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April 16, 2015

Feed Your Fear This Weekend

Upgrade to Battle Through the Nightmare Realm!

Battle through the Land of Dreams and Nightmares in the ultimate test of courage! Face your fears, fight to stay alive, and learn who sent you on this deadly - and mysterious - quest. JUST as you arrive at the Phoenixrise Gate... Memet the Nightmare Moglin appears! She's got a terrifying test for Legends this weekend... all to satisfy a mysterious stranger and their need to know more about YOU!

free rpg mmo nightmare battles

Legends can /join nightmare to begin the Nightmare Gauntlet. Face some of the most horrifying fears Memet can through at you:

  • Clowns
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • Heights
  • and more!

Note: you'll need to have completed the Legend-only Brimstone release to begin Memet's trials. If you're all up to date, /join nightmare and talk to Memet, then watch the first cutscene to begin!

free rpg mmo nightmare rewards

Find horrifyingly-cool gear in Memet's shop, plus some nightmarish item drops from monsters inside the Gauntlet! 

The Vaderix Have Attacked the Guardiant Tower!

ALL heroes can /join comet tonight and battle the Vaderix! This invader (and its spawn) rode the comet that struck Battleon's Guardian Tower on Monday. Take on the Vaderix in this first encounter with a nightmarish new species of monster!

The Vaderix has a chance to drop its armor, helm, and cape for heroes brave enough to battle it!

Don't miss any of this weekend's other exciting releases:

What are YOU most afraid to face in this weekend's release? Tell us on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, and the forums!


April 14, 2015

Face Your Fears This Friday

Legend-only Nightmare Realm Story Release!

JUST as you arrive at the Phoenixrise Gate... Memet the Nightmare Moglin appears! She's got a terrifying test for Legends this Friday... all to satisfy a mysterious stranger and their need to know more about YOU!

free rpg mmo

This Friday, Legends can /join nightmare to begin the Nightmare Gauntlet. Face some of the most horrifying fears Memet can through at you:

  • Clowns
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • Heights
  • and more!

We asked you guys and the other AE team members what their worst fears were, then we worked those into this release! 

Our Fears and yours... O_O

Everyone's afraid of something. Failure, germs, their mother... whatever it is, it takes a strong person to face their fear and trample over it until it can't hurt them anymore.

  • Dolls: When I was little, I used to have this recurring nightmare about an army of dolls with weapons marching into my room. I would always wake up right before they attacked, so in THIS week's release, if you beat the dolls, something wicked-awesome happens. Take THAT, you porcelein horror-beasts!
  • Tiny holes: We WERE going to have you battle Trypophobia: the fear of small holes. Memet (the staff member) wanted a room FILLED with small holes, lotus blossoms, and eyes where eyes should not be. But yesterday, when I was checking in on J6 (our lead background artist) and his progress on the map art... he made a request he's NEVER asked for before: "Can we get someone else to tackle Trypophobia?  It genuinely grosses me out. I stopped at the research phase. Couldn't even continue."

So I got revenge against my nightmare of the past, J6 learned he's afraid of tiny little holes, and we have a NEW plan for the 6th fear: needles. This is probably for the best, as the the picures of lotus seeds on skin are REALLY gross. 

What are YOU most afraid to face in this week's release? Tell us on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, and the forums!


July 26, 2013

Break the Guild Cities!

Upgrade to help test Guilds Phase II: Guilds Cities!

When the world is falling to Chaos, it helps to have a few Good (or Evil) companions to battle alongside you... and THAT is why we introduced the Guilds system late last year! But every Guild needs a base to call home, headquarters to plan from and hang out in. So we built a way for YOU to build your Guild a City!

Fantasy Game Guild CityLink the first frame of your Guild City to many more!

Yorumi has been HARD at work on Guilds Phase II since last September (except when he gets interrupted, which is almost all of the time). Tonight, he's finally ready to release the Private Test Realm on Evil Sir Ver!

Guilds Phase II: Guild Cities Breakdown

Read on to learn what the Guilds Phase II: Guild Cities Private Test Realm is all about, and get ready to BREAK ALL THE THINGS (in your Guild City. Don't break the rest of the game)!

  • Legends can join the Private Test Realm server on Evil Sir Ver to begin testing – and BREAKING – the new Guild Cities functionality.
    • This is the Alpha release of Guilds Phase II: Guild Cities, and we need your help breaking it to make it AWESOME!
    • More functionality and bug fixes will continue to be added to the Guilds PTR in the coming weeks.
    • Report all bugs to the Bug Tracker at!

Fantasy Game Guild CityLife's a beach, so build a Guild Hall on it!

  • Guild Cities and Halls WILL break, Yorumi WILL fix them
  • Guild Leaders can /join GuildHall to create the first plot of land in your Guild City!
  • During the PTR, Guild Leaders and Officers can expand their Guild City buy purchasing more plots of  land for gold. When Guild Cities release to all servers, those extra areas will cost AdventureCoins.
  • Each area of the City has a customizable path which allows the Guild Leader and Guild Officers to connect extra plots of land to it.
  • All Guild Members (Leaders, Officers, and Recruits) are allowed to buy buildings for their Guild City.

    Fantasy Game Guild CityThings are heating up in THIS Guild City!

  • All Guild Items (Buildings, plots of land, Guild Hall decorations, etc) remain with the Guild Member if they leave the Guild.
    • Guild Leaders can place Guild Items owned by their Guild Members, but will lose access to those items if the Guild Member leaves the Guild.
  • During the PTR, Guild Cities may be reset, but Guild Members will not lose any items they’ve purchased.
  • Ownership of a Guild cannot be transferred. Officers can continue to run the Guild, or it can be disbanded and recreated with a new Leader.

Fantasy Game Guild CityA peaceful town... until Guilds Phase III: GvG!

  • Guild Leaders can view the Guild Inventories of their Guild Members. (Guild Leader ability only.)
  • /Guildreset – only Guild Leader can use, resets Guild back to nothing. We're not sure what will happen... so if you do it, log and and back in to see what happens!
  • Leaders and Officers can buy, place anything. Recruits can only buy and use shop items, cannot place them.
  • May be some lag when clearing Guild Hall. Lag on PTR is NOT a bug, it is a test!
  • If something appears to break in your city, 1st log out, then re-log in and check your Hall.

Fantasy Game Guild CityThis is the COOLEST Guild City!

  • Testing parameters:
    • Try to connect Guild Hall paths in as many ways as possible.
    • If it breaks, try to re-create the problem. (Make it happen AGAIN!)
    • If you /join guildhall and your character disappears, it’s broken! Relog and try again.
    • When things break, tell us about it on the Bug Tracker with AS MANY DETAILS as possible!

Fantasy Game Guild CityG-ARRRRR-d your Guild Hall!

  • Aiming to release next week:
    • Decorating the insides of your Guild City buildings
    • Purchase NPCs for your Guild City with Guild-member exclusive shops and functionality
      • Anything you can currently do by talking to an NPC in the rest of the game, we can do with Guild NPCs!
    • Guilds Phase II: Guild Cities PTR rewards:
      • Guild City Founder Trophy! Show to all visitors that your Guild City was one of the first ever created!
      • Guild Hall Founder Shop! Exclusive Guild Hall decorations!

Remember: Please help us keep all the bug reports in one place. Post ALL Guild City bugs to the Bug Tracker at!

Fantasy Game Guild City TrophyBe one of the first to found your Guild City!

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