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December 13, 2011

AE gifts players $27 Million worth of ACs!

Happy Frostval!

Here at Artix Entertainment we are getting into the spirit of the holiday season! It's a time for coming together with friends and family, sharing a bit of warmth, for selflessly remembering other people and giving a hand where you can .... and it's a season of giving. So we want to give you one of your Frostval presents early this year.

An early Frostval Present... coming Friday

So, this year we are kicking off Frostval with the biggest present in Artix Entertainment history. Futhermore, we are giving the gift this Friday to EVERY PERSON who comes with us on our weekly adventures and plays through the world of Lore as it grows.

5 Billion ACs

If you shake the box... it sounds like 5.6 Billion AdventureCoins

This Friday, December 16th, we will be gifting every single AdventureQuest Worlds account 200 free AdventureCoins (ACs)! For no reason other than we want you to to kick off your holidays with a smile. 200 FREE ACs isn't a fortune but when you add up ALL the ACs that we will be giving away, it adds up to about 5.6 Billion (roughly 27.8 MILLION DOLLARS worth) of FREE ACs! It will definately allow you to get one of the awesome rare items being released in this weeks new "Frostvale: Song of the Frozen Heart" storyline.

We would like to thank you and all of the other players for adventuring with us this holiday season. If you wanted to get us something, you can always support the game and our weekly releases by getting more ACs through AExtras or purchasing them. But for THESE 200 ACs there are no strings attached. All you need is an account on AQW! As soon as we bring the servers back up for our Friday release, everyone will be 200 ACs richer!

It's just a little gift to all of you from all of your friends here at Artix Entertainment! Happy Holidays!

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