Design Notes

November 22, 2017

EbilCorp Takes Over Battleon

Our Thanksgiving 2017 WAR is live!

Agents of the Battleon Resistance report EbilCorp bots IN TOWN NOW! The free crates full of this year's hottest tech are on shelves now, and EbilCorp BogoDrones are monitoring sales of the eWatch. EbilCorp never gives anything away for free. Ever. This is a trap. Be on guard. And whatever you do… do NOT buy the eWatch.

Thanksgiving War Details

EbilCorp is attempting to take over the people of Battleon... and beyond! They are using BogoDrones to hold all the shopkeepers captive, forcing them to work for nothing, and to sell the eWatch. Equip it and YOU will become a slave to their ebil mission. 

  • Fight to free the hypnotized shoppers
  • Take out the BogoDrones and Dealbots
  • Turn in war medals to raise the war meter

War rewards: Alpha Rogue and Hunter sets, Dark Moglin Jester, Obsidian Reavers

War Meter timeline

  • 0%: watch the first cutscene + battle to raise the war meter
  • 25%: Unlock the second cutscene + 2 more quests
  • 50%: Unlock the war mini-boss fight 
  • 75%: Unlock the war chest (find Bido in Battleon town to get your gear) 
  • 100%: Unlock the third cutscene + boss fight

Defeat the final boss to unlock the fourth cutscene and get boss drops!

Black Friday Shop arrives 11.24.17

Starting this Friday, find all our 2017 rare Black Friday gear in Mr. V's shop in Battleon. Featured sets: Obsidian Legion Vampire, Obsidian BladeMaster, and the Shadow Void of Nulgath. The shop opens at 12:01 AM EST on Friday, November 24th and leaves December 4th.

Come back on Monday, when we'll add several cyber-themed sets for Cyber Monday!


October 30, 2012

Take Care Up North

Hurricane Sandy Has Landed

Quite a few of you felt the wrath of mother nature as Hurricane Sandy hammered the northeastern coast of the United States. This storm broke a lot of records and has already left thousands without power or homes. My own sister had to evacuate her apartment building in New York City last night as Manhattan lost power and the gas main for her building burst. She spent half the night wandering around with no safe place to go. She's fine now, if a little soggy, and so are all the rest of my friends up there in The City but it's a pretty bad scene.

I hope that all of you, your friends and your family are all safe up there in the frozen north.

If you want to help people who have lost their homes and find themselves without food or shelter you can donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund by clicking here.

Game Improvement Week

It's not a great name because we improve the game every week. Or try to, anyway.

This week we are spending time adding in the new revamped Book of Lore, and adding in the new Tutorial.

Before we set new accounts to go through the tutorial, we're going to release it for you guys and ask for your honest feedback on the AQW Forums. Once we've tweaked it out and made it as clean, fast and easy to understand as possible then we will add it to the beginning of the game. Yorumi is also fixing a lot of older bugs and TRYING to discover a new way to handle the inventory that might allow you to get more inventory space.

As you know we can't just add more as we are at the current possible limit that the game can handle.

You will help escort Twilly and Serval through the new tutorial!

We will also be adding a new wave of Mogloween Seasonal Rares and Committed Event Rares to those two shops this week. Don't forget that we still have the Birthday Event, the Alina and Rolith Wedding, the Committed Mogloween Special and the normal seasonal Mogloween releases in-game for a limited time. If you haven't played through all of those, now would be a good time to get caught up!


Don't forget that tomorrow is Oct 31st, which is the LAST DAY to Upgrade and become a 4th Upholder. You will have a chance to become a 5th upholder next year but you will miss out on the rare Star Swords, the Character Page Badge and the sheer awesomeness of being a 4th Upholder!

51 days until Just Another Day


October 19, 2012

The Wedding of Alina and Rolith

Time After Time

Today has been an AMAZING day! First you guys finish a war fought in SIX AE GAMES and save Artix Entertainment from the clutches of EbilCorp and now, riding high on the spirit of victory, Alina and Rolith are holding their wedding and all of you amazing players are invited to share in the fun!

Right now, Alina and Rolith are off taking care of the millions and millions of last minute details that make weddings so sweet and stressful at the same time. Alina was inspired by her total lack of time when writing her wedding event. When one of your friends is getting married, it's THEIR day and you want to do everything you can to help them out. Now it's YOUR chance to help out the happy couple!

In the event you will find the usual assortments of great wedding rares like the Silver and Gold Eternal Flame and Rolith's Berry Mug but Alina and Rolith's friends have also brought some really strange items for everyone!

For a very long time Rolith thought that pigs would fly before he found the love of his life. In honor of his winning Alina's hear, J6 has crafted a few flying pig pets and matching capes. Beleen (with some help from Jemini) has crafted Derpy Pet versions of all of the couple's friends.

Dage crafted the Playa' set and for those of you with INSANELY EXPENSIVE TASTE there is also the Playa' Bling set (honestly... and I'm being totally serious... this set was so stupid that we priced it stupid expensive).

We are SO happy for Alina and Rolith and we hope you have fun helping them get everything done before they say their vows. Thanks for being there for them!

NOTE: There WILL be a Book of Lore achievement for this event which we will add NEXT WEEK.

EBILCORP Has Been Defeated!

It was close but you guys pin some super human effort and somehow, even with Chairman Platinum adding 800,000 more monsters to the war at the last minute, you were able to drive them out of ALL SIX MAJOR AE GAMES AT THE SAME TIME!

We have never had an event on this scale and you guys have really proven that you CANNOT be stopped! You an see Chairman's Video post and Our Thank You Video on ARTIX.COM! We have opened the AE Underground Lab to everyone who helped save the company!

You have also unlocked a 4th Birthday Shop, a 4th Birthday Merge Shop, raised the level cap to 50 and unlocked the new Chunin Rare Birthday Class. You can read my Skills breakdown for the class Here.

Lastly, as a special thank you every player of AQW has received 200 free AdventureCoins as well as roughly the same amount of in-game currency in EACH of the other five main AE games! Check your AQ Classic, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel and HeroSmash accounts!

Thank you all for helping us throw our biggest birthday party ever, and for helping us build AE from the ground up and keep is going strong for the last ten amazing years. We literally couldn't have done this without your support, feedback and love.

62 days until Just Another Day


October 19, 2012

You Saved Artix Entertainment!


Even with pulling 800,000 more monsters out of his hat at the last minute, you amazing people were able to pull together and defeat him and his flunkies and clear ALL 6 MAJOR ARTIX ENTERTAINMENT GAMES of his invading forces before the deadline.

You saved us, and we can't thank you enough. We would like to invite you down into the Underground Lab where we make our games so you can see a littl of what daily life is like for us.

The Elevator will take you down to the lab. As soon as you Exit you will be greeted by Syra, Galanoth and Artix himself. Each of the five rooms has a little cutscene as you go on a guided tour of the AE Lab.

You will also find a few new shops that you have unlocked by helping to save the game network. There's a normal 4th Birthday Shop, a 4th Birthday Merge Shop (you can get the merge items from the server hamster in the break room) and Artix has the quests and shops you will need to unlock the Chunin Class, whic is this year's birthday class! You can read more about that in my Chunin Class Skills Breakdown post.

From all of us here at AE, thank you for making ten amazing years of gaming possible. Artix really says it all at the bottom of THIS ARTIX.COM POST!

Don't forget that later today is the Alina & Rolith Wedding event and the level cap is being raised to 50!

62 days until Just Another Day


October 18, 2012

800,000 Monsters!

Chairman Platinum Plays Dirty!

I think the Chairman is getting desperate.

He's losing this war and he knows it. He knows that he can't possibly win against an army of gamers united under the common goal of fighting for the survival of the game company which you all helped to build.

Today, only EpicDuel and AQ Classic were left fighting their wars, but things were getting a little too hot for our suited foe so he his his big red button and released 800,000 reserve monsters into AQW!

We only have until Friday to defeat all the EbilCorp Monsters and save the Artix Entertainment Game Network and I think we can do it!

Chunin Class Preview

VoT is gone so that means that it's time for a new AQW Birthday Class, the rare Chunin Class arrives when all the war meters reach 100%!

That's right, I said Rare. You will only be able to buy this class with AdventureCoins until next October and it is removed from the game forever.

BUT here's the good part. As a special bonus for those of you who are here to help us battle and save the network, we are offering you the chance to EARN this NON-MEMBER class (all of the other set pieces, 2 helms, 2 cloaks) for free!

The chance to earn the class will only last until the birthday event closes and takes all the rares with it (about a month from when we win). You will have to farm to earn the class BUT you won't have to come back every day and earn it like you did with VoT.

All you have to do is earn 300 Chunin tokens and the class is yours. Non-members can earn one at a time but Members can earn two extra for a grand total of 3 at a time, and you can farm the quests for the tokens non-stop as fast as you want!

This class is a strength based warrior type class which is designed to take on multiple enemies at once. It has no heal but every power debuffs the enemies ability to hit or damage you so it has a very high survivability!

Come back tomorrow for the full Chunin Skills Breakdown!

Alina and Rolith Get Married!

Tomorrow you can also expect the Alina and Rolith wedding event. Since the real Alina and Rolith are getting married this weekend you will actually get to see them get married BEFORE they really get married!

As the real couple scrambles to get all the last minute prep-work done for their real wedding you will be helping their characters take care of all of THEIR last minute disasters! This will probably be a little closer to a real life wedding than any of us would like to admit.

I hope you can make it and help the AE family wish Alina and Rolith many years of happiness together!

4th Upholder!

The month of October is already half gone and Mogloween fast approaches. Remember that you only have two weeks left to grab your piece of history and become a 4th upholder!

To learn more, read m,y earlier 4th Upholder Design Notes. That will tell you everything that you need to know about how to get your character page badge and your TWO rare Star Swords!

63 days until Just Another Day


October 16, 2012

Time is Running Out

Before EbilCorp's Operation Gameocide is Engaged!

AQWorlds has defeated the dastardly Chairman Platinum and his army of EbilCorp minions! /cheer! BUT our gaming network isn't safe yet! We only have until 6PM Friday, and there are still THREE games in danger of being overwhelmed by EbilCorp - EpicDuel, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest. Save our games to save Artix Entertainment...

Click the pic to watch the war meters' progress!

And Unlock the AQWorlds 4th Birthday Party Finale!

We KNOW you guys battle hard when faced with a challenge... so when we're faced with the BIGGEST challenge Artix Entertainment has ever fought, we are even MORE certain that you will win. So much that here in the Secret Underground Lab, now that AQW is safe, we've started preparing for your birthday party!

Cake tastes WAY better than server hamster pellets.

The best Secret Underground Lab parties include boss fights... and cake fights! And yours shouldn't be any different! We'll provide the boss AND the cake, but you've got to make your way down here first!

We've got some EPIC rewards planned, including the:

  • New Rider armor from Dage
  • DrAEGon of Artix Cape
  • Prismatic Pegalion Cape
  • Brilliant Derp Fish
  • CyberNet Warrior Armor
  • Double Agent Zorbak Pet
  • And more!

We SAID there was more: the Chunin Class!

Earlier today Cysero polled you guys and came up with this month's newest Class: the Chunin, an evolved ninja-type class. This warrior-based Class is shaping up to be a Multi-Hit DPS-dealer, and here's the first concept sketch straight from Cysero's drawing-pad to your internets:

Fade into the shadows after dealing an unseen death blow!

Time for ONE MORE RELEASE, I hope... my Wedding!

I've always been a dreamer, but I'm a pretty organized person, too. I've got a list for just about everything: what the team needs to do next week, next month, and yesterday. Lists for what needs to be done before my wedding day... and before the in-game wedding event.

And it's becoming VERY clear that with everything we've been doing these last few weeks (like the all-game war we are fighting RIGHT NOW) that there just isn't going to be time to get everything done! But THAT is where YOU come in!

A dream is a wish your heart makes.
This wedding is an event that YOU'LL save.

With as incredible as you guys are, I have no doubt that you will save Artix Entertainment. I sure HOPE so, because otherwise Alina and Rolith won't get married (in-game, at least. It'd make for a more frenzied real wedding day, too, since so many team members are going to be there)!

cks symbolize immortality, wisdom, and peace.*

So, what do you say? If we can crush EbilCorp, do you think your Hero would have enough strength and energy left to help make Alina's wedding to DragonFable's Rolith take place? There's a LOT left to do, and NOT a lot of time left!

* Alchemists used to think the fan of the peacock was associated with certain items useful in turning base metals into gold... Perfect for making a Golden Eternal Flame cape!


June 22, 2012

Time For Release!

Golden Plate Promo!

The Golden Rule: Those who have the gold... make the rules. Our special limited time GOLDEN PLATE PROMO is now live!

This has temporarily replaced the standard 1 Year Membership package for the same discounted price, and will only last for a limited time. Once the Promotion ends... this set will go RARE and the 1 Year Membership package will go back to normal.

The Golden Plate Promo comes with:

  • 1 Year of AQW Membership
  • 7000 AdventureCoins (1000 more than normal)
  • The Golden Plate Armor
  • The Golden Cape
  • The Golden helm
  • The Golden Axe
  • VIP Armor
  • VIP Helm
  • VIP Character Page Badge

Like the DOOM Starter Package, this upgrade is NOT retroactive BUT Memberships stack, so if you have 8 months left and decide to support AQW by purchasing this promo, you will have 1 year and 8 months of Membership plus all the extras!

Once you purchase the 1 year upgrade (either on AQW or by using Artix Points through your AE Master Account) here's how you access your new Golden Plate Set:

  1. Log in to the AdventureQuest Worlds account that you upgraded.
  2. Open your Book of Lore with your Book of Lore button!

  3. Click the AE Bookmark tab on the left-hand side of the book.

  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the badge list and click on the Sold Gold Badge.

  5. Click the Get Item button on the opposite page to access your new items!

If you are new to the 1 Year Membership, you can access your VIP Armor the same way, except you will find that badge in the Badges Bookmark Tab near the top of that badge list. While the Golden Plate Promo does not come with a Character page Badge, you WILL get a VIP badge on your character sheet for purchasing this or even the standard year upgrade.

This amazing set is a re-imagining of the classic Golden Plate armor from AQ classic by our own Dage The Evil. Remember, like the promo package before it, the Golden Plate Package is only available for a LIMITED TIME! This will be your only chance to get these items so don't miss it!

Chaos Returns to Wreak Havoc!

Destiny calls to you, Hero! It is time you learned what your true purpose on Lore is, and what you will need to do in order to fulfill it! A mysterious city has appeared to the west of Chiral Valley, and the townspeople of Swordhaven whisper that strange people and monsters walk its streets. Vital knowledge lies there, but only if you are willing to venture to the ends of space and time to grasp it!

Wastelands do not have cities appear atop them overnight… not unless magic is involved! And you can bet that Chaos is in play, too, especially since strange new creatures crawl, stalk, and float through its streets! Reports tell of a well-known mage haunting this unknown town, though that may be a traveler’s overactive imagination. Rumors fly about this new land; locals call it “The Span,” though they say it has a much more ancient, noble name. Hurry to The Span; it is vital you experience all that awaits in this new zone!

EBILCORP T-Shirts Now On Sale!

EBILCORP is looking for ambitious young people to join its new Young Executives Program. You are now able to show your support for the worlds most EBIL corporation and your disdain for the little guy with HeroMart's new EBILCORP T-shirt!

This shirt also comes with the EBILCORP Executive Armor (exactly like that worn by your illustrious leader, Chairman Platinum) in AQW as well as the EBILCORP Badge for your character page.

C'mon... Everybody likes being the bad guy!

Suggestion Shop Updated!

Today we have also released a very large expansion to the Player Suggestion Shop with a bunch of new armors, weapon and pets all suggested by players just like you!

Like the Armored Royal Prince (& Princess) armor suggested by player Royal Knight, the Shadow Manipulator armor suggested by player DarkonDrago and many more! Check them all out in the Suggestion Shop in Yulgar's Inn!

New Pet 'O the Month!

Head to Aria's Pet Shop to check out the member-only June Pet of the Month! Samba cobbled together a conga line of colorful Hermit Crabs!


February 07, 2012

Love is in the Ether

Artix's Love Story.... this FRIDAY!

Most of the things I write about are ghouls, gasts, and creatures of unspeakable darkness. So, the special love story I wrote for your Valentines Day release this Friday has me a little nervous. This is a unusual departure from the way we normally do things, and I suspect the ending will be controversial. There is something that I did not like in the real world... and I intend to change it in ours! Alina & Rolith read the script and occasionally burst out laughing. (But NOT at my boss monster.) I am VERY anxious to see what you think this Friday.

Valentines Event this Friday

Mia J Park will be voicing her lines

I posted a poll on Facebook asking if you wanted this love story to be voice acted. 900 of you said Yes. 29 said No.... and 97 voted for "Chuck Norris." (If Chuck Norris had won, would we have had to have gotten him?) Thank you -- we promise to do our best best! Mia, who's music will be featured in our Valentines day event lives in Austrailia. She will be recording her lines there. I found this video of her performing "Ever After" for a children's charity telethon. I love this song.... (A secret just between us: I played this song on repeat non-stop for three days while writing the script for this Friday's release.)

EBILCORP - A Name you can (NOT) trust.

OMG! Have you been following this story!? As previously posted, AE has been building a 3D video game (AQWorlds/HeroSmash members are to be invited to the first phase of the Alpha and Beta.) Last Friday, EbilCorp drones broke into AE's Secret Underground Lab and stole all of the 3D files and the classified game-server super computer couch (USB powered). In an act of arrogance, Chairman Platinum, the head of EbilCorp, blatantly posted the entire AdventureQuest 3D website right on the homepage, and claimed it was theirs. They did not even bother to change the website url's on the graphics -- they just crossed Artix's name off of the posts. Today, Chairman Platinum made a shocking video post. See for yourself!

EbilCorp Steals Artix's 3D Game

The AE team is not taking this lying down. Based on news in the newest video, Artix and all of his friends on Twitter are planning a course of action. Please do join in!


October 19, 2011

Danger at the Lab!

Self Destruct Sequence Initiated

This is an urgent message to all Artix Entertainment personnel. EbilCorp has learned the location of our the secret underground lab.  The self destruct sequence has been activated.... we have 3 days before it kabooms. The explosion will be pretty big, so please time your game releases this week so that immediately after you make the release live, we run out and jump with the explosion cinematically exploding behind us. That would look really cool. On Monday, you will all report to our new upgraded base of operations. This is not a drill. The self destruct sequence cannot be stopped. Secret Underground Lab #3's last release will be this Friday.... then, NEXT WEEK, we will be releasing updates for ALL GAMES from our NEW and improved secret base! Below are responsibilities and duties for the evacuation... Battle on!

Galanoth & Faith: Coordinate the move. Mark all of the experimental bio-nueral implants as fragile. (Means made in France, right?)
Alina: Feed the server hamsters
Thyton: Transport the cyborg laser sharks. Remember, Chippy needs his vitamins at 6am, NOT 8am.
Cysero: Keep rocking on the TMBG Part 2 this week... it looks like a really big release! Please remember to add a few level 45 enhancements to go along with that new class!
Korin: Can we use your bag to pack stuff?
Beleen & Yergen: Can you rig the new elavator in lab #4 to play the elevator music from Portal? (I am being dead serious.)

Rolith says, "Um, Artix. Why does the new Secret Underground Lab look like the Guardian Tower? ... and the area around it looks exactly like the town of Battleon in real life.... right down to the fountain!"
Artix replies, "I was wondering when someone was going to notice. Ok... so our new home might be more of a... Secret Above Ground Guardian Stronghold. Do you think we could get that Carrabba's (Itallian restaurant) to change it's name to Yulgar's inn?"

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