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January 23, 2014

Art Nouveau

Diozz's Dage The Evil Art Nouveau Print Is Coming!

UPDATE: The poster is now for sale on HEROMART.COM

Have you seen this yet? 

Amazing Diozz Poster

By now, you know that I don't work on AQW anymore. For the past 8 months I've been working full time on Battle Gems, but I don't often get a chance to talk about something this exciting so I hopped back onto the AQW Design Notes. Sorry. 

The image above is the finished version of Diozz's completely breathtaking Dage The Evil poster done in the Art Nouveau style coming very soon to HEROMART

I know from Twitter that a lot of you are already excited about this poster but a few of you have asked what Art Nouveau means so I want to tell you a bit about the style. 

What Is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an art style that began in France in the late 1800's and quickly spread around Europe. It was a very brief period in art history but it left such a lasting impression that a lot of people are still in love with the style today. 

The style is usually characterized by flowing organic forms, both in artistic elements and typography. Usually you'll see a symmetrical form in the background laying the stage for an asymmetrical centerpiece up front. 

Art Nouveau wasn't just a fine art style. The style was found in everything from the silverware of the time to entire buildings, like the designs of the Paris Metro kiosks designed by Hector Guimard which you can still see today around Paris. 

Paris Metro

When talking about the Art Nouveau, most people think of the art and prints of Alphonse Mucha. Mucha was a Czech artist living in Paris and became well known for his prints advertising the plays of Ms. Sarah Bernhardt who was a superstar at the time. Mucha is also my all-time favorite artist. 

Here is one of his prints called "Dance", advertising one of Bernhardt's plays. 

Mucha's Dance

The style, and particularly the works of Mucha, have always been appreciated but recently pop culture has seen an explosion of art in the style, some even referencing Mucha's works. 

Take, for example, Bill Mudron's Dr. Who themed Art Nouveau style works (notice any similarities?)...

Bill Mudron's Nouveau Fan Art

... or Mr. Mudron's Art Nouveau style Minecraft poster (hanging in my living room)...

Bill Mudron's Minecraft Nouveau Print

You can find examples of Art Nouveau all over geekdom, like in the Firefly themed Art Nouveau prints of Megan Lara... 

Megan Lara's Kaylee Print

...Or Ms. Lane's Sherlock themed Art Nouveau shirt design (Wearing it today. Took this in the mirror)...

My Megan Lara Sherlock Shirt

So, now you know a little bit about Art Nouveau (New Art, in French) and maybe you will be able to more greatly appreciate how freaking amazing Diozz's poster really is. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the style and I'm almost as excited about this poster as I am about the upcoming release of Battle Gems. 

If you want to talk more about the poster, Battle gems or art history, you can always hit my Twitter. 

If you're excited about the poster, feel free to spam HeroMart's Twitter, or Faith's Twitter (she runs HeroMart). 

If you are as blown away by this design as I am, show Diozz some love in his Twitter

Dage Art Nouveau Poster Test Print

UPDATE: The poster is now for sale on HEROMART.COM


July 03, 2013

Mech Dealership

Your one stop robot chop shop!

Everyone is ecstatic over Diozz’s Artist Showcase Shop, loaded with giant battle-ready robot Mechs and transforming helms!

Artist Diozz in online adventure game

Here’s the price breakdown of Diozz’s shop that is found in the Game Menu.

  • Spearhead Mech armor
    425 AdventureCoins

  • Spearhead Head helm
    200 AdventureCoins

  • Drill Breaker blade
    150 AdventureCoins

  • Calavera Mech armor
    25000 Gold

  • Calavera Head helm
    45000 Gold for Members
    or 200 AdventureCoins

  • Carnicero Axe
    12500 Gold

  • Carnicero Dual Axes
    17500 Gold for Members

  • Galatea Mech armor
    25000 Gold for Members
    or 425 AdventureCoins

  • Galatea Head helm
    45000 Gold for Members
    or 75 AdventureCoins

  • Razorkiss Mech armor
    17020 Gold for Members
    or 225 AdventureCoins

  • Razorkiss Head helm
    25000 Gold for Members
    or 200 AdventureCoins

Get your Robot On all day long!


July 02, 2013

Diozz’s Mechs are in Charge!

Today’s Featured Artist Showcase Shop

Happy Tuesday! Are you excited for today’s Featured Artist Showcase Shop?

Artist Showcase Shop online adventure games

Every Tuesday, we feature the AMAZING artistic talents of one of our AMAZING AQWorlds Artists. We have seen the impressive skillz of Vokun, Memet, Hizu, Mido, Aegis, Jemini, Tyronius, Dage, Nulgath, and yours truly (is “derp” really a skill, though?)… and now it’s time for Diozz to shine!

Robot Mechs in online adventure game AQW

Ready to pilot giant Mech robots? Here’s your chance!

  • Spearhead Mech armor
  • Transforming Spearhead Head
  • Calavera Mech armor
  • Transforming Calavera Head
  • Galatea Mech armor
  • Transforming Galatea Head
  • Razorkiss Mech armor
  • Transforming Razorkiss Head
  • and more!

At 4pm EST today, check your Game Menu and access Diozz’s Artist Showcase Shop!

Who is Diozz?

The very first memories of the robot-loving art fiend Diozz were giant robots and dinosaurs…much to his mother’s dismay. Inspired by Mazinger-Z, Battle of the Planets, Transformers, He-Man and GI-Joe, Diozz can proudly say that 39 years later, not much has changed. Well… maybe he likes monsters more than dinosaurs now, but the giant robots are still there!

Artist Diozz in online adventure game

Training and studying under painters and fine art masters throughout his life has certainly allowed Diozz to evolve as an artist, but his artistic preference always centered on comic book art. To make a good comic book, you need knowledge of practically every branch of art: anatomy, fashion design, interior design, architecture… yup, if there’s one thing Diozz tells his students, it’s that if you want to create comics, you need to know a bit of everything considered “art.” Diozz says: “Being a part of Artix has given me the opportunity to enjoy all the things I love doing as I bring you the characters you know and love, but portrayed in an exciting new light.”

So you want to know the secret to doing what Diozz does? “It’s simple… know what you love, and draw it. Never be afraid to challenge yourself. THAT’s the secret of a great comic book artist. After all, everyone loves to draw super heroes, but not everyone loves drawing the city the superheroes fly through. But you’d miss all those awesome, essential superhero comic details – from the huge buildings to tiny pedestrians – wouldn’t you? So relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Trust me, it's worth it.” 

How inspirational! Thanks Diozz! Give him a shoutout on his Twitter, too!

And at 4pm today, you too can get inspired by Diozz’s robotic Mechs!

Robot on!


July 01, 2013

The 1st of July…

…is the beginning of nonstop fun all week long!

Can you believe it’s already July? Time files when you’re having fun—so /equip your favorite Wings because this week is packed with fantastic adventures in your favorite online fantasy game!

Happy Canada Day!

Here’s a tribute to our friends up north! Today is Canada Day where we celebrate the anniversary of the British North America Act, enacted in 1867. But in 2013, AQWorlds celebrates with in-game Canada Day Seasonal Rares!

Canada Day

Those are some nice items, eh?

Check your Game Menu to find the Freedom Day Shop this afternoon. And then get your Canada on in Battleon!

Tuesday’s Artist Showcase Shop

Tomorrow brings in a new Featured Artist to the Artist Showcase Shop! My shop is still available for another day, but when the clock strikes 4pm EST on Tuesday, all my Derp and Pink goodies will be replaced with Diozz’s epic mecha items! 

Beleen's derp and pink items

Derps, Hurps, and Cuddles available for 1 more day!

Wanna see what Diozz has in store for you? OKAY!

Diozz sketches for mecha items

Mega Mecha Sketches by Diozz

Those are just previews—but if you wanna see more, head on over to Diozz’s Twitter, Follow him, and then check out his Photos! Spoiler pics will arrive tomorrow on the Design Notes =D

Freedom Rings!

Thursday is July 4th, and if you hail from the lands of USA, you know it’s our National Independence Day! Celebrate our country’s independence with all-things American: BBQ, red white & blue, and…blowing things up with fireworks!

Independence Day in AQW

Red, white, and BOOM!

In the Freedom Day Shop, you can score Liberty Seasonal Rare items starting today. And be sure to take lots of screenshots with your and your friends celebrating Canada Day and Independence Day!

Friday’s Release!

  • Legion Class
  • Trigoras Challenge fight
    • various levels
    • the highest level version is Member Only
  • New Quests in Battleon Town
    • Cysero will send you on crazy missions
  • New Hairstyles created by Jemini!

xoxo Beleen =D

PS: All Undead Legion members will be able to /join underworld and talk to Dage for a FREE Legion gift! Depending on what Dage decides to make, it might be a weapon, a pet, or accessory. The item will cost 0 ACs and will require no Legion Tokens or questing to get. This is our gift to you for being loyal followers of the Undead Legion!

PPS: Some older quests were updated over the weekend to patch exploitable holes. The wiki should be all up to date by now thanks to two of our staff wiki volunteers, Hina and ingomarelementary!

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