as I call them) as many times as you like, in case you missed some of the great seasonal rares that drop off of the quests. 

If you have already completed the Questzals, just /join Battlefiend and his the Replay Quests button. If you have NOT yet completed the Questzals then you're making a big mistake. People will be talking about this Frostval event for years to come and you will want to say "I was there when they released that. I saved the world in 2012."

Time Marches On

We have been doing a LOT in recent weeks to completely restructure the game, the way the database calls happen and re-arranging and even adding new threads for more efficient data flow. We still have a LOT of work to do in the weeks to come but rest assured that we are on the frontlines of the War On Lag. 

The Limited Quantity Shops have been a lot of fun for our collectiors who like to know that they have one of only 9,000 items of that kind in the game but after trying new ways of handling it every time, we've come to the conclusion that (unless we make some REALLY dramatic changes) we just can't keep them up. The currently availible LQS will be the last one. 

As soon as next year begins, we are planning on kicking off the new Chaos Story Zone.... Thunderforge. In this area you will learn a lot more about Chaos and those who wield it for their own gains and the next of Drakath's Lords of Chaos has a farmiliar face. 

Happy Holidays

This season is a time for giving but that means more than just presents. Sometimes it means just giving a little bit of your time to the people who wish we all had more time to spend together. We loved making the Frostval event for you but we also loved taking a few days off and spending them with out friends and families. We hope that no matter where you are, who you are or what you believe... you got to take a bit of the Frostval Spirit with you into the real world and share it with the people that you care about. 

Heres to you having a great holiday season and an even better new year! 

...or else.


December 26, 2012

Friday is Lore's New Year

Save the Sun or the New Year will Never Come!

When the Nocturan Creed, guardians of the night, learn that a young werepyre and the vampire he loves must flee their homes and need sanctuary, they work to ensure that the sun will not harm them, no matter where in Lore they run. But HOW they plan to do that could threaten the survival of everything you know...

Aku of the Nocturan Creed and Etain of the Lumina Votari

Because the Lumina Votari, protectors of the day, have received word that the Creed plans to plunge the world into permanent darkness. Battle through Darkovia and other lands to unravel the truth and ensure that the sun will rise on New Year’s morning!

The Dark Sun Armor will be available from Etain this Friday!

The Last Limited Quantity Shop!

Talk to Khuddar Khamundi in Battleon (he's the shady-looking Black Market dealer) for your last chance to get all of the gear in the Limited Quantity Shop. This is the last LQS we ever plan on releasing and will be available in-game for around 1 more week, but after that, it will NEVER return!

Apocalyptic Warrior sets!

You can still get the Apolcalyptic Warrior armors, the Prismatic SnowStalker Armor, the Zard Rider Armor, Apocalyptic Bunker House and more... but not for long! 

Post-Apocalyptic Bunker House!

In the future, we'll be doing more Limited Time Shops instead of the Limited Quantity Shops, so you rare hunters will still have a chance to get the exclusive gear you want! 

Sword of the Legion Shop Arrives Friday!

If you were held on to the Sword of the Legion Dage released in this past Summer's Evil War, then you've got a dark gift coming this Friday! Talk to Dage in Shadowfall to open the sword's shop! 

Undead Champion Prime Armor Awaits!

The items he sells will require the following:

  • UndeadChampionPrime: Sword of the Legion, 200 Legion Tokens, 0 gold
  • Quintenii's Legion DrowBlade: Sword of the Legion, 100 Legion Tokens,  100,000 gold,  LvL 30
  • Quintenii's Skull Daggers: Sword of the Legion, 100 Legion Tokens,   100,000 gold,  LvL 30
  • Hawk Blackwell's Legion Axe: Sword of the Legion, 150 Legion Tokens,   100,000 gold,    LvL 30

To acquire each of these items, you will  need much dedication and MANY victories in battle! Good luck!

New Base Class Art on the Horizon!

Dage is working feverishly from the SouthWestern Secret Lab Annex on the Base Class and Verification Shop art re-vamps! The new Verification Shop art will launch this week, but until he's got a preview of that ready, take a look at how epic the new base classes will look!

These will go live NEXT week!*

You will be able to get these new looks without creating a character; they'll be sold in Battleon. And if you liked the blue version of the Healer Class art instead of the red, never fear, you'll be able to get THAT, too!

And as we mentioned last week, we will ALSO be restructuring Battleon itself. Let us know on the forums and Twitter what you'd like to see in the new town!

* We haven't forgotten about the reward version of Chronomancer Chaos Lord Iadoa's armor! That will come in early January, once Dage finishes these revamps he's working on.

Thank You for Being Awesome in 2012!

We hope you're having a fantastic holiday with your family and friends! Thank you for battling alongside us throughout 2012,and for supporting us with through purchasing Memberships and AdventureCoins! We hope you'll be there with us as we work to make 2013 the most explosive year in AQWorlds' history!


January 01, 2011

DING! The World Leveled Up!

The World Is Now Level 2011!

You have probably already noticed but the Gift Boxes have opened!

Tinsel's gifts to the non-members appear to be a Snowman Armor and mathcing helm. It's the perfect Frostval disguise for those of who love the snowball fight room!

The member gifts from the BIG RED BAG appear to be the EVOLVED CLAWSUIT SET! Complete with helm (bearded and non for you smooth faced types), Sword and matching cape!

The Suit itself has undergone some significant changes. Gone is the heafty, jolly ClawSuit Class from yesteryear. This is a new sleek look intended to put the fear of Santa into the naughty!

The Skills have undergone as much of a change as the look. You can look forward to several ALL NEW SKILLS for this class, but we kept true to the original ClawSuit and left the top shelf skill exactly the same. You can use your Naughty Skill for more damage, your Nice Skill for more self-heals and the Check the List skill to bring it on home, consuming your Naughty or Nice stacks for additional effects!

Beleen will have a skill write up for you guys by tomorrow at the lastest but the hardcore grinders will already have unlocked the skills AND mastered using the class to the best of it's ability.

The Gifts will stay where they are until the end of the week but the folks that get them NOW don't get the sheer joy of waiting to unwrap those mystery gifts.

Some of you may have noticed the "DJ Lance Rock" class on my character page. I just put that there to mess with you.

Don't you just love surprises?!

Happy Frostval, everyone and have a great new year!


December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hellooooooo 2011!

Lim has returned to the frozen north to help is close out 2010 with a BANG! Literally.

Well, that's what he INTENDED but once again he can't get his science all in one bucket and he needs your help to stop the ever hungry Icemaster Yeti from munching on this gizmos and doo-dads.

If you completed the quest last year you'll need to do them all over again this year to unlock Lim's New Year's Shop, but this isn't the same old shop as last year...

I mean, sure it's got all the same items as last year to help you ring in the new year in style and something like class, But we've more than DOUBLED the number of items availble to you, including 2 brand new armors sets with matching weapons and all new 2011 themed weapons, which will go RARE as soon as the event closes... because New Year's Eve 2010-2011 only happens once.

Quibble has also recieved his last items of 2010, Skyline's Moglin Defender set. It's a whole new take on the furry, little things re-rmagined in steel plate and shiny gold! There's even a matching pet!

Quibble WILL be leaving NEXT FRIDAY (finally). I really hope everyone who got ACs or Battleon Points has gotten everything they want out of the overloaded little moglin. We'll be sad to see him go but look forward to his return. I wonder what he's going to bring next time?


Lim's House Item Shop

After completing Lim's Quests you will also be able to open his House shop which contains only two items but two very SPECIAL house items.

The Jukebox item that will allow you to make everyone in your house dance but it only works for the owner of the house. Just click it and watch everyone get down wit they bad selves.

You'll also find the Golden Boot Plaque. This unique item will allow the owner of the house to select an unwanted guest and give them the BOOT. Before they know it, your party crasher will land in Battleon and they won't lnow what hit them!

This is your FIRST chance to get these items but you WILL be able to get them in the future!

Frostscythe Item Buff

DragonMaster Frostscythe is recieving the  new items as promised today, as a thank you to the members for allowing the non-members to play in your Frost area. Miltonius has worked all week on these new items including a Frostscythe Axe, Frostscythe Mace and Shield combo item, Frostscythe Daggers, Frostscythe's cloak and even a mini-Frostscythe pet!

Frostval Keep On Moving!

You guys have made this the best Frostval yet for us and we'll be a little sad to see it end but it's not over yet! You still have a week before the road to Frostvale closes again for another entire year. Drink your MogNog, Sing with your friends by the fire and be merry! All good things must come to an end. uh... Next Week.

We hope you guys have all had a great holiday. We all took a little time out of insane production schedule to spend some time with our friends, family and loved ones but we CAN'T WAIT to get back to work on all new AQW adventures in the new year.

We plan on making 2011 our best year yet! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


December 27, 2010

Last Release Of The Year

And What A Year It's Been!

  • We started with the end of Yokai and the Kitsune battle.
  • Groundhorc's Day!
  • The return of the Superbowl Halftime Shop!
  • Darkovia!
  • Darkovia Brawl PVP map!
  • PVP rewards!
  • Heroes Heart Day!
  • Chinese New Year and the first AC non-member pet the White Chibi Tiger!
  • Pancake Day... yeah, that really happened!
  • PTR Shop!
  • The Shamrock Fair!
  • The amazing AQW Wiki's first Birthday!
  • Suffered through a LOT of Facebook and Twitter fakes!
  • The release and eventual repair of Miltonius' Secret area!
  • Grenwog and the Choco-Bunny which would change shape for EVERYONE!
  • Member Only Twilight Zone expanded!
  • Member Only PTR testing of the new engine!
  • April Fools gag, where EVERYONE (except us) got a gold name!

  • 8 Track Day and Disco Stoopid!
  • PTR engine release, finally got STATS in AQW!
  • The Rixty Ripper!
  • The Portal Site and Master Accounts!
  • Planet Day and Captain Lore!
  • Mythsong & Chaos Lord Discordia!
  • Started adding music to most weekly releases!
  • One-Eyed Doll and our awesome LIVE event!
  • NEW CLASSES, more than I can even list here!
  • Return of Cinco De Mayo seasonal shop!
  • Return of the Mother's Day seasonal shop!
  • I got married!
  • J6 began his amazing zone!
  • TONS of awesome contests like the Art contest & Music contest!
  • The Member-Only Hollowsoul Castle zone & expansion!
  • The birth of HeroMart and all the Calendar craziness which is STILL happening!
  • The GIANT SIZED quest chain!
  • DragonCon, MetroCon * ShadoCon!
  • Rolith and Alina got engaged!
  • The J6 LIVE DRAW event where you watched and helped J6 draw a brand new weapon!
  • Friday the 13th featuring George Lowe!

  • Beleen's Stupid Derp Fish
  • Korin got married!
  • Arcangrove and Chaos Lord Ledgermayne!
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  • Taco Day!
  • The Obridgado Brasil shop!
  • The addition of Dage The Evil, Skyline, Yorumi, & Stratos to AQW staff!
  • 2nd UPHOLDERS!
  • AQW's 2nd Birthday Event featuring Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton!

  • The rerelease of the Canadian Thanksgiving seasonal shop!
  • Mogloween!
  • Quibble visits and brings some great AC items and rares!
  • Member only ALPHA testing for our new MMO, HeroSmash!
  • Battleon Games again becomes a Platinum Sponsor of Child's Play! (Thanks!)
  • Cornycopia!
  • I hit the BIG RED BUTTON and turn off the entire game. Smooth move, me!

  • Frostval (still going on!)

I'm sure I missed some stuff, and sorry for that, but I could keep writing this post all day!

Thanks to everyone for making this AQW BEST YEAR YET! Special Thank You to the Members for keeping us going. I know that not everyone can support the game with a membership, and every AC, AExtra and ad helps keep AQW running but Members are really the fires that keep the AQW engine running and we are SO grateful for your support. We promise to keep AQW Memberships the best value in gaming, keep listening to your ideas and suggestions and try to get as many of them in the game when and where we are able!

So What About This Week?

This week, we've got the return of the New Year's event with Icemaster Yeti and Lim! We will be re-releasing as many of the new-year's seasonal rares as makes sense (the 2010 New Year's Hat would NOT make sense) but we're also adding LOTS of brand new items!

House Items that DO STUFF!

Yorumi has been working his code magic and we're going to try and release a few MEMBER ONLY house items in the New Year's release! These items will ONLY work for the owner of the house. One will make everyone in the house dance, one will allow you to kick unwanted guests back to Battleon and if we can get it working we will add an item that will lock everyone out of your house except you and the people on your Friend's List (and mods, of course).

Speaking Of Members...

As promised, to make up for having to unlock Frostscythe for all players, we will be adding several new MEMBER ONLY seasonal rares to Frostscythe.

Speaking Of Adding Items...

I did say that Quibble would be staying until the new year and this Friday is still in 2010 so you will STILL be able to get his items for this week AND Next week. Quibble is leaving NEXT Friday, but THIS Friday we will be adding a few MORE new items! 

If he doesn't sell his entore stock he's going to break his spine carrying those items out of town after new year.

Speaking Of The New Year...

This Saturday is January 1st, 2011... that means that all the gift boxes from Tinsel and the Big Red Bag in Battleon will open sometime on Saturday, the day after this week's release. It could happen at ANY TIME during Saturday (based on the server clock, which is Eastern Time) so don't bother flooding the forums and my Twitter with "What Time Do They Open?!".

However, It's perfectly fine to flood Beleen's Twitter! Heh.


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS! 

 Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free BattleOn Games Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!

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