Design Notes

June 06, 2014

Chaos Slayer Class

Unleash Your Inner Chaos!

Tonight, you'll battle up to the top of Mount DoomSkull and face Drakath to unlock the Chaos Slayer class shop. Once unlocked, you'll be able to get Chaos Slayer for 2000 ACs, or for 100,000 gold if you have reached rank 10 Chaos Rep.

Like a chaorrupted superhero team.


Choose Your Form!

You'll be able to choose what appearance your personal Chaos Slayer takes - mage, healer, rogue or berzerker. Your class skills will remain the same no matter what choice you make. For Slayers who prefer a different skill set, each of these looks will also be available as an armor. (Healer will not be available as an option until next week - Dage is still working his magic on the art!)

A full class writeup is coming next week, but here's a quick and dirty preview of the skills:

  • Chaos Blade (auto attack): The Chaos Slayer's weapon attacks are empowered by Chaos making any weapon strike hit like a blade made of pure chaos. Every strike draws in more Chaos blight. Hits up to 3 targets. If you are Chaorrupted, this becomes a single-target ability.
  • Chaorruption (rank 1): Let the Chaorruption take over and render your physical form. Deals moderate damage and Chaorrupts the Chaos Slayer, increasing crit and hit chance by 10% and focusing all attacks on a single target.
  • Enigma (rank 2): Chaos is the unpredictable power shrouded in mystery. What effects will be inflicted onto your targets? Deals no damage and randomly applies up to 4 effects. Hits up to 6 targets, but will become a single-target ability if you are Chaorrupted.
  • Surge (rank 3): Summon Chaotic forces to mend your wounds or protect your physical form. Either heals you for a moderate amount over 6 seconds or places a defensive buff significantly reducing all incoming damage for 8 seconds.
  • Enmity (rank 4 passive): Endurance increased by 25%.
  • Ultimate Power (rank 4 passive): Chaos, the power within, consumes you.
  • Pandemonium (rank 5): Create even more Chaos with a massive explosion, hitting up to 6 targets and evolving all effects from Enigma into more powerful effects. If you are Chaorrupted, this becomes a single-target ability.
  • Spell Disruption (rank 10 passive): Spell damage taken is reduced by 35%.
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