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August 08, 2013

All that Glitters… is Guild!

Build your Legendary Guild and take over the AQWorld!

Guilds are one of the best perks of being an Upgraded Legend. As a Legend, you can create your own Guild, invite your friends to join your Guild, and starting this Friday, you will be able to decorate your Guild Halls in our Guilds Phase II release!

Guilds in online adventure game Adventure Quest Worlds

SGT Warchild117 and his Guild
“Exalted Blade Masters” versus Ultimate Binky!

But before we begin on all the new features, let’s refresh ourselves on current Guild information so everyone is up-to-date.

Guilds 101

  • Guilds will have 15 member slots to start with.
  • Guild leaders will be able to buy additional member slots for 200 ACs each.
  • The maximum number of Guild members is 50.
  • We reserve the right to change any inappropriate Guild name.

Guild Commands

  • /gc name, is create guild
  • /gi name, is invite
  • /gr name is remove
  • /gp name is promote
  • /gd name is demote
  • /g triggers guild chat
  • /say turns guild chat off
  • /guild will bring up the list of guild members and what server they're on (coming soon!)
  • /motd alone is the guild message of the day
  • /motd some message, sets a new one if you have enough rank to use that command

Guild Rankings

  • Rank 3: Guild Leader
  • Rank 2: Guild Officer (Most of the privileges of the GL, can't kick GL)
  • Rank 1: Guild Member
  • Rank 0: Guild Duffer (Revokes Guild Chat, player still a Guild Member)

Guilds Phase II—Friday Night Release

When you go to your Guild, you will be able to customize your Guild Hall in anyway you’d like by adding Buildings and Paths!

Enter Screen of Guild Hall

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see your Guild Hall Menu:

Guild Hall Menu

In Edit Mode, you’ll see little rectangles that denote where you can place Buildings and Paths.

Guild Halls Edit Mode

Click on one of the boxes to place a new Building or add a new Path. When you add a new Path, a little Land Preview box will appear, and you can choose which Frame your new Path will lead to.

Guild Halls Land Mode

Pick the land you want, click Buy Frame, and then purchase the plot of land so you can expand your Guild onto!

Guild Halls Another Land Mode Preview

To buy more plots of land, click the Buy Land option in the Guild Hall Menu. You can buy up to 16 additional plots of land—and depending on how big you want your Guild to be, you can gobble up all 16 plots!

Now we can begin adding Buildings. You can buy Buildings from the Building Shop and place Buildings on the rectangles in the Edit Mode.

Guild Halls Building

Afterwards, enter your Building, click Edit Mode, and begin decorating!

Decorate your Guild Buildings

Just like Housing, you can add Floor and Wall Items to suit your inner Interior Decorator. All the House items in your House Inventory will magically be uploaded here, so you can adorn your buildings in anyway you’d like. 

Decorate your Guild Buildings

In the future (meaning NOT this week), you will be able to decorate the outside lands of your Guild Halls. Green-thumbs will surly dig this feature =D

Speaking of the future…

We have even more exciting Guild features in the works! Here’s a quick list of what we’re planning for you:

  • Fully customizable Guild Halls
  • NPCs for your Guild
  • Guild-exclusive interior Items
  • Upgradable Buildings

Is there anything else you’d like to see implemented for your Guild? We’d love to hear your ideas! Just give us a shout-out on the AQWorlds Facebook Page and maybe we can turn your fantasy into reality.

And don’t forget to Like the AQWorlds Facebook Page so we can hit 1,000,000 Likes by October 11—which just so happens to be AQWorlds' 5th birthday!

Stay epic, my heroes!

xoxo Beleen

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