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September 24, 2013

Zoshi’s Story

Tales of the Monster Hunter

Happy Tuesday hero! Later on today, the Featured Artist Shop in the Game Menu will showcase monster-hunting items from Zoshi the Monster Hunter.

Zoshi Monster Hunting Items online game

But just who is Zoshi? I know Zoshi is a super talented artist, and I know I’m a super talented coffee consumer, so last night I met up with him at the local AdventureBucks Coffee and listened to his story. 

Starbucks spoof AdventureBucks Coffee

Beleen: *slurp* Mmmm… this Venti Mocha Trobblechino is so yummy! *sluuurrrrrp*

Zoshi: Haha, slow down Beleen, or you’ll get a brain freeze.

Beleen: Tehehehe, *slurrp* I need a brain to get a brain freeze =p

Zoshi: Hahaha! You’re too funny.

Beleen: …I’m being serious… laugh out loud! So tell me *sluuurrrp* a little bit about yourself, Zoshi.

Zoshi: Back when I was a low-level warrior, my neighbor—a fellow Dragon Hunter—introduced me to DragonFable. After slaying countless beasts, I acquired a taste for giant monster battles. But then I wanted to test my blade against the universe, so I shot for the stars in MechQuest. And when AdventureQuest Worlds came out, I was completely obsessed.

Beleen: Just like how I am completely obsessed with giant coffee milkshakes!

Starbucks spoof AdventureBucks Coffee Beleen and Zoshi

Zoshi: Exactly! I couldn’t pull myself away from AQWorlds, and became enveloped within the awesome Artix community. A few months ago, I started helping Maegwyn on MechQuest, and now my artistic endeavors are directed towards AQWorlds. I’m just so thankful Maegwyn gave me the chance to shine!

Beleen: *slurrrrp* I like shiny things, too! So what’s your favorite thing about working with Artix Entertainment?

Zoshi: My favorite thing about AE.... where do I even start? I love the community more than anything. You guys are so unbelievably nice and I really appreciate all of your awesome feedback on everything! I love the weekly releases and constantly moving from one piece of art to the next. I never get tired of making things because every week there’s a new theme to look forward to.

Beleen: Awwwee, that’s sweeter than my Mocha coffee!

Zoshi: It’s true! I just really love and appreciate art and haven't stopped making art since I found my calling :)

Beleen: Awesome! *sluuurrrrrp* Do you have anything else you’d like to share with intrepid artists?

Zoshi: Absolutely! Hey, everyone: Don't let anyone tell you what’s good for YOU. You must do whatever makes you happiest!

Beleen: How inspirational! And you’re absolutely right! Your happiness is your number one priority, so do whatever it takes to be happy =D

Hydra online video game AdventureQuest Worlds

Zoshi: And being able to release my personal collection of Monster Hunting items for every AQWorlds hero to enjoy makes me happy! Just, please, Beleen, when you color customize your Dragon Hunter armor with BRIGHT PINK, stay away from Artix!

Beleen: …I can keep no such promise… mwahahaa….. *ssssllurrrrrpppp*

Want to make Zoshi even happier? Tell him how much you like his new Monster Hunting items on his Twitter!

And stay tuned, because Zoshi’s Featured Artist Shop will be arriving in-game later today.

Battle on!

xoxo Beleen


August 13, 2013

Today’s Featured Artist Shop

A Drow who can Draw: Roroth!

Happy Tuesday my heroic heroes and vile villains! It’s time for another AQWorlds Artist to take the spotlight in the Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

Artist Showcase Shop

Later on this afternoon, Ven du Violetmist will pack up her shop to make room for the Drow Gunslinger, Roroth. Mining materials from all over Lore’s deserts (…and treasure chambers), this Drow outlaw has crafted wild wild western armors, helms, and weapons for courageous cowboys and bold brigands.

Sneak Peek at Roroth's Featured Artist Showcase Shop Items

Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a trusty steed at his or her side. Forget horses and cattle; get a Blob instead! The bulletproof Blob Cowboy Pet is the perfect companion during any cattle drive… or Chaos Lord showdown.

More of Roroth's gunslinger items

All of these items—and more!—and arriving in Roroth’s Shop later this afternoon.

Who is Roroth?

Last night, Roroth and I met at the local AdventureBucks Coffee Café and mingled over refreshing frozen coffee drinks called Trobblechinos.

Starbucks spoof AdventureBucks Coffee Trobblechino

As soon as that Drow Gunslinger was fully caffeinated, Roroth began to tell the tale of his mysterious history…

Beleen: * slurp * Mmmm, my Trobblechino is delicious! So tell a little bit about yourself, Roroth. * slurp*

Roroth: Well Beleen, when I was a low level Drow, I lived and worked with my Drow brethren inside Dwarfhold Mountains. The Drow Kingdom was ruled by King Vath, who, even before he was Chaorrupted, was a ruthless ruler. But when Vath foolishly consumed the powers of Chaos, he forced his entire kingdom to be Chaorrupted as well. The Dwarves fled from their homes while Drow kin accepted their fate due to their loyalty to King Vath.

Dwarfhold Mountains

I, however, refused to be Chaorrupted. Even though I was young and much weaker than the King, I took my family’s relic, the Legion Skull Dagger, and confronted Vath himself.

It was impossible to win a one on one fight against the Chaos Lord. Vath PWNED me. I lost my arm and the Chaos Scar on my face is a result of that battle.

Roroth NPC

Beleen: WOAH! That’s crazy! So Vath didn’t kill you? Or force you into becoming Charrupted like all the other Drow?

Roroth: Drows are known for being tricky. I pretended to be Chaorrupted. I acted as though I had complete allegiance to King Vath and returned to my Chaorrupted brothers and sisters.

But as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I rallied a team of young Drow who yet to be Charrupted and we ran. Ran far, far away from the Drow Kingdom. We became hunted outlaws as our exhausted feet led us into the blistering Sandsea Desert.  

Sandsea map

We started our own tribe, consisting of gunslingers, cowboys, and brigands. We freelance our skills and strengths in every town we come across in order to survive… and to pay for AdventureBucks coffee. We may look like Chaorrupted Drows, but our eyes—all of which are blue—prove that we have not fallen to the forces of Chaos.

Beleen: Wowie, Roroth! What a remarkable tale! Your bravery inspires me, and I’m sure it will inspire other heroes as well!

Roroth: Ha, thanks Beleen. And all the items in my Featured Artist Shop will help support my fellow Drows. As outlaws, we could reallt use all the Gold we can get.

Beleen: I will be sure to let everyone know on the Design Notes! * slurp *

In the Real World, Roroth hails from the beautiful lands of Belgium. Roroth has been drawing all his life and loves the fantasy theme found within many video games. At 12, Roroth began playing around in Photoshop and hasn’t stopped making digital art since.

In 2006, Roroth discovered AdventureQuest and fell in love with the classic game. AQ had consumed Roroth so much that he missed the AQWorlds Beta because of it! Seeing all the art inside AQ classic inspired his path down the Artist Alley.

Back in April 2013, Roroth joined the AQW Q&A volunteer team and continued making art for the game (in addition to blowing away the competition in many Art Contests prior!). Even though Roroth has only been an official AQW volunteer for a few months, his artwork has soared into the hearts (and inventory bags) of players just like you. Roroth’s favorite thing about AE is: “All the new stuff! AE is always searching for new things to do or make! New games, HeroMart, DragonCon panels… I love it all!”

And we all love you too, Roroth =D

Check the in-game Game Menu later this afternoon to get your hands on Roroth’s exclusive gunslinger items to help him and his Drow kin rekindle their tribe.

Until then…

Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen


August 12, 2013

Monday Diary

So much fun all week long!

Dear hero, it’s Monday again! And that means it’s time for another Monday Write Up. Allow me to highlight all the fun happening this week in the world’s favorite online adventure game, AdventureQuest Worlds!

Tuesday’s Featured Artist Shop

For the past few months, we have seen the amazing artistic abilities of AQWorlds’ artists in the Featured Artist Showcase Shop. Last week we were blessed with Ven du Viioletmist’s special items, including the Rare Knight of the Leviasea Armor set.

Knight of the Leviasea Armor Set

Come tomorrow afternoon, Ven’s shop will disappear to make room for our newest volunteer artist, Roroth! This Drow artist will showcase elite armors, helms, weapons, and more from his personal stash of Drow-exclusive items.

Sneak Peek at Roroth's Featured Artist Showcase Shop Items

I have the pleasure of meeting with Roroth later on this evening at the local AdventureBucks Coffee shop. Since not much is known about Roroth, I thought I could get him to tell me all his Drow secrets in exchange for a Venti Trobblechino! Mmmmm!

AdventureBucks Coffee

I will fill you in all the details in tomorrow Design Notes post… as soon as I finish my Trobblechino, that is =D

Friday’s Shadow Sorcerer Armor Set

Running low on AdventureCoins? They say that 2 things are better than 1… so how epic are 12 things in 1 sweet deal?!

Shadow Sorcerer Set

Meet the Shadow Sorcerer. This devotee of the dark—along with 12 in-game items—can be yours starting Friday with our new 5,000 AdventureCoins package

With your 5,000 AC purchase, you will receive:

  • Shadow Sorcerer Armor
  • Shadow Orb StaffShadow Sorcerer Set
  • Shadow Sorcerer Helm
  • Shadow Sorceress Helm
  • Shadow Sorcerer Mask
  • Shadow Sorceress Mask
  • Shadow Sorcerer Ink (helm)
  • Violet Shadow Wings
  • Magenta Shadow Wings
  • Crimson Shadow Wings
  • Teal Shadow Wings
  • Cobalt Shadow Wings
  • Shadow Sorcerer Character Page Badge
  • 5,000 AdventureCoins (lol of course)
  • AND the Shadowfire Emperor Armor Set, including: Color-Customizable Shadowfire Emperor Armor, Shadowfire Skull Helm, Shadowfire Katana Cape, Shadowfire Blade, and Character Page badge

WOW. Nowhere else can you find a deal that AWESOME. And coming from the fashion guru who is all about finding the best deals, the 5,000 AdventureCoins package is seriously the sweetest deal ever.

So on Friday, make sure you purchase our new 5,000 AdventureCoins package so you can become the most feared Shadow Sorcerer of all! 

Also arriving on Friday….

More Quibble Rares and the grand reopening of Swordhaven Castle is set to launch Friday at sundown!

New game release coming on Friday

Quibble knows you need the best gear to defeat the next Lord of Chaos, so he specially ordered brand new weapons, armors, and helms just for you and your friends. With Quibble’s items at your side (and in your grasp), head to Swordhaven to celebrate the kingdom’s brand new redesign! But with Chaos ready to crash the celebration, it will be up to you to save the day.

The celebrations will continue outside of Swordhaven, too. A special first-of-its-kind Pinjat Pinang party will ensue Friday evening. This unique tradition is one of the oldest in Indonesian history and will soon go down in AQWorlds history as well!

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