Design Notes

December 10, 2012

Server and Game Fixes

Big Day for Big Lag-Squashing!

After a weekend marathon of:

lag-attacking, code-crunching
server-stabilizing, database-optimizing 
and dangerous levels of coffee-consumption...

we have released new fixes to the individual parts of our system that keep AQWorlds running! Yorumi, Zhoom, Captain Rhubarb, and the rest of the programmers who pulled together this weekend are excited to see a visible improvement as we monitor lag... and we hope YOU are experiencing a noticeable improvement in game stability, too!

Guil Kashin's Chaotic Server Hamster has been de-chaorrupted!

So... What'd We Do to Fix Things?

Between the server and database needing optimization and exploits available to players using third-party programs, AQWorlds was under a too-heavy load!

The investigations leading to today's fixes began a long time ago, but the hard work and dedication of our programmers (and the testing help you gave us!) all resulted in the latest round of fixes!

We changed some very integral ways the server and database talk to each other, making sure that the game never sends more messages to the database than the game can handle. When the flood of information coming into the database got too heavy, the database could not keep up. Requests (like monster respawns, quest completes, etc) would get dropped and never go through.

Combine database and server fixes to destroy hansengomulia's FrankenLag Monster!

We also patched some exploits that allowed players using third-party programs to spam the game with junk data to cheat, which can cause lag. And to top it all off, Captain Rhubarb's continued investigations into the failed login issues so many players have been having paid off! He has adjusted the login monitoring code to prevent most of those issues, and has plans to improve it even further!

These fixes should improve login speed and reduce chat and combat lag. We are investigating reports of random disconnects, and hope to discover a reason for that with your help! We need as much information as possible when you make bug reports: class equipped, monster being battled, quest you're on, server, Flash/Browser version, etc

What Comes Next?

In terms of lag fixes and game improvements? We will keep working to improve AQWorlds' speed and function as new browser and Flash Player versions affect it in random, Chaotic ways. But Yorumi's focus is going to return to the biggest project on the horizon: Guild Halls!

And don't miss our 12-12-12 event! See Artix's Design Notes post for an EPIC pic of a mysterious villain! When ancient evils rise, Lore falls... unless YOU can save it! Check back tomorrow when Cysero tells you more about what releases on Wednesday!

This Friday, we've got a Quibble update AND Beleen's Birthday shop coming!

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