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January 19, 2015

Za'nar: Ring of Light

Friday: Zack Storch's Guest Author Event Finale!

This Friday, battle through the Tombs of De’ther with the Magi of Za’nar to recover the Ring of Light! The dread dragon Jir'abin seeks vengeance against the Magi of Za’nar, retribution for stealing his power millennia ago. 

free mmo zack storch guest event

After attacking Lore last week, his power is greater than ever before - and he’s on the move to Za’nar to wreak his revenge! Defeat him and use the Ring of Light to raise a shield around Lore to ensure our world and theirs will remain safe from the Void... forever!

Dage's concept art for the Void Defender gear

Za'nar: Impossibility Now in Stores!

You can find Zack's "Za'nar: Impossibility" on Amazon (for the Kindle)Barnes and Noble (for the Nook), and on Kobo RIGHT NOW, or read on to see what the novel's about!

Zack Storch new book fantasy free mmo

Three million years ago, the planetary system of Za’nar’s connection to the Magic-providing Void Plane was failing. To prevent the disappearance of Za'nar, a Magical Link between it and Earth was created. The Link shares much back and forth between the two systems, including their connection to the Void Plane. 

Now, one year after the War and the establishment of a parliamentary monarchy in Za'nar, Earth is in trouble. Sael Ageis, accomplished Magi of Za'nar, meets earthlings Klyde Vance and Fae, and together they find themselves drawn into a three million year old Magical conflict, unlocking secrets about the human race.


January 21, 2015

Meet the Magi with Zack

The stars of Za'nar: Impossibility!

Hello, heroes! I’m Zack Storch! You may have seen me in Battleon last year selling my armor, or on TBS’s reality TV show King of the Nerds. I’m very excited to be sharing my story, Za’nar: Impossibility with all of you! With the Za’nar Void Invasion coming up, I wanted to tell you about some of my characters. They’ll be helping you repel Jir’abin’s attack on Lore! You can learn even more about them in the novel, which is available now!

free mmo guest event zack storch sael
Sael Ageis
Dragon-shifting Wizard and co-leader of the Accord

In her nineteen years of life, Sael Ageis has accomplished a lifetime of accolades fighting in arena combat and when monsters organized during the War that threatened the planets of Za’nar one year ago. Her accomplishments during the War, as well as her father Qion’s political history, earned her a position of co-leadership over the newly founded interplanetary government, the Accord. 

Proud, arrogant and stubborn, she can seem closed off at first and speaks with an odd formality, but cares deeply about Za’nar and the people in her life. A well studied Wizard with the rank of Magi, Sael was able to master a ritual of transformation to take on the form of a Dragon for use in interplanetary flight, and invented swift “Combat Runes” to use her icy attacks more quickly.

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Klyde Vance
Blade Sorcerer of Earth

An eighteen year old man who met Sael while she was on an investigative assignment to Earth. Imaginative and prone to day dreams, learning that his fantasies of magic and aliens were real came as a welcome shock! After having her bring him to Za’nar, he discovered a knack for Blade Sorcery, or intuitive Magic inspired by the use of weapons and objects as channels.

With a new world opened up to him, he’s found himself questioning if anything is impossible. Now he uses conjured weapons to launch shockwaves, make broils of fire and send waves of water at those who would threaten his friends.

free mmo fae zack storch
Hyperactive, Flying Earthling Sorcerer

With a difficult past and no family to rely on, Fae found strength in her best friends Klyde and Tyler. Adopting an upbeat personality has helped her overcome her past, while refusing to use her last name helped her be her own self and put her unhealthy parents behind her.

She has an interest in fencing, which helps hone her reflexes. A brilliant chemistry student, Fae is always positive and smiling, and has a large sweet tooth. She always wished Magic existed, so when Klyde and Sael brought her to Za’nar, she was ready to try and learn! Fae is a powerful Sorcerer, and has an affinity for Darkness Magics.

free mmo zack storch daz acer
Daz Acer
Theatrical Wizard and Elemental Archer

Orphaned at a young age, Daz was adopted by Sael’s father Qion. Sael and Daz have always been close, and studied together at Reald University for High Magic. Extremely confident in composure, Daz has a flair for the theatrical and often thinks of life as a show. When the two-year monster uprising of the War began, he fought alongside Sael to protect the planets of Za’nar.

With the intuitive ability for Light Magics and Healing from birth, Daz also learned the Wizardry and Runes to fight with Elemental arrows, and be well-rounded with other elements.

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Hailing from the small town of Ilis on the heavily forested planet Daram, seventeen year old Rath Halon has simple goals in life: finish school, surpass her father’s social position, have her name recorded in the annals of Magical history for some grand accomplishment or discovery, and become the captain of Vane Rajid’s royal guard--perhaps her goals aren’t so humble!

Rath doesn’t seek an adventurer’s life, but it manages to find her. Expecting to graduate with the rank of Magi at the top of her class, Rath is a very attentive student. She often worries she’s said something wrong and regrets her words, then apologizes or makes an effort to retract them. She fights with her kadjir's, thrown bladed hoops used in Magical ritual that can cloak themselves in Elemental forces like Fire and Lightning.

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At thirty-four years old by Earth years, Zail is the provost of Reald University for High Magic. He often moves his hands when he speaks, and finds humor in small things.

In the worlds of Za’nar, there are two main divisions of Mages: Sorcerers and Wizards. Sorcerers cast Magics with their bodies, while Wizards make use of precisely drawn Runes of Void Energy. At Reald University, Zail and his teachers educate students on the principals and Runes of Magic.

free mmo guest event zack storch
Dragon of Darkness

Having lost strength in a mysterious occurrence three-million years ago, Jir’abin resides on the Void Plane, making plans for his return to Za’nar. By creating his Shades and having them gather Inert Presence, or latent Magical worth held in every being, he seeks to regain his lost power to be able to manifest in Za’nar.

Having become obsessed over the years, he’s willing to do anything to accomplish what he not only sees as a noble goal, but a heroic one.


January 23, 2015

Tonight: Za'nar Event Finale

Guest Author Event with Zack Storch!

In this Friday's event finale, based on characters from Zack Storch's new novel "Za'nar: Impossibility," battle through the Tombs of De’ther with the Magi of Za’nar to recover the Ring of Light! Your goal is to stop the dread dragon Jir'abin; after attacking Lore last week, his power is greater than ever before, and he’s on the move to Za’nar to wreak his revenge. 

free mmo guest event finale

This week, /join zanarlobby to begin the finale:

  • Travel to the Tombs of De'ther to find the Ring of Light
  • Solve the tomb's puzzle and defeat its guardian spirit 
  • Journey to the House of Accord on the planet Xiex to face Jir'abin
  • Defeat him and use the Ring of Light to raise a shield around Lore 

free mmo dragons magic gearPrismatic Dragonrune Mage now available!

It's only by completing this mission that we can ensure our world and theirs will remain safe from the Void... forever!

Za'nar: Impossibility Now Available at Heromart!

Hi, Hero! I'm Zack Storch! I’m here to share my fantasy novel “Za’nar: Impossibility” with you! It’s an interplanetary adventure filled with fast-paced fights, fantastical spells, fearsome monsters and DRAGONS! You can get your own version NOW at Heromart, or through the store links below, and then battle alongside its characters right here!

free mmo rpg zack storch

You can get your own copy of the novel RIGHT NOW at: 

Zack visited Battleon last year when I was competing on TBS's reality TV series "King of the Nerds,” where he brought a Twilly plushie along for the adventure to be his pocket healer! He's excited to share his story “Za’nar: Impossibility” with you, and so are we! 

Dont forget to follow Zack's Void Saga on his website!

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