Design Notes

May 02, 2012

Dage The Evils Live Draw!

Just A Quick Reminder!

Today, in about one hour (at 4:00 PM Server Time) the Stream Map will open and Dage The Evil will begin the last of our string of AE Artist Live Draws!

If you have never been to a Live Draw, all you do is /join the Stream map and click the START SHOW button. It will open up a video window right inside the game where you can watch as Dage does a drawing from scratch just for you! You get to watch it take shape right before your eyes AND we will take what he draws and make an in-game item out of it.

I will be taking questions for Dage from my Twitter and from the Forum Thread that pops up fpor this DNs post.

See you there!


April 18, 2012

Thyton Live Draw TODAY!

Master Ninja and Lead Combat Artist

We will continuing our 5 weeks of AE Artist Live Draw sessions with Thyton a little later today.

Thyton came to work for AE not long after I did. He was one of the core developers for DragonFable once it was launched and one of the few AE staff members who have been around long enough to remember what it's like working off of Artix's kitchen table, when the Underground lab was just a dream.

Thyton is currently the artistic director for the upcoming AQ3D project but still lends his talents to DF, MQ and any other game project which require his skills.

As I write this it is 9:22 AM.

Around 4:00 PM Server Time we will open the live draw map again and you will be able to watch as Thyton goes through his process. You can check the current server time at any time by looking in the OPTIONS menu inside AQW. (see above)

If you have a question for him I'll be taking a selection from the AQW FORUMS and my own Twitter account. He'll need his hands to show you his craft so I will be feeding him some of your best questions and broadcasting his answers and protips in the game.

See you there!


Be sure to check out NightWraith (from Epic Duel)'s Design Notes post on his trip to the PAX East conference in Boston! It's an epic convention geared solely towards gamers.

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