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February 17, 2016

The 10 Million Chicken Invasion BEGINS!

The Great Chicken-pocolypse of 2016

Artix writes: Birds of the father, attack town together... Over the years we have fought back armies of Dragons and the evil undead. We have extinguished pyromancers, and sent creatures from the stars running back to their homeworld. But never… NEVER in the history of our great town… has the pecking order been turned on its head like this. 

Until today, to be called “Chicken” meant the person was a coward…. after this army of 10 Million chickens pours through the town, being called “Chicken” might make you one of the greatest warriors of all time. 

Story Time!

I was hanging out on AdventureQuest Worlds over the weekend. A hero named Lart told me he wanted to attack town with an army of 10 Million chickens. I said, “That is a lot of Chickens.” Thinking it was funny I tweeted it. (MISTAKE.)

A horde of players proclaimed the Chicken-pocolypse imminent. My inbox was flooded with messages like “I, for one, welcome our new Chicken Overlords.”

I called Alina and sheepishly said, “Have you seen Twitter? I think… we have a chicken thing…” She laughed. Then stopped abruptly. I tried to apologize but you could hear the smile through her words when she replied,"It’s OK. We serve the players. I’ll make it happen." And so it came to be…


Hi guys! Alina posting now!

EGG-cellent War Rewards

So, here's the thing. We've got a LOT of chickens attacking Battleon! And there's nothing that makes our heroes rush to defend town more than GEAR! So we've put together some pretty tweet (and cheep!) rewards for you as an incentive to battle. Chick them out in Lart's shop NOW, plus the ones dropping from monsters, and find even more rewards when you unlock the boss fight at 100%!


The big question is: WHY is Lart the ChickenLord's army attacking... and HOW do we stop them? Understanding the answer to those questions is the key to this war. But CAN we stop them? I believe the answer is 100% yes! Will we need a hand to do it? Maybe! It will take COOP-eration and a good deal of pluck, but I know we can do it!


July 18, 2013

Letter from the Dragon Priestess

Beware the Whispers, Hero!

I am so glad our paths crossed! You do not know me, though you may think you remember who I am. We have never met, but I know you well. I know ALL of you well! And that is why I have traveled so far. I did not think to leave my grove, but when the letter came from Falconreach, I knew I had to travel FAST.

You never know when the whispers will come. The knowledge you need is inside you. The whispers of your past are only heard NOW.

Whispers are floating through the air. Chaos - or something claiming to BE Chaos - has begun talking directly to the Heroes of Lore. 

Bells are ringing over Swordhaven. Bells no one can hear. Ringing ringing... ringing in the change to come. 

They began in Swordhaven, but heroes across Lore have begun hearing them. They spread rumors of Chaos, of fear, of failure.

Dreams and blades and chicken eggs. Soon you will know how they feel.

Lady Celestia has always watched over Lore's heroes.

This has never happened before, and it is NOT a good sign. The stronger the Champion of Chaos grows, the more danger we are all in. I MUST see King Alteon before it is too late!

If you can hear this you have been targeted by Chaos. Your destiny is known.

Though I know the royal family is busy preparing for the coming ceremony, they WILL need to listen to me. The danger is only growing greater, and I fear that no dragon magic - or Dragon's magic - will be enough to save us unless we begin preparing NOW! 

Chaos is like a cat. When you understand why you will be one step closer to conquering me.

You have done so much, and it is only because you have that we have a chance to triumph. We depend on you, Hero. Whatever you do...

I will leave you with one final thought... for now. Beware the doomsayers and nightmare children. Prophecies are only dangerous when they come true.

DO NOT listen to the whispers! 

(It's been too long since I wrote a story Design Notes! Thanks for all the excellent feedback on this one, guys! Glad you enjoyed it. - Alina)

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