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October 01, 2010

Tonight’s Release is LIVE!

and far too much is going on that I am incapable of coming up with a clever, convenient subheader that would encompass everything that will be launched tonight and in the upcoming days.

Look at that. It’s October 1st! Yaknow what that means?

Upholders Rule
Awww yeah! 2nd Upholder! If you are already a Member and your Membership expires on or after November 3rd, 2010, then you are ALREADY a 2nd Upholder. Yaaay, congrats!

But if you help support AQW by buying ANY membership ANY TIME during the month of October (from today, October 1st to November 2nd) then you will become a 2nd Upholder! Your awesomeness will be displayed as a new badge on your Character Page, in your book of Lore, and it will unlock a super-special-uber-rare item: the Onyx Starsword! Help support your favorite MMO and in the process gain some serious bragging rights… and the epic everybody-wants-one Onyx Starsword (that is marked as an AC item, which means you can store that bad boy in your bank for FREE and FOREVER)!

So this means even if you buy a 1 Month Memebership today, you WILL become a 2nd Upholder =D

Since this blurbie is already going to be long enough, you can read more about 2nd Upholders on Cysero’s pink-free Design Notes post!

Arcangrove Expanded: Mount Mafic

You have almost completed the Supreme Arcane Staff! Only one more piece to go… and the final part resides deep within the volcanic region of Mount Mafic.


As one of the most dangerous and powerful places on Lore, Mount Mafic is the plane between magic and natural phenomenon. Magma Golems, Scoria Serpents, Living Fires and Volcanic Maggots have thrived on the volcano since the dawn of time, protecting the FINAL piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff: the Chaos Focus Gem!

You and your buddies will have to solve the volcano’s tricky lava-bridge puzzle if you hope to obtain such a relic (and quite possibly have to fight the Boss when you get to the other side). The puzzle consists of 6 different Magic Orbs that require a distinct pattern in order to lower the bridges.

Mafic Orbs

If you need help figuring it out (like I did… many times over…) the 4th tunnel when you’re inside Mount Mafic has a floating green orb that you can click and it’ll give you much needed hints on how to solve this insane puzzle! A pencil and paper might be helpful as well ^____^

The monsters here are also loaded with an eruption of BRAND NEW items. And, clearly, since I haven’t given you enough to read already, it would be my honor to list them all for you!

Magma Armor

  • Magma Armor
  • Lava Snake Pet
  • Hot Head Helm
  • Wings of Tephra
  • Mafic Wings
  • Axe of Holocene
  • Dual Fumarolic Axes
  • Vulcan’s Might
  • Dacite Daggers
  • Red Hot Flamberge
  • And, of course, a Fire Extinguisher hidden in a secret place (and no, we didn’t tell Artix so there is NO CHANCE at him blabbing. Wahahha!)

Shaman Class and Spellbreaker Enhancements

Finally! A new NON-MEMBER Class! I did a great big DN post earlier this morning (actually it was really really late in the evening for me) that will enlighten you on the Shaman’s abilities and whatnot. But I didn’t have a picture of the Class since, well, we didn’t finish the art ‘til just now!


Color Customizable! Need I say more? …uh yeah!

Shammys require a Rank 10 Reputation with Arcangrove. Don’t have enough Rep? Mount Mafic offers 4 new quests that will help you reach Rank 10 Rep if you haven’t already maxed it out. You can get this new Class by speaking to Rayst, who is also offering Spellbreaker Enhancements.

This entire set of new enhancements increases your Intellect, Dexterity, Endurance, and Luck when applied to your Class, Cape, Helm, and Weapon. Since Shamans rely heavily on these four Stats, there’s a pretty good chance that you will want to invest in Spellbreaker Enhs.

But you don’t have to. Customizing your character with an array of different Enhancements is part of the fun! Play around with different Stat builds and see which one best works for you! (and then let me know about it so that I can copy you)

AQWorlds’ Second Birthday Bash—Next Week!

On the crazy date of 10/10/10, AQWorlds is turning 2 years old! Last year, the world was flipped on its head as millions of players became Undead and seized Liongfang's castle to save the AE Team… but that is all in the past. THIS YEAR, things will become even CrAzIeR as we do a weekend long special event with musical guests Paul & Storm and a special cameo appearance by Jonathan Coulton! Lore is going to flip inside-out as.... *mmfuufmfmmm* SORRY FOLKS! That part is a secret… for now… until Artix slips-up and unleashes the mightiest spoiler of all time….

Tacos Rule!

On Monday, October 4th, we are celebrating National Taco Day! Artix was sooo excited about this, um, “holiday”, that Dage the Evil took it upon himself to make some totally taco-licious gear. So this Monday, there will be a giant Taco in Battleon selling the Tacobender Helm, Destructo-Tacos, Taco Admiral Helm (Male and Female versions), and the Tacomancer Armor, available for everyone who completes the giant Taco’s outrageous quest.

Tacos Rule
Yeah. We’re a little weird, just in case you haven’t figured that one out yet.

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