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April 17, 2013

Magic Has Been Tainted

Discover the Threat in the Center of Lore!

*shudder* .......

*creak* ......


Hundreds of miles below the town of Battleon, cracks race across the face of the crystallized mana core that is Lore’s heart.  The spiderweb of fractures crawls across a surface untouched by man or beast for eons.

The sound dies, and silence reigns once again in the empty chamber surrounding the core. Crystal dust settles to the floor. All is still, and safe… for now.

ArchMage Interrupted

As reverberations from the soundless blast hit his shielded chamber, Warlic’s eyes fly open. Candles ringing the meditation room shake, flames sputtering on unburnt wicks.

He gestures; the fires die. Warlic sits, eyes closed, listening to the silence. He slows his breathing until it matches the thrummm thrummm thrummm of Lore’s heartbeat. 

Stilling his thoughts, maintaining calm, Warlic thrusts his mind – his consciousness – into the network of ley-lines crisscrossing Lore, feeling for anything… out of place.

In the eternity between one breath and the next, he identifies 11 cancers in the veins carrying mana around the world. Sees the rot eating away at key ley-line intersections.

His eyes fly open, and the candles spring to light. In the outer chamber, his familiar springs from its perch, flapping to the forge of the Mad Weaponsmith. Warlic presses his lips together, smiling grimly. It begins. FINALLY, it begins.

He must meet with Cysero NOW. They will need to gather reactions from mages across Lore. Anyone actively drawing on the ley-lines will have felt what he did.

Hundreds of miles below the town of Battleon, a single eye opens...

This week's story is a prologue, hinting at what is to come during the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga! You will not discover EVERYTHING about Lore's mana core tomorrow... but you will journey to the Center of Lore and see many things no Hero has seen in many millennia.

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