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May 18, 2016

Wish Zereldo a Happy Birthday

The Pirate Mage levels up in real life today!

Zereldo the Pirate Mage, aka Zereldo the AQW Class Designer and all-around doer of stuff, has a birthday in real life today*! To celebrate, we've opened up the /blazebeard and /manacannon maps for you to battle throught... and you'll be able to find the Platinum Pirate Mage armor and helms in the merge shop!

All players can start battling to earn the merge resources for this super-shiny gear. The armor, helms, and both maps will be available for the next two weeks. Then they'll return again in September for the next Talk Like a Pirate Day event!

Wish Zereldo a happy birthday on Twitter or in-game, if you catch him!

Message from Zereldo

Hey everyone it’s Zereldo here and I just want to thank you all for all the birthday wishes and support over the years. I’ve been a volunteer at A.E for over 2 years now and hugely enjoyed it thanks to all of you. Even before that you guys are what motivated me to play a bigger part and help out more in the A.E community. During my time here I have designed over 10 classes and gotten to write an awesome Talk Like a Pirate Day event, as well as having loads of fun along the way. I hope you enjoy the Platinum Pirate Mage armor, it’s the colour you all voted for. Consider it a thank you for everything you’ve helped me to achieve.

* He lives in the future, across the world from the Lab. For us, technically his birthday is tomorrow. For HIM, though, it's today. TIMEY-WIMEY!

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