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August 14, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Champion of Chaos

The final Chaos Fan Art winners announced!

We have all witnessed the impressive power of Chaos. Hundreds and hundreds of heroes embraced the Chaos within, unleashing their artistic abilities in the Summer of Chaos Fan Art Contest.

Fan art

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for… is finally here….

It’s time to announce the Champion of Chaos Drakath Fan Art Winners! 

Grand Prize Winner: Champion of Chaos

Drakath fan art winner


Even though I am an English major, no words in my vocabulary can describe the awesomeness that this Drakath masterpiece represents. Fellow player Trizzzcentrino must have signed a deal with Drakath himself for being able to create such a chaotic work of art (a necessary sacrifice for sure!). They shall be awarded with: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, and his art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)! 

All Other Winners

Click here to see all the Champion of Chaos winners in the 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Runner Ups, and the Above and Beyond categories. Fantastic work everyone!!

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D


February 26, 2014

Summer 2014... DRAKATH!

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

She just keeps repeating these words over and over in the dark room. The young girl traded her sight for the curse of seeing the future. It was the only way to save her brother. A dark pact made with a being that no human should ever bargain with. She sees what is about to happen to our world. She saw you...  the hero, and she saw your secret. She knows what you truly are. She you and your allies facing the 13th and final Lord of Chaos. An unpredictable war that did not follow the rules and changes everything... The world torn asunder, entire Kingdoms destroyed and changed never to be the same again. She saw lands that could never be drawn on any map. She saw madness. She saw what the gate behind Drakath is for. She saw Drakath's true power... and how he acquired these powers. She saw what happens when Gravelyn finally has the opportunity to avenge what he did to her Father. She saw what everything we have done together was leading up to. She saw you alone, in a duel to the death with the Champion of Chaos, Drakath. She saw our world's final stand....  She saw it happening THIS SUMMER.

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."


November 25, 2013

Updates from this Weekend

Did You Confront Drakath Yet?!

If you haven't played last weekend's release, what are you waiting for?!?!! Drakath, Champion of Chaos, is waiting for you... and so is the battle of a lifetime! 

Chaos is waiting.

Isses from last week resolved!

While we get the team set up for the week, the coders tackle the bugs from the previous week's release. Here's the progress update on issues from the weekend:

  • Game not recognizing Mythsong zone completion: Fix rolls tomorrow.
  • The Unkillable Drakath being killable: Fix rolls tomorrow.
  • Eligible players not receiving 2 free Fortune tickets: Already fixed.
  • Changed names not updating in guilds: Fix in progress.

And for the many players asking about reclaiming inactive names from 2008 to get a new name: the expanded range of inactive account purges began Friday. We are purging thousands of accounts a day. If you do not see the name you want available, please try again soon. Remember, once a name has been changed/purged, it is unavailable for 30 days. (This is to prevent hacking issues.)


November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Memet

AQW's Nightmare Moglin Levels Up in Real Life!

In Lore, you don't GET presents for your birthday, you GIVE them! And that's why you should head to Battleon now: Memet, AQW's assistant game lead, has a chest shop full of cutely-creepy (also terrifyingly-adorable if you are scared of dolls or clocks) gear to say thank you for playing AQW!

Memet's apprentice, Blade, made her a very appropriately-scary gift!

Memet started working for Artix Entertainment in the Player Support department... until we saw how amazing she was as an artist and kidnapped her! After Cysero transferred to the BattleGems team, Memet leveled up to AQW's assistant game lead, helping with art, writing, and release design.

Wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter, then head to Battleon to check out the gear in her shop:

  • Clockwork Doll armor
  • Clockwork Dolly morph helm
  • Clockwork Doll Key +5 (gives 5% bonus to gold when equipped!)
  • Clockwork Doll Bowler and Locks helms
  • Clockwork Doll Key cape

This Week's Releases!

Prepare to face the Turdrakolich next Wednesday by stuffing your face AND your inventory with sweet gear TOMORROW! Login Thursday night to beat down the Turdraken and mash the monsters attacking the Cornycopia to earn a feast full of rewards!

Oishii's thankful for Lore's heroes!

Then log in this Friday to unlock a portal to the Chaos Realm, create a guidestone, and battle your way through the Chaos Realm to the heart of Drakath's Lair! You'll also be able to check out our shop full of Doctor Who-themed gear AND go on Quibble's quest into simulations of Lore's past, present, and future!


November 12, 2013

Quibble Returns This Friday

Mirror and Chaos Gear for ALL Lore's Heroes!

If you've seen Quibble appear before, you know that his arrival heralds the beginning of the next Chaos Saga... so THIS time around, he's bringing gear from crafted from the very fabric of Chaos itself, and grafted onto our most well-known armors to show that nothing is immune from Chaos!*

Quibble Coinbiter sales moglinWell hello there, Hero. Welcome to my treasure shop!

* Are you ready to meet the 13th Lord of Chaos for the first time?! Then get ready to save Lore from their anarchy! Find Drakath in the heart of the Chaos Realm! Quibble may have more information for you this Friday!

What is a Quibble Coinbiter?

Quibble Coinbiter is everyone’s favorite sales Moglin, who travels far and wide, collecting never-before-seen Items to add to your impressive collection. That's right, his gear has never been seen in the world before, but he sells them used... How is this possible? Quibble has a connection with a slightly corrupt time-travel fairy who supplies him with items that have not even been created yet.**

Will the 13th Lord of Chaos shatter the moon... or just Lore itself?

No one knows if—or when—Quibble’s Items will go permanently Rare, so your best bet is to get all the goodies in his shop just in case it’s the latter!

** Thinking about this should hurt your brain. It hurts mine!

When Does Quibble Coinbiter Arrive?

Quibble will be in the town of Battleon this weekend, selling most of his gear for AdventureCoins! He never stays in one place long and we have no idea when (or if) he will be back. Remember, he is not selling rares, he is selling items you are not even supposed to have!***

The 13th Lord of Chaos can travel in both our world... and the Mirror Realm. So since we're finishing the 2nd Lord of Chaos Saga this week and beginning the final Chaos Lord Saga in just a few weeks, we've got gear from BOTH places! **** 

Friday night, find the following gear in Quibble's shop:

  • Chaos Reaper Armor set
  • Lunar Sandknight armor set
  • Mage of Chaos Armor
  • Rogue of Chaos Armor
  • Warrior of Chaos Armor
  • Healer of Chaos Armor
  • Gear to celebrate Artix's wedding (a once-in-a-lifetime event!)
  • And more!

*** I wonder... if the item's used, but never seen before... is the time travel fairy going to the future after you have discarded the weapon, taking it from you, and then coming BACK in time so Quibble to sell it to you before you ever found it?***

**** O_O

***** I wonder if Drakath has had a word with Quibble's time-travel fairies... O_O!!!

Other AQW news to know!

  • Artix's high-level, high-XP farming map is live! You've got to find it first, though! Our experienced players know to hunt around, clicking on anything and everything!
  • J6's birthday is today! Head to the Hyperium to check out his birthday gear!
  • The 1st place winner for the Luck of the Draw contest will be announced tomorrow! ALL winners will get their prizes in their inventory!
  • The Stack of Fortune Ticket bug should be fixed. Please let us know if it's working for you!
  • Check out the 2014 Artix Calendar AND the Artix Logo T-Shirt on!

August 29, 2013

Friday: Ride the Chaos

Ride into Battle Against Chaos in Swordhaven!

Someone - or someONES - are making sure that NO ONE in Swordhaven can ignore the peril they are in. As Chaorrupted creatures begin to invade, King Alteon will need YOU to command the defense of the city. 

Chaos attacksChaos vs King vs Hero

Talk to Denara, Royal Archivist, to gain the knowledge you need to defend the city, then head into the sewers to investigate one of the main sources of Swordhaven's infection.

Battle Chaos Bandits, Chaos Spy-Eyes (with NEW attacks from Arklen!), and descend into the creepily-Chaorrupted depths of Swordhaven's ancient, abandoned sewer system to take on the virulent Sludgelord!

Quibble's Final Swordhaven Update

As the AE team rides into Dragon*Con tomorrow, YOU can ride into battle against Chaos this Friday atop a Raptor or a Yokai Battle-dragon! Talk to Quibble in Battleon to get your own Raptor Rider, DragonKhan Rider, and (if Nulgath can harness the dark power to stop time) ArchFiend Dragon Rider!

Raptor Rider

  • Raptor Rider
  • Raptor Skull Helm
  • Flaming Raptor Helm
  • Horned Raptor Helm
  • Raptor Rider Hood
  • Raptor Commander Lance
  • Raptor Commander Blade


  • DragonKhan Rider
  • DragonKhan Band

Quibble's Swordhaven shop and all its rare gear will be leaving Battleon in two weeks on Friday, September 13th!

Dark Dragon of Doom?!

Memet scrawled a note on the Whiteboard of Scrying. She's seen something doomtastic coming to the Wheel of Doom this weekend: the Dark Dragon Morph! Watch the Design Notes for more previews!


August 09, 2013

Drakath and Quibble are Back!

Quibble Coinbiter Arrives in Battleon!

Head to Battleon to find Quibble Coinbiter and his shop full of Good, Evil, and Chaos gear! Hear his rumors of the 12th Lord of Chaos, then /join chaoswar to take on Drakath's army of Chaorrupted creatures as they attack across Lore! 

Drakath wants YOU... to fall to Chaos!

Quibble Coinbiter: Vital Info

Quibble is everyone’s favorite traveling sales Moglin, collecting never-before-seen items to add to your inventory! His connection with a slightly corrupt time-travel fairy lets him gear that hasn't even been created yet!

Shadowmage AssassinThe Shadowmages Assassin wield dark power!

He'll be in Battleon all week long, and will receive some new gear NEXT Friday, too! He never stays in one place long and we have no idea when (or if) he will be back. If he DOES come back, it will be with new items, though... if the wheel of fortune spins in your favor, someday you MAY see some of the items return!

Royal Battlemage set
The Royal Battlemage battles to honor King Alteon

What Will Quibble Coinbiter Bring?

If you've seen Quibble appear before, you know that his arrival heralds the beginning of the next Chaos Saga... soTHIS time around, he's bringing gear from crafted in honor of your favorite people: King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn

The Spellswords of Good, Evil, and Chaos!

 Tomorrow night, find the following armors in Quibble's shop:

  • Royal Battlemage
  • Glorified Spellsword of Light
  • Shadowscythe Assassin
  • Shadowfall Champion
  • Spellsword of Light
  • Chaotic Spellsword of Light

  • Magus Greatsword
  • Empowered Magus Greatsword
  • Magus Shortsword
  • Poignant Blade
  • Poignant Daggers
  • Chaotic Doomblade
  • and more!

Will YOU Drive Back the Chaos Attacks?

Slay the Chaorrupted creatures invading the cities and towns across Lore... before they cause so much Chaos there's no Lore left to defend! Things have been too quiet for Drakath, Champion of Chaos, so he loosed his Chaos minions and they're free to play games with your mind... and wreak havoc on your world!

Shadowfall ChampionStop them as a Shadowfall Champion!

Wasn't This a War Before?

The war against Chaos is NEVER over! But you're right, this WAS a chaos war the first time it appeared in-game. To prevent lag spikes caused by how MANY people were fighting in the war, we removed it for a time. 

Chaorrupted Gorillaphants go ape for heroes to slay!

We've brought the release back, but this time it is a static war, which means that YOU are the only one fighting it. Only your battles will count towards the progression of your war meter. All of the shops have returned, as well. The rare gear in the Lore's Defender shop will leave permanently in two weeks.

Chaos Boss Challenge!!

Once you've quested through all of the lands being attacked AND taken down the Chaos Knight, you can access the /chaosboss map for a Ultra Chaos Warrior challenge battle! Defeat him to unlock a brand-new cutscene with your favorite two-faced villains!

Unexpected Chaos War Items!

And to make sure you NEVER rely on the things you encounter when facing Chaos monsters, Drakath instructed his war boss to reward you with the Chaorrupter Blade*, which deals EXTRA DAMAGE to Chaos creatures, if you defeat him!

I'd wish you Good Knight, but these were Chaorrupted.

Versions of the Chaorrupter Blade

  • Free-player version drops from the boss monster!
  • Member and AC versions of the blade will have a higher Damage rate 
  • Member and AC versions of the blade will be sold in the war camp shop
  • When the final confrontation against Drakath comes, having the weapon WILL change how your battle against him works!
    (Can't tell you how yet, the Clerics of Order have not yet deciphered the secret scrolls.)

May 31, 2013

Chaotic Sneak Peek

Fight Chaos with... more Chaos!

Hooray! It’s Friday! And you know what that means: a brand-new release in your favorite online adventure game!

Drakath was in online fun games

So who is ready for a chaotic weekend full of quests and adventure?

Who is ready to save the world from the forces of Chaos?

And who is ready for a sneak peek at all the AWESOME items arriving tonight?!

Twitter has spoken! They want sneak peeks!

Woah woah WOAAAH! Alright alright, here they come!

Beleen wearing Chaos Armor Set in free online game AQW

Chaos Armor preview

Color Custom Chaos Armor and another Chaotic Armor Set in online adventure games

Oh man. I dig these Chaos looks. Since purple is pretty close to pink… does that make me pretty close to being Chaotic?

Tehehee… erm, I mean, mwahahaha =D

All these items—and more!—can be obtained during tonight’s release. Stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo Beleen!


February 02, 2013

Limited-Edition Gravelyn Print!

Gear Up for your Next Adventure at HeroMart!

Embrace the Darkness with one of our limited-edition Empress Gravelyn Prints at HeroMart! This 8.5 x 11 semi-gloss art print of Gravelyn, Empress of the ShadowScythe, will overshadow any other art it is near.

Each special edition print comes with an exclusive in-game item, while purchasing both at once unlocks the Dark Empress Blade!

Unarmored Gravelyn:

  • Shadow Wraith (Pet).

Armored Gravelyn:

  • Shadow of Sepulchure (Cape).

Purchase both special edition prints:

  • Shadow Wraith (Pet).
  • Shadow of Sepulchure (Cape).
  • BONUS Dark Empress Blade(Weapon).

Both of these prints were redesigned by Diozz_AQW.

Signed deluxe prints by Diozz are also available for purchase.

Who Is Gravelyn, Empress of the Shadowscythe?

One of AQWorlds' most beloved characters, Empress Gravelyn is the daughter of Sepulchure and leader of both the Shadowscythe AND the Evil faction of the Alliance against Chaos! She commands her skeletal warriors and legions of Evil players from her fortress in Shadowfall!

She sends a message to Drakath, Champion of Chaos: 
"Beware, for one day Shadowfall will RISE again! The day I take to the skies... you die."

Who Will YOU Ally With: Good or Evil?

If you choose to ally with Evil, Embrace the Darkness and bow to Gravelyn, Empress of the ShadowScythe! Followers of King Alteon the Good must accept the Alliance with Gravelyn's Evil warriors... or go rogue like General Lionfang! 

Once one of Good King Alteon's most loyal generals, Lionfang could not stand the idea of allying with Evil, and has accepted Chaos instead! Begin his story in our current Chaos Saga!


December 18, 2012

2013 is Almost Here

Defeat Kezeroth for a New Year of Releases!

Sharpen your blades, hone your daggers, and polish your staves, because the battle against Kezeroth the World Ender and the Beast Quetzal draws closer! We must band together to fight, and we will NOT let our world end! We can't, because we've got a whole YEAR of epic releases coming in 2013!

We MUST win to begin 2013!

Here's SOME of what we're planning to release in AQWorlds next year:

  • Aid the Lumina Votari in defeating the Nocturan Creed to ensure the sun rises for the New Year!
  • The next Chaos Lord is gathering a lion’s share of Lore's free agents!
    The 11th Chaos zone begins in January!
  • More tradeskills: spell-scribing and blacksmithing are still in development!
  • Some of the locations you'll visit in 2013: Vileforge Cavern, Hawkstone Peak, Amberheart Falls (massive dungeon crawl!), the Battle Coliseum, and more!
  • Guilds Phase 2 - customizable Guild Halls/Towns!
  • A version of Drakath's Portal where you can see which of the Chaos Runes you've unlocked!
  • Chaos Lords 12 and 13 have yet to reveal themselves... but you will learn their identities soon!
  • Drakath waits before the Chaos Gate! Are YOU prepared for the final confrontation?

The Lumina Votari await you, Hero!


November 26, 2012

Fight to the War's Finish

The Chaos Twins have BIG plans for you, Hero!

Shatter the chains that have trapped The Span's golems! War in /TheSpan rages, and your goal is to destroy Drakath's new army... and save the Chaos Lord! Once the war meter hits 100%, use the button on the war meter to go straight to the boss and take it down!

Doing the unexpected is what Xing and Xang do best!

Those who seek out Chaos will be happy with the rewards; for those ready to CRUSH Chaos, hold on to the Chaos Hourglass that drops from the monster. It will come in handy with Friday's release! Speaking of...

Friday: Chaos in Outer Space!

Mecha, monsters, and MASSIVE amounts of super-spaced out rewards await you in Friday's newest Chaos zone update. You'll need to gather and save what you can of Professor Iadoa's mind, battle the final Proto-Chaos Beast, and return home safely or your true destiny will never be realized!

Make sure your energy blades are charged!

NEXT week you will face the Chaos Beast AND the Chaos Lord... but first you'll need to conquer deep space... and an all-new miniboss!

Frostval is Coming in December!

You might have heard warnings that a cataclysmic something-or-other is about to strike, but what we should really be focusing on is... FROSTVAL! I don't know about you, but the AQW team LOVES this holiday!

Have you been a Good Hero... or an Evil Hero?

The cheer, the chill air, and all the presents we get to give!* Nothing's going to stop us from making this the biggest, best Frostval celebration yet! With you on our side, this is definitely NOT going to be just another day!

* Like bringing you Dage's Sword of the Legion Shop!

Treasure Chest Update!

Grab your inventories and check for treasure chests! If you've got any laying around, you'll want to log in this Friday because there will be all-new items available from the Treasure Chest quest. Members get two FREE Treasure Chest keys every month their upgrade is active; you'll need a Treasure Chest key to try for a reward!

Make sure to bring your Treasure Chest Keys!

Remember, you can get more Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly in Battleon with Adventure Coins, or just sell the unopened chests for a little extra gold if you don't want to see what is inside!

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