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March 18, 2015

Front and Centaur!

1st-of-its-kind: 4-legged Centaur Morph arrives Friday

WOAH Nellie! That up there… that’s not a typo, is it? ‘Cuz like… AQWorlds has NEVER had an entire armor MORPH before… *looks over to Memet* Is a Centaur Armor Morph REALLY arriving this Friday, March 20th!?

centaur morph in online mmo rpg adventure quest worlds

Yeehaw!! It sure is!!!! But hold your horses heroes, because one does not simply rock the Centaur morph. Here’s the lowdown on how you can giddy up as Lore’s first-ever four-legged legend!

Centaur Tier Package Details

Starting this Friday, March 20, 2015, at 6:00pm EST (server time), when you upgrade with ANY Legend membership package, you will unlock an assortment of Centaur Armors, Helms, Capes, Weapons, and/or Pets.

The more months you upgrade, the more goodies you get—and the more money you save!

12 month upgrade package: 12 items

Our best offer is your best bet for becoming the best Centaur in all of Lore! Note that the names below are subject to change (because ‘Weapon 2 with Mega Bonus’ just doesn’t do it enough justice!).

  • Centaur Lord Armor
  • Centaur Barbarian Guard armor
  • 2 Centaur Helms 
  • 2 Barbarian Guard Helms 
  • 2 Capes 
  • 1 Weapon
  • Centaur Kin Pet
  • Weapon 2 (with mega bonus)*
  • Weapon 3 (dual wield version)*
  • Centaur Kin Battle Pet*

* Exclusively exclusive to the 12 month package only

6 month upgrade package: 10 items

  • Centaur Lord Armor
  • Centaur Barbarian Guard armor
  • 2 Centaur Helms
  • 2 Barbarian Guard Helms 
  • 2 Capes 
  • 1 Weapon
  • Centaur Kin Pet 

3 month upgrade package: 7 items

  • Centaur Lord Armor
  • 2 Centaur Helms 
  • 2 Capes 
  • 1 Weapon
  • Centaur Kin Pet

1 month upgrade package: 4 items

  • Centaur Lord Armor
  • 1 Helm Centaur Helm
  • 1 Cape 
  • 1 Weapon

I certainly hope these spoilers tickled your fancy (um, are Centaurs ticklish?), and everyone here at Artix Entertainment cannot wait to see screenshots of you and your friends galloping throughout Lore this Friday night!

Giddy Up and Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D 


January 08, 2015

Legend Only Balance Test

Help Make Eagles Reach BattleGrounds the BEST Place To Train

Legends: help us make the Eagles Reach Battlegrounds the BEST place in AQWorlds for heroes of all levels to rank up and farm XP! /Join Eaglesreach today at to help with balance testing on Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver!

free mmo battle train rep XP 

Please send any balance feedback you have to Alina or Reens on Twitter! Here's what we're looking for:

  • If specific monsters and their HP or damage need to be harder or easier (list name and map)
  • If rewards need to be increased or nerfed
  • Any other changes you think would help make this the best place in AQWorlds to train!

November 12, 2013

Attention Legends of Lore:

The Skyguard Army Needs YOU!

Are you looking to meet friends in high places? Do you wish to be a whirled wide traveler? Do you crave power, glory, honor… and GOLD?! Things will start looking up once you join King Alteon’s Skyguard Army!

Skyguard Army in online fantasy game

All hands on deck! Captain Stratos is looking for brave and fearless Legends to join the elite Skyguard Army. If you’re a Legend—and aren’t afraid of heights or Draconian Sky Pirates—then /join airship and begin your Skyguard training.

Assassin655 and friends battle Sky Pirates

The Skyguards patrol the skies looking for signs of danger. After seeing the threat Sepulchure's flying fortress made, Alteon saw fit to create a group of kings that could combat him anywhere.

Greating and the Skyguards

That's where the Skyguards come in—able to go anywhere and attack from anywhere. No evil, no chaos, and no Sky Pirate is safe from the Skyguards!

Paladin Adam fights Sky Pirates

Prove your worth to Stratos by defeating Draconian Sky Pirates along with their master, Gladius, on the airship. Then, fly on over to the floating Skyguard Port and meet your fellow troopers:

  • Alexia, Skyguard Pet Vendor
  • Barnestable, Hair Shop Artiste
  • Dreamweaver, Mistress of Dreams
  • Fairfax, Weapon-seller
  • Invidia, Recruit Assistant to Captain Straots
  • Wells, Bank Vendor

Help them achieve their quests, be awarded handsomely, and you will be ready for the renowned Skyguard Academy.

Nvandiver12 and the Skyguards Airport

What wonders will you learn at the Skyguard Academy? They say that knowledge is power… so buff your INT stats and get ready for your next Skyguard adventures!

King Opus and Luna defeat Chaos together!

…there’s even MORE Skyguard adventures? OH YES. This is only the beginning, intrepid Skyguard sergeant! We look forward to your service in:

  • Strategy Depot
  • High Command
  • Pirate Base
  • Dream Maze
  • Bunker
  • and Anders’ Loss

Will you heed the call of the Skyguards? Lore needs YOU… the Skyguard needs YOU… and should you prove your allegiance to the Skyguard, YOU will become the Skyguard Grenadier Class!

Skyguard Grenadier Class in online adventure game AdventureQuest Worlds

Join the Skyguard army today by /join airship! And if you’re not a Legend already… click here to Upgrade AND then join the Skyguards!

Battle on and up in the skies, hero!

xoxo Beleen


July 19, 2013

Our Heroes: AQW Legends

Unlock the Legendary Hero Class when you Upgrade!

Since AdventureQuest Worlds began in 2008, we have always called our upgraded players "Members." That's pretty easy to understand, because they buy memberships to unlock exclusive gear, content, and bonus extras (like server boosts) ... AND help keep the servers running (and the developers fed)!

Get 15% MORE Class Points and REP all weekend!

Without the support they give the game, we would not be able to stay online or allow free players to enjoy the full main storyline and unlimited access to our servers. That's why we keep releasing new gear, storylines, and challenge fights that only they can access.

Unlock exclusive content when you upgrade!

But earlier this year, we stopped and thought to ourselves... "Hunh. All of our other games have AWESOME names for their upgraded players. We should, too!" As one of my Twitter followers put it, "Member sounds like something you become at Sam's Club." And he was right. So a couple months ago, we started preparing to make the change...

From Member to Legend!

From now on, we will begin referring to our upgraded players as Legends. You'll also hear AQW Legends, Legends of Lore, and Legendary Heroes. Why did we make the change? Because you haven't signed up for a book club... you are here to SAVE THE WORLD! And you need a name that reflects that.

Pictured: YOU! Our Legendary Hero!

That's why we created the Legendary Hero Class! Legendary Heroes favor Strength to guard their allies and Endurance to stay alive. Legendary Heroes gain mana when they: Strike an enemy in combat or are struck by an enemy in combat! So you know that no matter what happens in battle, you've got a way to regain the mana you need to demolish your opponents!

How To Get the Legendary Hero Class!

If you currently have an active upgraded account, then talk to Ragnar in Battleon (he's wearing the Class armor!) to open the Legend-Only Legendary Hero Class Shop! NEXT week, anyone who has EVER upgraded their account will find the Legendary Hero badge in their Book of Lore and can access the 0 AC Class AND armor from that shop!

Upgrade from the in-game payment window, on the web, or through the Portal.

Guide to Naming to AQW Heroes!

So... what will all the different types of players be called now?

  • Upgraded players: Legends
  • Upgraded players (active or in the past) and AC purchasers: "our supporters"* 
  • Free players: either "free players" or "heroes"**

* We've used this term since AQW started, and it won't change.
** We will not be using the term "non-Legends"

Thank you, Legends of Lore!

On behalf of the AQWorlds team and the rest of the Artix Entertainment family, I want to thank you for supporting us by purchasing Upgrades and AdventureCoins. I get to go to an AMAZING job each day, working with people who have become more than friends... and it's all because YOU support AQW. 

Fantasy game heroesA.Q.Double-YOU!

We hope you enjoy the Legendary Hero Class (and all the other Legend-only perks!) because we couldn't keep making AQWorlds without your support! We are so grateful you've battled alongside us through the crazy-awesome releases of 2013, and we can't wait to begin the next Chaos Saga with your help!

So get ready for a Chaotic ride, because whispers are flying, and over the coming weeks, the beginning of the end of the Chaos Saga will start. The 12th Chaos Lord is almost ready to strike... and Drakath is keeping a close eye on you, Hero!

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