Design Notes

November 17, 2015

Infinity Knight Class Skills

Control Space and Time as an Infinity Knight!

Infinity Knight class is here! Once called Chrono Champion before the name was changed, Infinity Knight is ready to alter time itself! Only available for one year until gone forever! So get your Infinity Knight with the new 2016 Guardians Calendar from HeroMart before it’s gone! If haven’t got the Class yet, check out the skills below!

How to Get the Class?

Only available by buying the 2016 "Year of the Guardians" Calendar from HeroMart!

Once you've purchased the calendar and redeemed your code:

  1. Log into AdventureQuest Worlds
  2. Open your Book of Lore and find the 2016 Calendar badge in your "Heromart" badges section
  3. Open the Infinity Knight Class shop
  4. Get the Class, equip it, and get battling!
  5. Equip the Infinity Knight pet and complete its quest to unlock the rest of the accessories that come with the class!

Infinity Knight to other Chronos

Heya guys it’s Sync. First off, I want to thank Arklen for helping me create this Class. He’s a cool guy and I had fun creating this Class with him. Now let's talk about Infinity Knight, this isn’t your traditional Chrono. This is a DoT based Chrono, first of it’s kind ever. I wanted to do something new. Your nuke is in a DoT based form instead of on hit damage. This Class has over triple the stacking capability than the other Chronos have. Meaning you can get more constant damage than the bursty Chronos. Infinity Knight focuses on raw DPS and consistency through your battles. With not a strong early fight, it scales incredibly hard in the later stacks to have one of the highest DPS and sustaining potential in the game.

To read the full skills breakdown, click here!

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